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Tillicum & Dawn – an interspecies friendship unlike any other

Dawn Brancheau loved Tillicum and he loved her. It was an extraordinary relationship. I have had Tillicm on my mind since his passing this past month. I ran across this picture just now and his conversation began to pour out … Continue reading

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US Government’s War on US Citizens . . .

using HAARP weather modification program. I have been saying for a while now that we are in the midst of one of the biggest wars EVER. It is a spirtual war between the dark and light in our Universe. And … Continue reading

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Thanks For Your Patience as we once again REBUILD our websites & offshore our hosting.

Patience and Faith have kept me going for 3 years strong now. I walked some dark roads and lived to talk about it. I am so ready to talk about love again and build and grow upon the messages of … Continue reading

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