full moon mother load orb

Click on graphic to enlarge it.

WOWser, this is incredible. If you zoom into the giant orb there are all kinds of beings inside there. I think this is, hands down,  the biggest ORB in relationship to other objects in the picture that has ever shown itself for me in pictures. I looked at the picture sequence from last night, this was about 7 hours before the full moon.  The moon is pictured in the center and is bright white with lots of blue around it (very small in comparison to the orb).

While I was taking this picture a man was walking up the steps in the dark. I wanted to acknowledge him with my eyes as there is some really strange and dark happenings around  this new apartment complex I moved to in December after escaping a dark room mate I found on Craig’s List. He was a Special Forces individual for Shriever AFB in Colorado Springs. Todd Vidic was and is our military’s new   super soldier. One of the darkest dankest individuals I have ever met or rented a room from. A BOLD FACED pathological liar who used black magic and sorcery every night I was there causing 2 tooth absesses and I believe he was trying to kill me, his targeted individual – I just want to know who put him onto me because he reached out o me on Craigslist.

So back the to picture and walking in . . . .I noticed this man was someone who has lied to me since I moved in e months before, I was naturally smiling at him as that is who I am. If I had known it was our maintenance man,  I would refrained from smiling as I know him to be dishonest and he has lied intentionally and repeatedly to me about the cold air  and odd smells that roar through my apartment every night causing me congestion, stomach, sometimes extreme drowsiness and multiple times to the bathroom to eliminate my bowels.

So my read on the big Orb – protection with all this other Bullshit going on in my world right now is this  – BIG PROTECTION. So huge, so benevolent and it has to do with Mother Earth – the size and essence of this hummer. I once again in the last 5 years now am under heavy duty attack – from demonics and satanics, high technology and constant harassment as a Targeted Individual.

I have a guy downstairs, Craig and and girlfriend  live downstairs full time, neither works, they get their kid on weekends, the play with dark and deadly level of black magic. I have no doubt they are attempting to off me while playing around with 1 or more electronic weapons and beaming them at me during sleep or while I am at the computer in my living room of my small 400 sq ft apt. I am either being shocked up my legs and spine or overheated and they alternate and like to do this while I sleep. Nasty minions of the dark these bottom feeders in our world.

I wrap a layer of energy protection around me constantly to fight off these nasty bottom feeders of our world. I wrap them in an energetic bubble of love and then I call on Granny, my favorite Orca Spirit doing this kind of work on the Grid of our Universe and ask her  to deliver this nasty to our Creator and let him decide what is to be done on a long-term soul level for this person. Do they need to go?

I also have 2 guys at the other side of me who attempted to befriend me the first week. I felt attacks coming from their place as well. Ian needs to feed off human loosh. I have found in my travels this past several years that many of these folks have participated in ritual and sacrifices in their lives and they have to pay these demons with this energy fo humans called loosh. They are getting  their part in from their side of the building with black magic and electronic heat. And the new renters downstairs and the gays guys next door run back and forth to each others apartment all hours of the night.

I have run into dozens of these kinds of minions of the dark since 2013 and when I was run out of business here on Facebook under FB’s watchful direction with our Whale Communicators Page. This fighting this dark cancerous underbelly of our world and clearning this dark energy from our planet and daily land and for water blessings for our Planet has became my way of life being isolated from good folks and keeping these dark minions coming around me. They are like moths to a flame and they hate my light but keep attacking me.

¸.✿•.¸¸. ིღ¸.✿•.¸¸. ི♡

BEWARE OF FACEBOOK, Craigslist and some proprietors who book hotels and motels – as this is also a great place for these dark parasitic minions to come rent a room to find their next victims or loosh feeding. We see them all the time causing their chaos and disturbances in the social media arenas.

These bottom feeding parasites among us will literally plug into your energy field by night  (or day) and suck on your life force energy. They like to enter through the hips – kundalini energies but they will come into any energetic weak spot in your body and then hit on it repeatedly to cause entry and health problems with you.

