tagging animals is not their wish

Granny_BreachWhen we began Whale Communicators Granny, a very dear orca I work with who is the Matriarch of JPod  in the San Juan Islands told one of our communicators that the orcas did well for millions of years before mankind and scientists came on the scene. She doesn’t want herself or her kind tagged. They did well without man managing them and want to continue it this way.

insanity-doing-same-thing-over&overThe folks in the San Juan islands are not to kind to animal communicators or anyone who wants to view the orcas any differently than they want you to view them. There is a toxic stream of people around the orcas in the San Juan islands of Washington state (making a boatload of money off the orcas and their tourist businesses) I highly recommend a coming together of hearts around the orcas, dolphins, whales and all sea life. Perhaps it is time for a ‘changing of the guard’ up in that area so the orcas can have ‘heartists’, who are in their hearts and who can truly make great change in their life and to whom the orcas can relate and trust on a vibrational level. People who can keep the orcas best interests first and not their own life styles. The orcas have been on the endangered list for years now and their numbers  continue dwindling significantly. Wake Up All you orca lovers and save these HUGE hearted marine mammals.

Perhaps it is time for a Cool Change.


tagging-orcas-backWhen we began Whale Communicators Granny, a very dear orca I work with who is the Matriarch of JPod in the San Juan Islands. She is what they call a resident whale (there during the summer and at times the cycle in from the Pacific but don’t live there life the do in the summer time.I am opposed to the tagging of animals, in particular, orcas. I think mankind needs to stay out of their habitats and let them live their own lives to be perfectly honest. Here is a response I made on Facebook several years ago that I still adamantly stand by.

Scientists & Man kind: clean up the Planet first and begin to save us ALL.

tagged dolphinLiterally it is a drag for these animals to be mounted with these electronics and then to swim normally through the water so that scientists can make their lives easier. Click here to read full article here. Perhaps, this article and what they are doing to dolphins, orcas and whales might make humans feel better when our rogue leadership in our world begins to tag the human race.


this make me sick to my stomachTagging stresses the animals out and it can lead to infections in their polluted waters. And looking at that gun contraption they are using to tag – I can only imagine how many times they miss their mark. Mankind needs to quit skirting the issues and talking about what needs to be done and actually begin to fix the problems that have been broken for years and in many cases decades! This is what they do – they debate it until it is too late.

eye_captured orcaThese animals, the orcas of Puget Sound are so intelligent. Lolita’s kin will still not visit the place (Penn Cove) where they kidnapped her and others from over 4 decades ago. These animals remember the human race using them as target practice out on the oceans. Inflicting gunshot wounds in their blubber for fun. These FRGGIN Tagging Guns need to go NOW – This is hideous to do this to these benevolent and keenly intelligent animals.

orca-networkWe have so many non profits out here. And many keep making movies like Black Fish about orcas in captivity all the while the wild orcas are dwindling in numbers on their watch. Have any of you asked Howard and Susan how they were able to afford that new home on the west side of Whidbey island after Blackfish came out. They say they didn’t make any money on the movie. How much money does Orca network put back into the orcas??? Whose go the answer to this question?  How much of their money is going back into the animals and our oceans???? and what percentage is going back into their pockets for ‘Operation Costs”  This is a question we need to be asking of all non profits we donate to and if they are not comfortable sharing their non profit detail status with you – May I recommend that you find a non profit that is working for the Planet, the animals and the human race – not one collecting money to live a lifestyle near the ocean that they like and can afford with a non profit status and business front.

center4whale-researchAnd then make known in as many ways as you can to others about why you won’t be doing business with this non profit anymore. If it is a Non Profit going over and above their call of duty for the animals and oceans – – – We need to be hollering their names out as well – so others support them and quit giving to the Non Profits who line their own coiffures instead of doing what they say they do – Saving the Animals and Oceans of our Planet. But if the non profit has a figure head with a couple of homes, a huge boat and the latest and best equipment, then you need to ask this lead researcher who gets most of the grant money in this area, owner of Center of Whale Reserach, Ken Balcomb, (the brother of Orca network), how much money he is putting back into the orcas that he makes and what is his bottom line paycheck each year and who is paying into his salary?

