June 2017 message from a humpback whale

Conversation w/humpback whale this morning     

7:30am 6-20-17

Anastasia – Do you have a message for us?

Humpback Whale – Take heart, change is upon the Universe and those of you who have blessed our waterways and blessed us are now receiving some of our blessings and our love in huge increments. If you have not felt it, please take time today to sit in silence and call upon us. We have so much we want to share with you.

Victory is upon us. Stay the course and stay centered and balanced. You make a great difference in our world and we love you and we revere you humans who are working with us as well.

Anastasia – I appreciate your time and sharing your wisdom with us.

Humpback Whales – All humans need to talk to us more. We can help you on a deep level. Tell them Anastasia, spread our wisdom far and wide. We are here for everyone on Earth. We love you all.

Click on graphic to enlarge graphic. Mention to Anastasia that you want a ‘whaley good rate’ for this healing and that the cetaceans sent you anastasia@whalecommunicators.com


It’s time to discover the very essence of who you are and your depth and true nature in our world.

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