If you are a strong spiritual being they cannot enter you, however you will awake with a feeling a really bruised hip from their repeated tries. Who is around you by night while you sleep – you probably got a parasite somewhere close by. They leave the next day feeling really rejuvenated – Better than a spa treatment. You leave tired and achy and not sure why you slept so badly but feeling really run down on many levels.

Massive things changing up in the Spirit world. The dark underbelly of our world is losing it completely in their chaos. And the Spirit World of beauty and new beginnings and a place where true love will have a chance to prevail for all of our Creator’s children who are showing the way to a new day.

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half awake in a fake empire . . .




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have you lived before . . .

What If  learning about your past can heal your future . . .





the whole begins to open up wide when you look beyond the surface

What don’t you explore your akashic records and heal your life?

More information on akashic record, click here.

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nuclear warning in hawaii last night 1-13-18

Massive mind games about to go down with humanity . . .

Stay calm and in your hearts – in that space of just BEing.

There are many parasitic entities of a very dark nature that literally feed off human energy. It is called loosh and mentioned in the Bible (that less than accurate accounting of the son of our Father) This figure represents the energy fields of the body and this is where they feed from. In particular they like the red area – orange and yellow is good too. But in the red area that is the best. This is how their pedophilia – transgender agendas are fed – through the belly of its beast. Your children . . . OUR CHILDREN. Your silence, my silence, our world’s silence is DEAFENING.

Our prison guards (New World Order and their minions) want us in a state of chaos of fear.

Please don’t let them get what they want. Imagine a tick feeding on your pet dog – they will begin to parasite off your energy once you go to chaos and fear. So that is good incentive in itself to stay in your heart, connected to the Great Spirit and just holding sacred space for this new era.

I am under heavy police (military and local surveillance and some really dark antics going down) the last few months. My land and water blessings have paid off over the last 5 years and its a win WIN situation for Mother Earth. They cannot get the chemicals to stick in the skies here in Colorado like they once could.

BEing in a state of Love and standing in your heart in truth will move us monumentally forward at this time. Join like minded folks and drop the bad folks out of your life people.

ex. Nuclear Warning given to those in Hawaii last night (Sat – Jan 13th) a warning by a guy called Richie of Boston –

If you are having trouble going there – go to here and watch something to calm your soul. Even my offshore web-hosting is messing with my information on the WWW. Don’t use  Siteground – not who they represent themselves to be in our world. This I know for sure.

We were born for this folks – you wouldn’t be here otherwise ღ¸☆´ ¸.✿´´¯`•.¸¸. ི♡ ི ღ¸☆´ ¸.✿´´¯`•.¸¸. ི♡ ི


Please check out my other sites and inform yourself about some ugly truths in our world.

Heart Communicators has some facts as I have experienced them being brought to the light. And at Whale Communicators you will find respite for your hearts during these turbulent times from the whales and dolphins .



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kite boarding with whales and friends . . .

Excellent video


I have to share one more video. An incredible video that shares with humanity how animals can see underwater, as in the ocean. So very cool to watch how an octupus adapts to his environment. Just breath taking – truly looking at life at more than 3D. Enlightening. On Facebook, they are known as In The Deep by Quartz


Seeing the ocean through alien eyes

Animals can see things we can't. A team of scientists takes a one-of-a-kind camera to the South Pacific to see the ocean as no human has before.

Posted by In The Deep on Friday, October 6, 2017

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whales are keepers of the akashic records and did you know . . .

an akashic healing will change the core of your BEing and your knowing of self like you have NEVER experienced to date.

It will immediately open your heart and your 6th senses wider than you have experience before. It helps open the doors to latent empathic, intuitive and/or psychic skills.

Simply stated it will change your life in the best ways possible.


this is the gift that will keep on giving & giving to the receiver in the highest vibrating energy ways


It is the most powerful healing on our planet at this time.

~It will change your life and rid you of all discordant energies interupting your progress in life.

We will balance your energy chakras.

We will discover your past lives

We will discover what has been holding you back and the gifts your bring to our planet at this time.

~We can talk about whale and dolphin guides to help you on your journey. All beings I work with are benevolent and work for our Creator as do I. We are doing this for humanity and all life upon the Web of Life under our Father’s love.


