Your Intuition Will Help To Set You Free . . .

Practice this skill. Hone this skill. Use this skill to discern all information in our world.


Allowing your intuition to express itself may be as simple as asking who’s at the other end of the line before picking up the phone; where should I go for dinner? Which road should I take? Should I make this call now or wait, or will I get this job? These are simple questions we sometimes ask ourselves without allowing the answers to come from within us. The tendency here is to immediately interrupt the response with objective analysis or try to guess the answers: maybe it’s my mother calling; I don’t like this or that about that restaurant; or that road is always too busy.

Developing your intuition is as simple as allowing the answers to these simple questions to come from within, without interruption, guesswork, or objective analysis. Unlike probing the subconscious where you seek general guidance and the response to which is not expected to be immediate, you ask these questions with the expectation of an immediate, direct response from within. Well-developed intuition can be our most trusted guide. It is always right and responds in our best interests.

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Discover your intuitive side and you will discover the truth of our existence.   ~Anastasia

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The Hero or Heroine’s Journey

                      The Heroine’s Journey

Are you a heroine or a hero?

In 1988, American journalist and political commentator Bill Moyers published a book, The Power of Myth.: It brought to light the age old story from across the world related by Joseph Campbell in 1949 called “the hero’s journey.”


We all have a call to the hero or heroine’s journey. Think of the hardest things you’ve had to deal with in your life (death, divorce, aging, what others think of you, loss of career, health issues). Focus on one, and follow the heroine’s journey.


You don’t want to deal with this difficult thing, so you avoid it as long as possible. You take refuge in activities, drink, travel, work, exercise. And still, it own’t go away, so ou have to take action. But you don’t know what to do. You try something, and your’re blocked. You try again.

If you fail, hopefully you ask for help. You find a mentor and learn some ways to approach the problem and what it’ll take form inside you to face it. You try again, now seeing the whole picture more clearly.

If you keep going, you begin to realize this jouney is not just about the problem your’re facing. It’s about YOU. It’s about your character, your courage, your willingness to brave the hardship.

The journey is inward, to your very essence, and a metaphor for finding out what your life is really about — how you live day to day, your dependability, our truthfulness, your sense of wonder, your gratefulness, our steadfastness, your flexibility, your humor, your fears.

Finding out who you are is what the hero’s journey is most importantly about.

Here is one heroine’s journey. A close friend of mine enjoyed a most beloved career. She had a partner and together they created a business that helped people. They were in sync.

And then he was gone. She was devastated and heart-broken fr the loss of the magic they had together. Day to day, she struggled to find joy. She had other work, solitary, meaningful. Bit it didn’t fill her heart. The grief went on, is still going on. She finally decided she had to do something.

She marketed the skills she used with her partner and was turned down several times. She went to a counselor to face the grief. After a time, she went after work that resonated in her heart, this time with a sense of her own strength to do the work alone.

She tells me that she learned isn’t just about how to work alone. It is that she could persevere in the face of her hardest loss. It is that she could count on herself to give her best.

She could be creative on her own. And she could make the new job matter in a different way than the old. She changed to meet the challenge.

Finally, she says, she accepted life on its terms: that deep loss happens to everyone.

Life gives us a chance to take this journey inside to become an everyday hero or heroine. We can meet the challenge.

By Nancy Norman, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, from the newpaper LIFE after 50, musician and former “Intimacy” columnist for the “The Wichita Eagle”. Email her at

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aerial orcas

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Change your inner world . . . and effect great chagne in your outer world

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We are multi-dimensional Beings on the verge of break throughs that have never happened in this lifetime or other lifetimes before. First for our Universe.

We know less than 5% of what is truly going on in our world. We must wake up and clean out our internal planets is a common conversation that whales have had with humans throughout the years. In order to effect change in our outer world we must go within and heal our selves.

Change your life and change our world for the best possible outcome.

If you have never heard of an Akashic Healing, please consider doing this work with me, it is a healing unlike any other that will remove the discord in your life and set you up to be who you came here to be.

I had this healing in 2008, it changed my whole perception of life. My third eye opened that day. Life as I knew it became very transparent and the things that were important in life changed gradually in the years to come.

I have hit some roadblocks at some junctures but I would NEVER trade the knowledge I have and what I know to be sleeping and unaware like I use to be.

I like to work with the whales and dolphins when I work with people and their akashic records. They are master healers of our planet and they want to see your success more than I do :o)  (and that’s a lot)

Stand in our incredibly big beautiful heart center and help us change the world. No one else but you can bring the vibration that you have to share with our world.

Please BRING IT ON NOW :o)

~♡☮♡~ Partners in Healing Planet Earth ~☮♡☮~

Akashic Records 1
Akashic Records 2
Anastasia, SRT/Akashic practioner

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Wake Up World

If you are not using your voice to speak up about the atrocities & huge deceptions in this world at this time then . . .

you are a part of the problem.

Wake Up Folks!

Wake Wakey World!

~☮♡☮~ We are Partners in Healing Planet Earth ~☮♡☮~

Daily land and water blessings connecting your heart to the heart of Mother Earth and to the heart of the cosmos does make a difference. Let them know you remember your connection to the Web of Life and Wake Up. Some examples of how to do this.

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Get It???

Brilliant message . . . Please take the time to watch this and take this information within your heart.

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Magical Orbs – May 2017

One of my favorite places in the world is here in Colorado. The South Platte River off Tarryall Road has so many spirits to lift me when I need respite. Early May 2017.

Thank Goodness for all God’s creatures great and small.


How does this make your heart feel? FEEL IT?!!!!!

Click on any picture below in the gallery to view the enlarged version.


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you are your environment . . .

No more ignoring the obvious . . .

You got the whole world in your hands . . .







Genocide is not only happening to Mother Earth and involves the animals. It is a slow ‘big rat’poisoning of all of life upon this planet – be it animal, plant, tree, mineral or soil.

The chemical break down alone of what is involved should scare the heck out of you. Check out this valuable website below with the breakdown of what is killing us all long term.


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clean out your internal planet . . .

Clean out your internal planet and this in turn will clear out our external planet.

You want to save the world, start here.

~a very wise whale



Live food continues to live after you eat it. There is no replacement for live food. It is at its maximum nutrition when you pull it from it’s vine or by the root. The nutrients begin to go down from this point on. So eat fresh!!!

Win the War Inside Your Stomach. This is a good video on eating better and balancing that gut flora.

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What can we do to those businesses who work for this darkness in our world?

Quite simply,

~  Raise awareness about what they are doing

~   Quit using their services and products

~   Send this link out to everyone on your email list  businesses-who-work-for-this-darkness-in-our-world

~ Start these conversations about this kind of illusion in our world with everyone you speak with and or meet. Encourage them to get involved and check out our websites or to do their own research and find positive ways to make great change in our world

Companies in our world that we need to pull our business from because of their close allegiance with the New World Order.

Starbucks is the first company we will look at and they unfortunately are a great representation for the New World Order and the darkness that has been suffocating our world since their take over the coffee industry. Please watch and share this video or this webpage.

Check out these other horrors of Starbucks –

The darkness inside supporting Facebook


The darkness inside startup and new techology

Please share this link –

The darkness inside Apple

The darkness inside supporting Disney

The darkness inside supporting McDonalds

The darkness inside your president Americans


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