do not go to fear



Learn how to get down on your

knees and pray or praise. Mother Earth needs every one of us.



It is time for a Cool Change to  sweep over this Earth and our Universe. All those geniunely and purely in their hearts will live to sing huge anthems.



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NWO attempting to conquer Colorado in the US

Chaos in Colorado. Our leadership is trying their darnedest to get the New World Order in effect here. Chemtrails, waterways and skies are loaded with toxins. They can’t get their snow storms in this Fall – too many good people in their hearts holding the energies of this town.

Wake Up World, your town will be next if we do not stop their agendas.

Ft Carson Army base has been training Russian soldiers on Colorado territory for a several years now. They will have the Russians attack the Americans because they know Americans may stand down if forced to kill their own people.

WAKE UP WORLD & especialy Colorado!!!!

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This is what our world is being fed by our new media and governments.


What is ISIS was created to make the human race go to fear?

Some interesting information out there about how horribly we all have been fooled by our government. That same government we fund with your taxes. Wake Up World!

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Conversation about Repurposing

Repurposing a Life   

“I had a friend ask me on Friday, “What are you going to do this weekend to really love yourself?” What an excellent question I told her – I love this question and will be asking this much more of myself in the future. It sure got me motivated to  do some extraordinary things for myself both Saturday and Sunday :o). And I tell you this cutting back on FB – what a wonderful thing this has been.

I told her I was going to get out in nature for over 3 hours – just me and the forest. It was at about the 2 hour and 45 minute mark that  I found this obscure trail deeper into the woods. It wasn’t well traveled.

As I sat in this one particular spot I began to commune with God and the benevolent spirits of this forest and the Whales (the cetaceans love to visit  in the forest). I asked this question of the land ambassador/guardian of this particular forest to join us and I asked, “What do you think about people just pulling up plants and killing them in order to make new trails in your forest”?

Her response was, “As long as it is repurposed for the growth of other plants, we are okay with this”.

And  in pops Granny, who is my constant companion on my walks. She is an Orca I work with daily doing land and water blessings. She still lives in body in Puget sound and matriarch of a large pod dubbed J Pod by researchers up there.

Granny said to me, “It is just like killing a whale, if it repurposes a human heart we are good with this”.

~Conversation between Granny, a wise orca and Anastasia Maria (Fall 2012)


Their love of the human race and their willingness to help humans open their hearts knows no bounds. I have continuously been blown over by their compassion, kindness and the depths they will go to for each human who reaches out to them.  ~Anastasia


Granny materializing from another dimension to where I was at upon the Web of Life. A cheveron coming out of her dorsal fin. The cheveron is a symbol of unlimited potential, a symbol of the joining, containing, harmonizing, and endless distribution of the most primal forces of our Omniverse. Ooooh la la – what a day this was



Granny appearing for me in a mist of orbs in a forest in Monroe, WA in 2011. The chevron going up the middle was mind blowing. I was doubting a lot of the communications and messages I was getting those first few years due to fully resolved issues within me that had not been completely healed from childhood.. She would appear for me in a couple of profound instances that just blew me away and helped me heal my troubled heart so I could learn to truly love again.

When we doubt what we are getting with a mental telepathy connection, it is the equivalent of hanging up the phone. You dissconnect the energy with your doubts. If you just stay in a neutral place of just BEing and you open to new things. Your imagination can kick start this for you in this lifetime and life as you know it will never be the same. You will be opening a door to your own brilliance and have the opportunity to share your unique vibration and BEing with our world. We need all humans in this place now upon our Earth.

And let’s change our world from the inside out.

The whales will help you bring your greatness forward to our world. And they will help heal all human hearts as well.   ~Anastasia

For more conversations with our cetacean friends, check out our collection of conversation on our Whale Communicators website  click here.

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They are culling our numbers in our world

Doesn’t matter who you are, eventually they will get to you and continue their culling process. They just need you to clean up the mess of the first few waves of people they attempt to cull.


Mother Earth does NOT do her weather patterns like this. She has not been in control of her weather for decades now. HAARP is! Click on graphic to enlarge it.

Wake Up World

wakeup logo

We need a miracle to right this mess this darkness has laid upon us. Here are some links and suggestions on how you might do this. Then speak up and share this link or the message with our world people. Thank you!   ~Anastasia


The Way of Waking Up by Alan Watts

NOTE:  Lots of dark symbolism in this video. Wake Up World – Take the good out of this and leave the bad. Do this in all things you do going forward in our world. There are good and bad people in every walk of life and every religion and every business and corporation. This is the time in our history for major DISCERNMENT.

Walk away from the darkness and gather with those people who are geniune and come from their hearts effortlessly. Not these false light followers of lucifer.

