riding the waves of change


(do your own research for population control beginning with Agenda 21 written back in the 70s)


For over 9 years now I have dedicated my life to moving our world forward in some way shape or form. I had no idea when I started Whale Communicators that I would learn so much from cetaceans about life on Planet Earth.

But the corruption around the whales and dolphins, the dark people who appear to covet them and all information about them almost led me to my death when many attempted to shut me up and take me out of existence in 2012/13.

HAAAA! dumb move . . . they didn’t know what they were up against. A human in their heart who loves our Creator immensely, a woman who was damaged in childhood and who truly found herself in adulthood in 2008 when she began communicating with  the whales and dolphins through our Universal Language of mental telepathy during a time when 7 people I loved had died. My personal hero, my father, Dick Housum was one of the most loved who passed away at this time.

Since bringing our e-learning DVD to the human race in 2011, teaching others how to talk to all benevolent life upon our Planet through our Universal Language of mental telepathy, I would come to have my phones tapped, computers constantly hacked, websites constantly hacked and emails go to a censoring center before selected emails are sent onto me 4-72 hours later.


All this for teaching people how to empower them selves through our universal language of mental telepathy and how to intuit truth at all times.


This dark nightmare still comes at me to this day.  Fear will draw this to you quite easily and the demonic and satanic attacks on myself and my household escalated when I went to fear and did not stay in my heart energy.

In late 2012 as the 1000s of attacks escalated to black magic and gangland stalking and one of my cats was killed, I began an incredible journey into the spirit world. It still has stifled my means to make a living and my income but the things I have seeing in the physical realms as well as the spiritual realms on this planet and on other side of the coin make me so hopeful for humanity and the future of goodness on our planet. BELIEVE me when I say this, “The spirit world of goodness, pureness and wholeness is definitely in control here”.

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I first heard about FEMA camps back in 2008 when I was awakening. I can’t believe now in 2017 how many people are totally sleeping through what is happening on our Planet.

Wake Up World.

Now being heavily censored by YouTube as well as Facebook and I have the IRS accusing me of tax fraud (I have made no money the last 5 years) and had major losses in every area of my life with the gangland gtalking that took over my freedom as a human being on this planet back in 2013.

I am under heavy attack again. Please Wake Up World – There are many of us out here raising awareness and using our voices and we are being attacked and crunched in ways you couldn’t even imagine while so many continue to sleep and do NOTHING.


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Why aren’t the supplies that are being sent to Houston being given out to the needy people???

HMMMMMMMM, Hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmm . . .

Joel Olsteen is making a lot of money for being a puppet of the New World Order. People on Planet Earth do not make this much money without selling out to the New World Order/Illuminati/Satanic Leadership – nothing God like about all this. I can feel the Great Almighty Spirit cringing from here.


Be good to yourself as you ride the immense waves of change in our world. Stay in your heart and you will be successful.


Why is our mainstream media in the US not reporting the truth to their people? Still sitting on the fence about Weather Warfare/Weather Modification?

They will get to you eventually if you do not stand up and speak up. How do you like the order of a strict rule dominating the rest of your life.

A New World Order taking hold . . . WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP

Bless this well spoken woman for making this video and speaking so with such honestly, forthrightness and honor as a member of humanity about this mess.

Be discerning even with her information though . . . she mentions a Blank Ankh group – The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol and the NWO is really into this symbolism. And all people are being discriminated against if they are free thinkers of any kind.

Our world know we are truth tellers, so we are given truth to attract us but oftentimes mislead – so know how to discern truth in these times people. Your heart is your best filter for this level of truth.


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