People brave enough to speak about the unspeakable and make the actions become unacceptable to us all.

crazy-nomoreYou what I find CRAZY . . . not those conspiracy theorists who tell the truth about what is truly going on in our world. But I think its CRAZY all the people who are sleeping and would rather listen and side with all those who label us ‘conspiracy theorists’. For the record I am not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ I am a human being with a heart doing the best I can do in our world with what we are working with folks.

I have been following the chemtrials and storms and doing energy work with Mother Earth full time – every single day!!! I am raising awareness where ever I can, even when I am put down and labeled crazy by so many sleepers and new world order wannbees in waiting.


Cathy Obrien is my hero – what an incredible beautiful story she and Mark Share (TranceFormation of America) its free online – read it and read the names she names in politics. It will make you want to throw up for weeks. This is our leadership, this is our government. This is what those in control and with the money do.


It’s really f%cked up folks what our leaders do behind closed doors and in secret societies and occult rituals. You want to know the real reason for all those kids pictures on those milk cartons?

It is because of their networks of pedophiles who bring the children to the monthly rituals. I can remember the stats – but the number of ritualistic killings that happen on account of this sickness these malevolent BEings live on. And unfortunately for these sick mothers – their favorite flavor to savor is a child being raped and then murdered and bled out. WAKE UP WORLD

We need to break away from this false matrix and join hands with like minded individuals even if it is in private for now. We must band together in numbers instead of isolating ourselves. They are counting on this. We are stronger in numbers. BE more public and sing your song.

It is not safe to connect, yet we must. BE discerning about all this.

More folks I admire in this world who are speaking up and out. Click here to view

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