bloody bluffs

bloody rituals in our beautiful bluffs . . .

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Last night as I went to sleep about a football field west of the Garden Ranch YMCA, I heard 3 gun shots at about 8-8:30 pm on Saturday night – 7/28/18. I saw a post yesterday morning with other gunshots heard early in the morning hours on Friday night less than 2 miles from where I was last night. And then when I did a search this morning on Next Door, I see this is happening more and more often to produce fear in the communities here in Colorado Springs.

My name is Anastasia Maria, I left corporate american in 2008 when I had several people I loved die. I have since dedicated my life to helping humanity and Mother Earth heal. I spend over 40 hours a week of work these days working with the land and waterways in Colorado and all over our Universe, healing the water crystals and particles of matter that are being assaulted by the HAARP weather weaponry system your Military Complex has in full force here in Colorado Springs. Because I have been raising awareness for 10 years now, I have been Gang Stalked and I’m what is called a Targeted Individual. I have been hunted and harassed by outrageous means to get me to shut up and quit raising awareness in our world since 2008.

The police department and military complex along with your local government leadership and your federal governments are in collusion to dictate how humanity will live going forward in our world. We are so close to being under FULL CONTROL in a free world. However, the world of goodness and lead by our Father – our Creator is winning and needs your help to turn this darkness over permanently.

Please watch this video – this has been my life a decade later for raising awareness . I am a gang stalked target individual who has been haunted and hunted for the past decade by some really devious people who walk among us.

So those gunshots being shot through the neighborhood at night are being done for ONE PURPOSE – to bring fear into your community and to make you behave and not protest. After you finish watching this video about what is happening to other humans on our planet for raising awareness . . . I need to tell you one other thing that is so horrendous going on in Austin Bluffs hills here that is bringing in the kinda trash that is shooting off these guns at night as well as sacrificing animals and humans in your beautiful bluffs.

It is satanic rituals – BLOOD rituals in the hills here in Austin Bluffs – It is horrible on the ridge between Palm Drive & Rimrock. You can’t really see it from the streets but you get up in those hills and you can see the blood baths they are participating in up there and painting the rocks with. Pulpit Rock is another HUGE area of sacrifice and ritual – fresh blood all over the rocks from the full moon on Friday. USSC police and El Paso County Police know about and I believe they are NOT even doing enough to stall or stop the satanic behaviors. And it actually puts the person in danger who reports it to the authorities in our world.

Wake Up World – We need to take our communities back and get the proper people in place to enforce the laws here in our state. Your tax dollars are suppose to support you not turn your protection against you. There is so much DARKNESS – FREE MASONS and NEW WORLD ORDER wannabes in your state. Wake Up – come together and figure out new ways to do things and eradicate this from our beautiful Austin Bluffs.

I have links to both my websites in this post. I have been called crazy by many people in the last decade because of the things I raise awareness about.  All accounting of incidents on both sites is 100% true.

My goal is to help human beings get into their hearts and realize how strong and powerful we are when in this place. We are strong folks – We all must act like this now and fight this dark cancerous underbelly of our world  in our town/world/universe.


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