Excellent Video & Please Say A Prayer for Me today


Please click on the link below – My Computer is being censored and monitored this morning to prevent me from saying what I have to say. ~Anastasia

Elite Are No Longer in Control, They’re scared to death. (Much more to this video than the title)


Please watch the video link above. I am being hindered from posting this morning in San Luis, Colorado. The police and the courts are not playing like they are suppose to with my corruptable landlord: Herbert (Tim) Esquibel. I have been gone for 2 days and my landlord has been in my home going about doing whatever he pleases and pulling out the part to fix the heating system in this house but not doing it again going on the 3rd month in row. He has not filed the proper paperwork to evict me and I have explained to the courts once he does I am going to turn around and counter-sue him for harassment and for what has been going down here. He moved me in to clean the home up after his slob of a brother lived here for 10 years for free. He then planned on moving me out and moving himself in. I am not going to stand for this.

Several of his neighbors are attempting to destroy me with black magic and black sorcery nightly/daily. Very weakened and this whole valley has responded so incredibly wonderful to all the daily energy work I have been doing in the San Luis valley since April 2016.

I am very protected by the Spirit world of God and all his allegiances of benevolent forces. However, if anything slips up – San Luis, Colorado   I want to call out Tim Esquebil my landlord, his good friend (the ex sherriff – Guilly – I was told it sounds like Guillotine but Diego had no idea how to spell it when I asked him. Guilly was riding around my home the first few days in his personal white truck and then began riding around in his police car (Diego says he’s a beat cop now). My landlord threatened me that he was calling the police and  kept threatening me that he was going to have me thrown out. I just didn’t know he was such good friends with the ex sheriff.

I was hoping, my landlord like other citizens of the US, would have to go through the courts system to legally have me removed. I am not sure if this will happen but am posting this here to ensure that the right thing happens. And if by chance it doesn’t that this is documented out here.



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