i see you

Eye-Earth-Focus-HumanityI SEE your human potential and WE ALL SEE our human potential when we begin to question the status quo of our world and where it has gotten us in history and how it is NOT working for us now in this world. So many illusions here on planet Earth and within our Universe.

I learned in 2008 when I lost 8 people to death in 2008 that what I knew in life to this point was less than 5% of what was really going on. While in my state of shock for 18 months, I begin to get telepathic messages but didn’t realize this was how the information was beginning to come to me. I then took a class in mental telepathy with animals and from there, my 6th senses of the magic upon the Web of Life that was meant as each human’s divine birthright upon this planet from our Almighty Creator began to be my daily reality. We were meant to have this knowledge and we were also meant to have the knowledge and wisdom of all our lifetimes in this one lifetime.

I began to understand a dark underbelly of our world that had ruled our Universe and enslaved humanity for eons of time. My main 6th sense is clairsensitivity; I FEEL EVERYTHING throughout my body. Especially with people who have been abused in childhood, I can empath exactly the feelings of the person involved.


I know for a fact that all of us can speak the language that all our animals talk to each other with now: mental telepathy. I know once your learn this language that your other senses will begin to open. I learned early on that the whales were the keepers of the akashic records and that by having my records cleared of all discordant energies, I experienced my third eye opening and more of my 6th senses and psychic abilities beginning to take effect in my current lifetime. And from here, I began to remember other lifetimes and the things I am capable of doing: then and now.

I learned life was so much richer and fuller than I could have ever imagined. I learned that what we are fed by our news media, our TVs, our radios, our movies and our music industry was a bunch of trumped up BS that was used to fool the human race and actually to disempower them.

Life became so much richer for me spiritually and especially when I walk daily with my etherial team. I also learned there were deadly forces upon our Earth that were willing to take out people like me, those of us who were awakening to who we truly were in this world; not the limited humans we were lead to believe.

I encourage you to come to my page and read my truths with an open heart. Refrain from judgement and just feel what I am saying in your heart. Then learn how to speak our Universal language of mental telepathy and learn how to discern truth and I high recommend an akashic record clearing. THEN, you will have the skill set to navigate these waters here on Earth and to discern your answers with 100 accuracy.

You are the ONE we all have been waiting for for real change in our world. And together in Unity Community we all can move mountains.

Please come here often and seek, learn and discovery your TRUE self. And from this spot bring your enormous empowered BEing to this table of life. And let’s let the conversations continue and allow our fellow men and women to Awaken unto their GREATNESS.

whaleeyerevistedYou are so immensely beautiful and powerful in this heart space and life as you knew it will take on a magical time of great changes and great opportunities for an incredible heaven upon Earth to return to this great planet now.

Let’s begin and share these ‘Conversations that are changing our world.’

Shine your light and speak up folks, we have lots to do to ensure our success in this new energetic age.

The Evolution of Love is in full swing now.


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