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Repurposing a Life   

“I had a friend ask me on Friday, “What are you going to do this weekend to really love yourself?” What an excellent question I told her – I love this question and will be asking this much more of myself in the future. It sure got me motivated to  do some extraordinary things for myself both Saturday and Sunday :o). And I tell you this cutting back on FB – what a wonderful thing this has been.

I told her I was going to get out in nature for over 3 hours – just me and the forest. It was at about the 2 hour and 45 minute mark that  I found this obscure trail deeper into the woods. It wasn’t well traveled.

As I sat in this one particular spot I began to commune with God and the benevolent spirits of this forest and the Whales (the cetaceans love to visit  in the forest). I asked this question of the land ambassador/guardian of this particular forest to join us and I asked, “What do you think about people just pulling up plants and killing them in order to make new trails in your forest”?

Her response was, “As long as it is repurposed for the growth of other plants, we are okay with this”.

And  in pops Granny, who is my constant companion on my walks. She is an Orca I work with daily doing land and water blessings. She still lives in body in Puget sound and matriarch of a large pod dubbed J Pod by researchers up there.

Granny said to me, “It is just like killing a whale, if it repurposes a human heart we are good with this”.

~Conversation between Granny, a wise orca and Anastasia Maria (Fall 2012)


Their love of the human race and their willingness to help humans open their hearts knows no bounds. I have continuously been blown over by their compassion, kindness and the depths they will go to for each human who reaches out to them.  ~Anastasia


Granny materializing from another dimension to where I was at upon the Web of Life. A cheveron coming out of her dorsal fin. The cheveron is a symbol of unlimited potential, a symbol of the joining, containing, harmonizing, and endless distribution of the most primal forces of our Omniverse. Ooooh la la – what a day this was



Granny appearing for me in a mist of orbs in a forest in Monroe, WA in 2011. The chevron going up the middle was mind blowing. I was doubting a lot of the communications and messages I was getting those first few years due to fully resolved issues within me that had not been completely healed from childhood.. She would appear for me in a couple of profound instances that just blew me away and helped me heal my troubled heart so I could learn to truly love again.

When we doubt what we are getting with a mental telepathy connection, it is the equivalent of hanging up the phone. You dissconnect the energy with your doubts. If you just stay in a neutral place of just BEing and you open to new things. Your imagination can kick start this for you in this lifetime and life as you know it will never be the same. You will be opening a door to your own brilliance and have the opportunity to share your unique vibration and BEing with our world. We need all humans in this place now upon our Earth.

And let’s change our world from the inside out.

The whales will help you bring your greatness forward to our world. And they will help heal all human hearts as well.   ~Anastasia

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