Thanks For Your Patience as we once again REBUILD our websites & offshore our hosting.

LeapOfFaithPatience and Faith have kept me going for 3 years strong now. I walked some dark roads and lived to talk about it. I am so ready to talk about love again and build and grow upon the messages of some of the wisest BEings upon our Planet – our animals, both wild and domestic. And especially our friends, the whales and dolphins from our seastar company, Whale Communicators – Conversations That Can Change the World.


I am also going to be REAL HONEST and frank about things going on secretively in our world that have to COME TO AN END now. We need to begin having those conversations about those things that have been labeled politically incorrect. We need to take our world Love-One-Anotherback. All living BEings need to come together or get off the planet – we are beyond this break point now and there is no going back. LOVE WILL PREVAIL. We are coming into complete balance now as we watch everything fall completely apart.

Please share our links with your email lists and if you want an honest, hard working eco friendly world changing organization to support, we would gladly accept your donations and give you a receipt for taxes.

Please share our information with others and pass the luv.

Please check out the links below

Whale Communicators Website

Heart Communicators Website

Messages from the Whales and Dolphins

Akashic Healing

Akashic Records I

Akashic Records II

Thank you in advance for helping us to emancipate the human race and loving everything back into balance and wholeness.

If you are having a problem with darkness around you, don’t forget the whales and dolphins are not free will BEings but when asked to help, WOW – do they help our Creator perform miracles before our eyes. Be diligent call on them often. Ask them to work in unison with God on your behalf and to protect you. Depending on how bad the attacks are, you may have to do this 1-20 times a day.

If you are being hammered, contact me at and we will find a plan that will not cost you a fortune and help you help yourself to rid these from your and your loved ones for good.

Know how to speak their language, the Universal Language of our Planet, mental telepathy. Some refer to it as animal communication like our indigenous people of our Planet knew from the get go. When you learn how to communicate with all other consciousness within our Universe you begin to bring all your 6th senses online. And you begin to learn immediately that life is not as we were told it was. In fact, we have been lied to more than we have been told truth . . . unfortunately for the bad guys now.

HeartfilterI believe this is a big reason the NSA, our government and the hacking of my Facebook, emails and websites has escalated since 2012 nearly killing me and killing my 7 year old cat. This black magic has been used to rule our world for far too long and take people out who were in their way or not willing to play their satanic and demonic black magic games.

If all  humans knew mental teleapthy and begin to get all their 6th senses online. And began to FEEL their way through life in their heart energy; instead of fooling themselves into the accurateness of their brain energy which leaves a lot of room for error and EGO and game playing. None of this is beneficial to the benevolent BEings on our planet and to our forward progression in our Universe at this time.

WakeUpThese marauders of our world can’t lie to us anymore. WE KNOW TRUTH. We discern words and energy better than ever as we begin to awaken. We begin to see the syncronicites of life happening more and more all around us as we realize our divine nature and connect to the Web of Life. Everything begins to fall properly into place. And the love in your heart and the knowingness within your BEing leads you to all your truths. Our heart is our biggest discernment tool in our bodies. Don’t argue with your heart. If you heart is not settled over something, do not speak until your heart is in a better place to talk about it without emotion.



You are capable of so much more than you have ever imagined. Go deep within and bring that forth now in our world. Our world so needs you in this space.

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