This will be the best overall overhaul of all the lifetimes you have lived and it will bring out your positive traits and help you handle the discordant energies and get rid of them out of your energy field in most all cases. In cases  where we can’t we will teach you how to o this for yourself multiple times a day.

Bring your questions for our Father, the Creator and we will let him answer anything you want to know at the end of your session.

Plan on 45-90 minutes for a clearing. We will do this by Skype if you are international brother or sister or by phone if in the US.

Email me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com or at am@conversations.solutions or both as I do have problems with hacking and gang stalking (thank you in advance)


from those who sought out this healing . . .

It is time to update you on how things are going.You know, I have lived my whole life with terrible anxiety and totally stress out. Since the Akashic Record Clearing this is totally gone !! Unbelievable but true. Not a trace. I am filled with love and calm. I feel like I am back on track and cannow start planning and creating my life instead of just hanging in there for dear life. I can now focus on a few things and work on these. I have gotten great insights in things that were going on in my life. I realized that I had always had an issue with not being seen, heard, understood and acknowledged. I am working on that now. I have been sending love around the globe. This morning it was like a layer of blue fuzz totally encompassing the world and then infusing the water with white light to energize with love and respect and harmony. I have also noticed that now I can breathe with my whole body instead with just my upper body. It feels so good! Because of the breathing it is very easy to connect with the whales and go deep into presence. I liked your 12-12-12 video and meditation. That’s when I noticed this. Hope you are well. Much love and thanks. ~Pauli

Anastasia’s clearing was an amazing and deep experience, and it has taken me great reflection to grasp the depth of the work she did in clearing my records. There have been deeply ingrained insecurities that have vanished from my being, as have the different ways they manifested themselves. The night of my clearing I had a wonderful dream about my animal guide (bear), who had also visited Anastasia in ordinary reality the day of my clearing (the Universe works in beautifully strange ways). I am only 21 years old and a 30 hour per week volunteer and a full-time student. Needless to say, I haven’t got an impressive income. Yet, I have NEVER felt so good about something I’ve spent my money on, though it was an incredibly reasonable amount in the first place. My soul clearing was a major part of my journey in this life, and it will benefit me for many lifetimes. If there is any one thing that you can do to benefit you for years (and incarnations) to come, it is this! May the Great Spirit bless Anastasia and her beautiful work.  ~Brian


Namaste Anastasia! I hope this finds you doing really awesome in your new home. So much wonderful shifting has happened for me since our Session!! You are a powerful healer of the Akashic records my dear friend! 🙂 My income has doubled, my communications with the Cetaceans feels so different, more physical and exciting people are popping into my life! I’ll need another session soon!
Just wanted to make sure you received my email for my communication with the Pilot Whale pod in Norway. Was so beautiful to be with them in sacred space.
Love you Anastasia and thank you again for being such an amazing Human Being in my life!

In the post above Shannon writes, I’ll need another session soon, I wrote her back and told her that once your akashic records are cleared, you should not need another clearing unless you have had a major life crisis or you just want to make sure you are clear of the negative energies that might have attached themselves after the clearing. For a energy check after a clearing – it should never take anyone more than 5-15 minutes to clear. Please be leery when people tell you need multiple akashic record clearings to get you where you need to be. We are moving into times where we have the powers within to bring to the surface and share with the world. No one should be dependent on a teacher, guru or guide at this time. This is a time of unique self empowerment. You have all the tools within yourselves and should never need extensive work on your akashic records. Filter all information through your hearts Pod Mates for your truths – You are the only one with that answer :o) ~Anastasia