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Your HISTORY is not accurate . . .

We are lead to believe what ‘they’ want us to believe.

***’they’ = the ruling elite in our world. Born into bloodlines or chosen for an advanced programmable slave. They are the core of all historical socitieites and anything to do with history as they are the Writers of History for eons of time now and they are liars and thieves and not friends with the human race nor much life upon our planet.

I asked God in 2010 what I should call them. (Illuminati seems to bright) God told me to call them marauders because this is what they have done for 1000s upon 1000s of years now.

It’s Insane . . . 

ets_skin-suit-smThey have horribly tricked us and mistook our huge hearts and our ability for kindness and bigheartedness as stupidity. Only ones who are stupid are those who deceive others.

Karma can be a bitch when it  is catching up with many who have lived lives of decption throughout our many lifetimes and played out in this Universe . This is Universe is under God’s domain – always was & always will be.

symbolismoffreemasonryIlluminati & Occult Symbolism has contaminated much of our society through out the ages. These people put energy on these symbols to take down other humans. They think they are so cool to deceive good folks; this is part of their charge for doing things.

I was horrified when I realized the Peace Sign was a symbol for Jesus hanging upside down on the cross. And the Namaste sign – ‘the God in me sees the God in you’ is also a part of this information put out by the illuminati to mislead the masses.

You must realize, these folks are sorcerors and they cast spells and dark energy on this symbolism and then your purchase their products and that energy is not transferred to your home, office, child’s room, grandbaby’s room ? ? ?  It is quite outrageous when you realize what they have been up to and how they have done it.


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Laughter is the best medicine . . . especially when standing waist deep in a world of bullshit.

hillary-whoyougonnacallThese US elections are a sign and a warning folks. Stay in your hearts; imagine the day of peace and tranquility speading over our world like incredibly fragrant fresh spring rain (blessed and imbued water drops of course).



Things are so out of control as the darkness is being forced to exit our world by the Kingdom of God. This spiritual war (WWIII) has been going on for years now and it is about to end and there will be a beautiful reign of incredible times ahead for all people who are willing to live in their hearts and treat their fellow men and women with mutual respect and or reverance for living through what you just lived through in this monumental historical moment in time.

Let go of all the things that no longer serve your and do not serve our world and Mother Earth.

“We are living in a felonious world and I am a felonious girl”.  Sung to the tune of Madonnas’ song Material Girl


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Ghandi on Non Compliance


Disconnect from this false matrix folks.

There is a Revolution of Love going on at this very minute. It started years ago. We must stay in our hearts and we must hold the energies for all this to fall apart. If you need to fight or yell at your opposition and or enemies; you need to chill out and sit down and breath deep. Disconnect from this concocted drama playing out on TV. It is a distraction keep you in anger, fear, apathy, etc . . . This is the way they want you to get you under New World Order rule. Your compliance is your imprisonment.

Use your heart! And emanate that energy out to Mother Earth and our Universe. We need this final push full of pure loving God energies and our own personal loving positive healing energies and intentions out there now.

Evolutionary times . . .

Ghandi on Non Compliance – Love This!!!


There are way more of us awesome honest hearted  people here on Earth than there are these rich  satanical perverts. Pull the plug people. We have the power.

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free imbued Whale Communicators & Heart Communicators Desktop Backdrop


Download this background for your desktop. Usually you can left click and chose set to background

I am sharing some of God’s magic with you. The magic that was meant for us all on Earth but was manipulated and used against good humans throughout the ages. Going forward I will be sharing more and more of this with you. It is not white magic and it is definitely NOT black magic. I only use and share God’s magic with our world.   ~Anastasia

So now sit down at your computer and pull up this photo on your computer.

Right below are a  a few links for background music or whale vocalizations while you do this quick ‘whaley wonderFULL self discovery exercise as well as a pick-me-up’ energizer for the day.

There is no limit to how many times a day you can use it, just let your heart lead you to how many times you need this ray of God’s magic for your heart.

Click here to listen to Whale Sounds

Click here to listen to Ocean of Love/ So Much Magnificence – Miten/ Deva Premal

So if you have your background sounds on and your picture on your desktop to look at. I want you to be still and remove all the monkey chatter from your brain . . . as we begin.

heart_holdinghealingNow ask God and the whales and dolphins to come to you in dream-time or a waking journey , a  meditation or while you are out in nature. Ask that only benevolent BEings be included and all darkness is completely unaware of this moment. I also ask that God bring in Jesus and Mary Magdalene and my indigenous ancestors and loved ones to help me remember who I am and the gifts I have to bring to the world at this time. I ask that all troubles or mental interruptions be sidelined during this time so that I may just ‘BE’ for this time with God and the whales and friends to cleanse my heart and soul and to add some beautiful healing and renewal to get through these difficult times and to align me for my ascension releasing me from this ‘hell hole’ as it acts out and dies out in its final days and hours on our Planet.

