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nuclear warning in hawaii last night 1-13-18

Massive mind games about to go down with humanity . . . Stay calm and in your hearts – in that space of just BEing. Our prison guards (New World Order and their minions) want us in a state of … Continue reading

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a team we are

She’s the only one we got! Love her every single day. Send blessings to her waterways and her land masses every day. Spend time in meditation or the state of BEing (like the whales suggest we do much more in … Continue reading

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conversation on Self Realization

Communication with Granny (a wise beautiful orca) and Anastasia (formerly Staci Housum) May 1, 2011, 10:00am Anastasia (Staci) – Are you there? Granny – Yes I am my dear Anastasia (Staci) – How are you? Granny – We are doing … Continue reading

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