All the eyes staring back at you from our pages are the eyes of wisdom. We have nothing to do with nor do we endorse the ‘all seeing eye’ the illuminati and their followers promote. We are prolife – ALL benevolent LIFE on the Planet.

Hello again, it’s me Anastasia hopefully redoing our websites (whalecommunicators.com & heartcommunicators.com for the FINAL time except for updates. I have a wonderful anastasia-2015OFFSHORE web hosting service now so that my email cannot be hacked or diverted from me, nor my websites can be changed. Phone is another animal all together and I don’t stay connected to it because of the Elf Waves it emits and the GPS tracking my every location & targeting me in 2014 with a microwave your teeth session for 7+ hours.

I began Whale Communicators out of a passion for the whales, dolphins and healing my inner child. I had lost 8 people I loved to death in the 14 months prior to swimming with wild dolphins in Bimini of the Bahamas. And when I read about a orca by the name of Granny, I knew I must do everything I could to get her messages out to the human race. I knew I picked a huge project for myself to produce but I had no idea of the road blocks and attempts on my life that would meet up with me in the coming years because of this endeavor.

My sites, emails, business leads, etc . . . have been scoured, used and kept from me for since  April of 2014. It was gradual from 2010 until 2014 but pretty much my means to make a living like this has been halted.

Who is harassing me? I believe it to be the NSA – our National Security Agency in the US and our government and military. I am talking to much about humans empowering themselves by getting into their 6th senses through mental telepathy and then teaching folks to divine 100% truth and empower their intuition skills 100 fold. I also clear akashic records and when someone has this clearing. It changes life like you knew it in the best way and begins to help you remember who you truly are and what you are capable of bringing forth to our world at this time.

We need all benevolent humans in this place now. Please join us and please bring like minded individuals with you. We need the BEST united community going forward bringing love, peace, joy and happiness forward to all.

What I got was an education in this beautiful phenomena but also ran upon many small minded back stabbing women and some men who liked to pretend things were different than they were. They sabotaged me and converged on me in massive numbers in 2012/13 killing one of my cats and almost killing me with witches spells and curses. It’s real, it can and does happen and bullying participate in this kind of thing and ask their friends to join them in secret. Secretive friends, secret societies, so much happening behind the scenes and behind good folks backs looking to serve personal agendas and willing to proceed at their own speed and desires.

It’s taken me quite a lot longer to come back than I intended. I am still being harassed by the dark daily. However, Mother Earth and the rebounding of our world is so encouraging to see how energy and love is changing it all. I know the dark is still around every time we have a big break through with the land and water blessings. Keeps me on my toes and reminds me what an excellent team I am working with in the ethereal realms.


Our website is a continuous work in progress because of the organized bullying efforts in the activism and animal communication arenas.

Over the past 5 years I have had continual hacking of our websites, phone and email accounts. I am a middle aged woman who left corporate America in 2008 after losing 8 people to death. I learned how to speak telepathically to animals and from there my world grew in the most magical and beautiful ways. But in late 2012/early 2013, I was attacked by hundreds of dark people who wanted to stop me from spreading love and the messages of benevolent BEings of world. They did not want me sharing with others how to empower themselves by opening themselves up to their 6th senses. How to know truth and how to know who was who in our world.

There are so many wolf in sheep clothing these days or malevolent beings in wolfinsheepsclothinghuman skin suits. Same deception and trickery going on with the human race either way.





ets_skin-suit-smPlease keep an open mind coming to our websites. I speak my truth. Your truth may not look exactly like my truth and this is okay. Use your heart here to help you discern what is true for you. What resonates and why? Be willing to go deeper and get some answers to things that make your heart go Hmmmmmmmmm . . .




You are the change that was meant for our world.



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