key of david = sodomy

Blow me over with a feather – BEWARE – this is a really ugly subject matter on this page but needs to be discussed as our leadership lives their lives  with ritual and occultism and the sodomy practice amongst peer and with pedophilia in this New World Order is outrageous on its best day in the US now. This is a part of the trans-gender agenda being put out by the NWO and being enforced by the military complex and police forces with quite the vehicles and technology to do their jobs with these days.

The Freemason’s Key to Sodomy


WOW, this information is tragic but needs to be shared. We need to say “no more” to this disgusting behavior that is out of control in our world. Take your back and raise awareness.

“Freemasons believe that sodomy opens your third eye to Luciferian  illumination. It attacks a pressure point of nerves at the base of the spine causing neurological paralysis and  a shift in consciousness”.

I was updating links yesterday (12/19/17) and found the old video I had here about the Key of David being about Sodomy had been removed from YouTube so I googles more videos on this subject and was horrified to find jew kabbalah practices of this as well when becoming a rabbi. No house of our Father would house such trash as this – problem is the bible was written to mislead the masses with only half of its content being true. I was meant to separate and make us hate each other and war and look what it did throughout our HISTORY. It worked.

Please do your own homework and research this on line. So much symbolism around this. It will make you sick and hopefully get you into action over this. What a way they have ushered in their Transgenderism agenda. In your research see how the pyramid shape, all seeing eyeas well as so many other symbols are actually speaking to sodomy and not what we were told (imagine that?)


This is so wrong and it won’t be stopped until we all begin to shine the light on it and raise awareness. We do this by talking or sharing this link with others. Thank you!


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