I consider myself to have done a remarkable lot of personal healing in my life. I guide, help, teach and empower others on their spiritual and healing journey. That being said, even once you feel you are healed, there can still be, in the vast dimensions of your being and soul, some places that still feel blocked, stuck or negative. Knowing that whales are the record keepers, I felt drawn to Anastasia and the opportunity to do the ultimate spring cleaning of my akashic records. I recently just cleaned up about a year’s worth of papers from my files and things from my cupboards that needed to be cleaned out as well. It is amazing how something like that, that isn’t visible, makes such an energetic difference. My husband exclaimed, that even though the house looks the same, it feels lighter and brighter. THAT is how it is with Anastasia and the Spiritual Response Therapy. Anastasia is empathetic and an expert in facilitating this process. I feel a profound happiness that I have had the opportunity to have this clearing done. It is tangible from the moment Anastasia starts working. I felt release, relief, joy, affirmation and lots of good energy strengthened. Thank you Anastasia! and thank you dear Whales, for your tremendous healing presence and support. ~Chanda

I am so deeply grateful for the gift of Anastasia. After she did my clearing for me my whole life changed for the better. I became so clear of what I was called to do. I did it and then came the most beautiful closure to the relationship I was in …. and then…. my soul mate found me! Our mission together is clear and we are on it. I am no longer bound by the karma, the mind battles of long held hurt, or any lack of self worth. Now is the TIME! ~ Thank you Anastasia. ~Cleo

be sure to check out these other links to info on akashic records



akashic records

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you have no privacy

Agenda 21, genocide, breeding humans to animals, Swedish ties to reptilians and the lizards themselves . . . Some very eye opening information. Three videos you must watch for the information.

Wake Up Sleepers

I was being told much of this information as I ran for my life in 2013 being chased and hounded by reptilians, grays and annunakis. One of my cats was killed the first 3 months and the other lead a life of stress with me until 2016 when things in the spirit world took a much needed turn towards the better. This is real and if you don’t believe it, they will love surprising you & scaring the shit out of you on your last day/s.



The depopulation agenda began with Agenda 21 back in the 1970s.


I wish this information was all out there in 2013 as I ran for my life with this information and these heathens in hot pursuit. Wow WOW Wow

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FEMA in Houston is not good . . . wake up world


It is scary folks, they are not allowing people out unless someone comes to shelters and picks them up. Homeless people are the most vunerable. Project Genocide and the US leadership are in full force as of September 2017.

Wake Up World – the are attempting to pull one over on us all while they take complete control of our world

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riding the waves of change


(do your own research for population control beginning with Agenda 21 written back in the 70s)


For over 9 years now I have dedicated my life to moving our world forward in some way shape or form. I had no idea when I started Whale Communicators that I would learn so much from cetaceans about life on Planet Earth.

But the corruption around the whales and dolphins, the dark people who appear to covet them and all information about them almost led me to my death when many attempted to shut me up and take me out of existence in 2012/13.

HAAAA! dumb move . . . they didn’t know what they were up against. A human in their heart who loves our Creator immensely, a woman who was damaged in childhood and who truly found herself in adulthood in 2008 when she began communicating with  the whales and dolphins through our Universal Language of mental telepathy during a time when 7 people I loved had died. My personal hero, my father, Dick Housum was one of the most loved who passed away at this time.

Since bringing our e-learning DVD to the human race in 2011, teaching others how to talk to all benevolent life upon our Planet through our Universal Language of mental telepathy, I would come to have my phones tapped, computers constantly hacked, websites constantly hacked and emails go to a censoring center before selected emails are sent onto me 4-72 hours later.


All this for teaching people how to empower them selves through our universal language of mental telepathy and how to intuit truth at all times.


This dark nightmare still comes at me to this day.  Fear will draw this to you quite easily and the demonic and satanic attacks on myself and my household escalated when I went to fear and did not stay in my heart energy.

In late 2012 as the 1000s of attacks escalated to black magic and gangland stalking and one of my cats was killed, I began an incredible journey into the spirit world. It still has stifled my means to make a living and my income but the things I have seeing in the physical realms as well as the spiritual realms on this planet and on other side of the coin make me so hopeful for humanity and the future of goodness on our planet. BELIEVE me when I say this, “The spirit world of goodness, pureness and wholeness is definitely in control here”.

Please consider making a donation to anastasia@whalecommunicators on PayPal so I can continue to share this wisdom with others and keep a roof over my head.

I first heard about FEMA camps back in 2008 when I was awakening. I can’t believe now in 2017 how many people are totally sleeping through what is happening on our Planet.