I imagine myself buoyantly suspended on the top of the water or on a air mattress in the ocean and I can feel the reverberations of the whales and dolphins sonar and echolocation as they hum me to that incredible place of BEings. I ask the whales for a healing; that if anything is preventing me from seeing what I need to see, hearing what I need to hear or understanding what I need to do to send me signs and heal those wounds (whether from this lifetime or the last ones)

I ask that the information come in slowly so I am not overwhelmed and if I am feeling overwhelmed in the days to come, I ask that God just turn down the faucet of information for me to a more comfortable level. Don’t ask it to stop, it may not come back for a while if you do. (my lesson first time trying this as my third eye opened)

Ask that in the days and weeks to come that you be made aware of (in this conscious level here on Planet Earth; in the 3rd and 4th dimensions) that you be released from the things that are holding you back and your heart be filled with love, passion for the things you want in your life, and the voice to sing your song to our brothers and sisters around the world in ways only you can do in our world now. Ask God to release you from your imprisonment and to allow your energy to flow in the best God way possible for you to realize your full potential at this time.


Click on graphic to see the flow of energy and align your heart to this and picture yourself healing your inner planet for a time first (5-55 minutes) and then stretch that energy out to our outer planet and heal that.

Now just BE . . . staying in your heart energy center and releasing all things you are worrying about or have to do for a later time.  You can not give this time to yourself justice without focus. And just let that tor-dial energy flow through your heart and out into our world and then our Universe. Painting it with the most incredible beauty ever known to mankind.

If you can stay in this place for 5-55 minutes a day, that would be incredible and very helpful to your inner planet as well as for the entire planet and universe. Clean the inner and the outer planet will take care of themselves a wise whale told me once.



Your heart is your best filter in the human body. Your mind will lie to you because of ego. So drop the energy of everything your receive into your head . . . into your heart. What does that feel like? Don’t act until you are comfortable with that feeling. Feelings will rule our world going forward. No more EGO and logicing us to death with their facts.

It all has to extend from a strong inner foundation; in essence self love. And if you are not there yet, that is okay. This is the human conditioning of humanity for us to stay completely OUT of our hearts. You can hold sacred space and cleanse your inner planet and do great work for our world and humanity at this time just BEing. So quench your thirst, it has been a long hot journey.

Come here often and give respite to your heart and soul and linger in the state of BEing and Love with God and all his incredible devoted followers.

Sharing some wonderful wisdom to share with you from the whales and dolphins.


If you or your inner child have some profound experiences that take root while spending time here and want to share with someone, I would love to hear your experience and help you help yourself.

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Excellent Video & Please Say A Prayer for Me today


Please click on the link below – My Computer is being censored and monitored this morning to prevent me from saying what I have to say. ~Anastasia

Elite Are No Longer in Control, They’re scared to death. (Much more to this video than the title)


Please watch the video link above. I am being hindered from posting this morning in San Luis, Colorado. The police and the courts are not playing like they are suppose to with my corruptable landlord: Herbert (Tim) Esquibel. I have been gone for 2 days and my landlord has been in my home going about doing whatever he pleases and pulling out the part to fix the heating system in this house but not doing it again going on the 3rd month in row. He has not filed the proper paperwork to evict me and I have explained to the courts once he does I am going to turn around and counter-sue him for harassment and for what has been going down here. He moved me in to clean the home up after his slob of a brother lived here for 10 years for free. He then planned on moving me out and moving himself in. I am not going to stand for this.

Several of his neighbors are attempting to destroy me with black magic and black sorcery nightly/daily. Very weakened and this whole valley has responded so incredibly wonderful to all the daily energy work I have been doing in the San Luis valley since April 2016.

I am very protected by the Spirit world of God and all his allegiances of benevolent forces. However, if anything slips up – San Luis, Colorado   I want to call out Tim Esquebil my landlord, his good friend (the ex sherriff – Guilly – I was told it sounds like Guillotine but Diego had no idea how to spell it when I asked him. Guilly was riding around my home the first few days in his personal white truck and then began riding around in his police car (Diego says he’s a beat cop now). My landlord threatened me that he was calling the police and  kept threatening me that he was going to have me thrown out. I just didn’t know he was such good friends with the ex sheriff.

I was hoping, my landlord like other citizens of the US, would have to go through the courts system to legally have me removed. I am not sure if this will happen but am posting this here to ensure that the right thing happens. And if by chance it doesn’t that this is documented out here.



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