Clean out your inner planet humans

 and this in turn will clear and heal our Planet Earth . . .

CleanOutInternalPlanet_GrannyClick graphic to enlarge.Telepathing with whales and dolphins is an amazing journey into the very core of who you are as a being. One gains immense knowledge about our world. Not only of our current life time we are living but to assist us with all our knowledge; much of what has been kept from us intentionally so that we will not grow into some fabulous beings.

If you have a good spiritual connection with the (benevolent) Great Spirit, call on him and call on the whales and dolphins to join you or just 1 whale and 1 dolphin for starters is good and then work your way to more. They have some powerful energy and love and healing to share if you ask them to do this with you. We humans are free will beings so we cannot  just expect them to work on us in such a personal manner. We have to give permission to have our energy accessed by anyone.

Such simple advice but so hard for so many of us to actually do. This will indeed change the world.


These types of food will clog your lympathic system and your digestive system and will shorten your life.

Cancer Causing Foods:  These types of food will clog your lymphatic system and your digestive system and will shorten your life in the long term and raise your medical bills.

The whales and dolphins both in many many ways continue to tell humans who communicate telepathically with them that in order to clear our Planet Earth up, we all must go deep within ourselves and clean out our internal planet. And if every human does this, this in turn will clear up our external planet in record time and restoration. (Of course there is always more we can do in many ways) if we laid our foundation for change beginning with this – YeeHaw

It is imperative that you; your internal planet are in tip top shape. And there are many ways to do this. But all ways must include organic raw food. We must watch the fuel we put into our body and get in touch with our entire body including everything we put into our mouth and being watchful and health oriented on what you are eliminating (Garbage in Garbage out). I believe the fountain of youth can be found in live food.




Change your family Dr to a naturopath and change your health and your life for the BETTERment of our entire Universe. You ROCK in this place my dear!

Check out The Body in Its Simplicity videos as explained by Dr. Morse. Great break down and basics of cleaning up your gut, your body and your life.


Springtime or the changing of seasons is a great time to do a liver detox and give your whole body a break and unclog your system.

This video series of Dr Morse’s is fantastic – all about raw food diets. It goes hand in hand with good health. Click here to be redirected to a list of the raw food talks by the good Dr.





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