Wake Up World.

Now being heavily censored by YouTube as well as Facebook and I have the IRS accusing me of tax fraud (I have made no money the last 5 years) and had major losses in every area of my life with the gangland gtalking that took over my freedom as a human being on this planet back in 2013.

I am under heavy attack again. Please Wake Up World – There are many of us out here raising awareness and using our voices and we are being attacked and crunched in ways you couldn’t even imagine while so many continue to sleep and do NOTHING.


Click on graphic to enlarge


Why aren’t the supplies that are being sent to Houston being given out to the needy people???

HMMMMMMMM, Hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmm . . .

Joel Olsteen is making a lot of money for being a puppet of the New World Order. People on Planet Earth do not make this much money without selling out to the New World Order/Illuminati/Satanic Leadership – nothing God like about all this. I can feel the Great Almighty Spirit cringing from here.


Be good to yourself as you ride the immense waves of change in our world. Stay in your heart and you will be successful.


Why is our mainstream media in the US not reporting the truth to their people? Still sitting on the fence about Weather Warfare/Weather Modification?

They will get to you eventually if you do not stand up and speak up. How do you like the order of a strict rule dominating the rest of your life.

A New World Order taking hold . . . WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP

Bless this well spoken woman for making this video and speaking so with such honestly, forthrightness and honor as a member of humanity about this mess.

Be discerning even with her information though . . . she mentions a Blank Ankh group – The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol and the NWO is really into this symbolism. And all people are being discriminated against if they are free thinkers of any kind.

Our world know we are truth tellers, so we are given truth to attract us but oftentimes mislead – so know how to discern truth in these times people. Your heart is your best filter for this level of truth.


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Weather Warfare in US Sept 2017

We need your prayers and land and water blessings today – ALL DAY LONG and into this upcoming week.

Fires all over the US this week in the weather warfare being used against the US citizens and our planet – WTF!!!! https://www.fireweatheravalanche.org/fire/

Click on graphic to enlarge and see all details.

War on US citizens, the animals and all life on our planet, the plants, the trees and our incredible Mother Earth. They are doing this with the HAARP weather system that is funded by your US Air Force, US Navy, DARPA (special branch of the defense dept) and the University of Alaska where its headquarters is housed. They are trying to take out Houston this past week (literally) and they can’t get their equipment to do the damage they are seeking to happen on our Earth. Because the spirit world of our Great Almighty Creator has reached break point for this dark cancerous underbelly of our Earth – It is time to eradicate it.

A national disaster in the US will be their perfect opening to invoke Marshall Law. And you US government is corrupted enough and has been waiting in the dark corners to make this happen to its citizens. To invoke more fear and dismay and heart acke so they can feed the demonic and satanic demons they are beholding to and giving up our children to in sacrifices.

Stay in your heart humans, project that love from your heart to the planet and the heavens and into the core of the Earth. See a heart of protection go around every benevolent being up our Earth protecting them from the ruin and chaos out here staying in that heart space holding sacred space for our world. This is where that momentous change will come for our Planet – from the heart, the human holy grail.

Go to NOAA’s marine portal and when the US map comes up start pushing the buttons on the left and check out what comes up on radar – shows you the HAARP major electrical bs harming the Earth, then push the satellite button, this will show your the chemical clouds they are bringing in by night and day from our oceans and our government’s weather warfare programs. You begin to see the difference between clouds that come from the ground up (man made) and the ones that are coming from above (still man made – Mother Earth has had very little control of what happens upon her surface – She is about to shake like a dog (as the Hopi’s predicted long ago) and get all the dirty dark fleas off her.

Check out the forecast button and the tropical button – it doesn’t take long to figure out what they are doing. View several times during the day and see how hidieous this weather war has gotten against the American people here – but folks – this is going on all over our world.

And be sure to check out all the earthquakes set off this week to help bring in this disaester  http://www.642weather.com/weather/earthquakes-usa.php


Spread the word – Bless her waterways and land masses  and PLEASE please Please “Have Mother Earth’s back today” as she has our back each and every moment.

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