We have to look beyond skin deep. Lots of rude people, hateful things being said behind people’s backs to cause a low vibrating atmosphere among the orca enthusiasts in the San Juans. Those with the closest contact to the orcas should show the same hearts as these incredible mammals they are guarding for the military and our leadership.

There is lots of corruption in our ranks and in every walk of life on this planet. Keep your eyes open and start asking folks who are living high off the cetaceans . . . What have you done for the cetaceans $$$ wise lately besides raising awareness?

GarbageHeartAsk these care givers of our orcas to clean their water ways  and the environment up NOW for all life on our Planet. People have been talking the talk for years – but in Washington state. Victoria, BC still dumps all their raw sewage in Puget Sound – Floats right into their habitat. Reason they have pain killers, birth control, antidepressants, and all kinds of other drugs showing up in their blubber. So much red tape and stalling around anything being done with this. When an orca dies in our neck of the woods – we have to call in Hazardous Waste Materials removal because they are so toxic from their waters we can’t leave their dead bodies on our beaches – too much concentrated toxins in one place.

Time to WALK our TALK from our hearts and time for many people to quit making boatloads of money off these animals in the name of conservation and their great love of these animals they say they are stewards or ambassadors for.

The only agenda mankind & sceince should have at this time – Is cleaning up the waterways and our planet for all animals and life forms here on Planet Earth.


It is the mind game our leaders have been playing us against for years. Make us think they will do something about it and then keep the people in angst and pain and anger because you are committed to keeping the human race in fear, pain and immobility to insure that they cannot make great change to our Planet.

Great change is not wanted or invited by our leaders – Don’t you see their game plan all these years?  All talk and no continued significant action to effect REAL CHANGE. It’s been a game to these folks and many of the custodians of our whales and dolphins since the beginning of time.

Click here to view another post we did about this topic of managing the whales and the toxic atmosphere of some of the folks up in the San Juan islands.



National Geographic tagging orcas before tourist boat in  Antartica. These tags last 5 months and many times only good for 2 months. Is this worth hunting them and tagging them to learn such short term patterns. This is stress on the animal and holes in their blubber. Their waters are polluted. I don’t believe in tagging these sentient Beings. I agree with Granny, my orca friend in that ‘mankind needs to stay out of managing the orcas lives. They were here millions of years before any scientists showed up here to guard them’.


Here is another post we did about this topic back in 2013, it doesn’t appear anyone is awaken enough up there in the San Juans to look into this. I sure hope all the orcas don’t die on this watch . . .

Oh shoot, just finished reading this article. They are tagging these majestic Beings. NO NO NO!!! The whales and dolphins have made it clear – They were here millions of years before the human race and did really well without them managing them. They just want the human race to clean up their STUFF and leave the Planet like it is suppose to be – quit polluting it.

Leave the management of the cetaceans up to them. Granny said, They were doing a fine job before we humans arrived and will carry on quite well without human input in this area. WE should just concentrate on cleaning up their waterways, etc . . .

That said – San Juan Islands? Orca Network? Neighbors to the North?

What are you doing that is positively impacting the Orcas lives in those waters up there?

It is common knowledge raw sewage is being dumped from Victoria, BC right into their marine habitat 24/7. If an orca shows up on land after it dies they have to call authorities to come remove it’s body. It is so toxic from it’s environment.

Hasn’t been stopped or talked about much since I entered this arena 5 years ago. The killings of the whales in captivity seems to be clouding the real issues to the whales in the wild up there? Their waters are toxic to their life and their food chain – the salmon.

Mentioned in passing – but who is doing anything about it? Where is all the non profit money and the for profit money that is being made off the orcas going? There are some people making LOTSA of money off the orcas up there!!! Wouldn’t it be tragic if they all left on their watch? Things that make you go hmmmmmm. . . .

Are people who are making money off the orcas in the wild putting it back into the orcas? Shouldn’t this be a pre-requisite?


Thank you, your donation means the world to us.

Thank you, your donation means the world to us.







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