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Download this background for your desktop. Usually you can left click and chose set to background

I am sharing some of God’s magic with you. The magic that was meant for us all on Earth but was manipulated and used against good humans throughout the ages. Going forward I will be sharing more and more of this with you. It is not white magic and it is definitely NOT black magic. I only use and share God’s magic with our world.   ~Anastasia

So now sit down at your computer and pull up this photo on your computer.

Right below are a  a few links for background music or whale vocalizations while you do this quick ‘whaley wonderFULL self discovery exercise as well as a pick-me-up’ energizer for the day.

There is no limit to how many times a day you can use it, just let your heart lead you to how many times you need this ray of God’s magic for your heart.

Click here to listen to Whale Sounds

Click here to listen to Ocean of Love/ So Much Magnificence – Miten/ Deva Premal

So if you have your background sounds on and your picture on your desktop to look at. I want you to be still and remove all the monkey chatter from your brain . . . as we begin.

heart_holdinghealingNow ask God and the whales and dolphins to come to you in dream-time or a waking journey , a  meditation or while you are out in nature. Ask that only benevolent BEings be included and all darkness is completely unaware of this moment. I also ask that God bring in Jesus and Mary Magdalene and my indigenous ancestors and loved ones to help me remember who I am and the gifts I have to bring to the world at this time. I ask that all troubles or mental interruptions be sidelined during this time so that I may just ‘BE’ for this time with God and the whales and friends to cleanse my heart and soul and to add some beautiful healing and renewal to get through these difficult times and to align me for my ascension releasing me from this ‘hell hole’ as it acts out and dies out in its final days and hours on our Planet.

I imagine myself buoyantly suspended on the top of the water or on a air mattress in the ocean and I can feel the reverberations of the whales and dolphins sonar and echolocation as they hum me to that incredible place of BEings. I ask the whales for a healing; that if anything is preventing me from seeing what I need to see, hearing what I need to hear or understanding what I need to do to send me signs and heal those wounds (whether from this lifetime or the last ones)

I ask that the information come in slowly so I am not overwhelmed and if I am feeling overwhelmed in the days to come, I ask that God just turn down the faucet of information for me to a more comfortable level. Don’t ask it to stop, it may not come back for a while if you do. (my lesson first time trying this as my third eye opened)

Ask that in the days and weeks to come that you be made aware of (in this conscious level here on Planet Earth; in the 3rd and 4th dimensions) that you be released from the things that are holding you back and your heart be filled with love, passion for the things you want in your life, and the voice to sing your song to our brothers and sisters around the world in ways only you can do in our world now. Ask God to release you from your imprisonment and to allow your energy to flow in the best God way possible for you to realize your full potential at this time.


Click on graphic to see the flow of energy and align your heart to this and picture yourself healing your inner planet for a time first (5-55 minutes) and then stretch that energy out to our outer planet and heal that.

Now just BE . . . staying in your heart energy center and releasing all things you are worrying about or have to do for a later time.  You can not give this time to yourself justice without focus. And just let that tor-dial energy flow through your heart and out into our world and then our Universe. Painting it with the most incredible beauty ever known to mankind.

If you can stay in this place for 5-55 minutes a day, that would be incredible and very helpful to your inner planet as well as for the entire planet and universe. Clean the inner and the outer planet will take care of themselves a wise whale told me once.



Your heart is your best filter in the human body. Your mind will lie to you because of ego. So drop the energy of everything your receive into your head . . . into your heart. What does that feel like? Don’t act until you are comfortable with that feeling. Feelings will rule our world going forward. No more EGO and logicing us to death with their facts.

It all has to extend from a strong inner foundation; in essence self love. And if you are not there yet, that is okay. This is the human conditioning of humanity for us to stay completely OUT of our hearts. You can hold sacred space and cleanse your inner planet and do great work for our world and humanity at this time just BEing. So quench your thirst, it has been a long hot journey.

Come here often and give respite to your heart and soul and linger in the state of BEing and Love with God and all his incredible devoted followers.

Sharing some wonderful wisdom to share with you from the whales and dolphins.


If you or your inner child have some profound experiences that take root while spending time here and want to share with someone, I would love to hear your experience and help you help yourself.

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