don’t kill the messenger

We have been conditioned to not talk about horrible things. It is not politically correct or you are being negative. This is because there are many people here on Earth who act like one person to your face and something quite the opposite behind your back. We all have experienced this at one time or another. WAKE UP and keep speaking up about these horrible things people are doing in our world that no abuser should ever get away with EVER Ever EVER!!!





Tim Russet was questioning both Bush jr and Kerry about Skull and Bones before his death. Was this the reason for his death? Click here for the video



Andrew Breibart is said to have been killed by a weapon called a death ray gun that can heart attack it’s victim. Based on  Tesla’s invention whose details were stolen by US government and utilized for their own purposes. Whistle blower and other infidels. He was also talking about child sex slavery before he died.


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