an akashic healing for the holidays

the gift that will keep on giving . . .


It is the most powerful healing on our planet at this time.
~It will change your life and rid you of all discordant energies
~We will balance your energy chakras.
~We will discover what has been holding you back and the gifts your bring to our planet at this time.
~We can talk about whale and dolphin guides to help you on your journey. All beings I work with are benevolent and work for our Creator as do I. We are doing this for humanity and all life upon the Web of Life under our Father’s love.
This will be the best overall overhaul of all the lifetimes you have lived and it will bring out your positive traits and help you handle the discordant energies and get rid of them all in most cases.
Bring your questions for Creator and we will let him answer anything you want to know at the end of your session.
Plan on 45-90 minutes for a clearing. We will do this by Skype if you are international brother or sister or by phone if in the US.

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