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glowing-soccer-team-eyesWARNING Folks,

When you have someone’s eyes glowing back at you like this or shining back at you bright red – or even solid black eyes with no pupils – you have demonic and/or satanic possession going on or the conditions are primed for this to happen now. When you see angry or agitated faces, you know this isn’t a little joke, when they are presenting this stuff other than the most popular satanic holiday of the year – Oct 31st. You know to shut it off and walk away. No way to win with those that choose these associations and you will go down with your association to them if they get their way.


Happy Birthday Joan – wow Google images thank you for this confirmation. This picture of eyes that glow like this show something of one’s allegiance to secret societies or malevolent beings like the greys or reptilians. Some say this is what the ‘illumined one’ means to the Illuminati (one of these secretive orgs). Why would Joan Ocean surround herself with people like this?, one must ask one’s self about the company people keep. Click on picture for a close up.

The more luminous the eyes are with red or white (light yellow) the more possessed (controlled) the party with the glowing eyes and the colors are sometimes associated with the species or malevolent energies a human soul is possessed by. Usually a rush of energy in the room when this happens (light may flicker, phone lines buzz, computers reboot, etc . .. ) heightened awareness and excitement in a dark soul and some weariness and intuitive warning in benevolent souls.

Yes we have been trained to think this is a red eye camera glitch. Many Native Americans won’t allow cameras on their reservations because they say that cameras mess with the soul. Now there are so many online photoshop offers to make eyes appear normal. It is a really ugly secret that many of the younger generations have been interbred with the grays and the reptilians. Many times red glowing eyes or yellow glowing eyes are showing the new human species these people are trying to put into place on Planet Earth. One they can still energetically feed off but that will do what they are told and that will follow orders and be apathetic to anyone else but their commanders. The energies have changed and are changing – the dark showing that is is no longer cracked up to be a part of our world and they are breaking up and falling apart. Just turn on the news.

Grab a camera and use it with a flash, it is a great way to find out whose who in our world. I sometimes have people begin to shapeshift into their alien form in a photo. And as I have raised my vibration over the years. About 2 years ago I begin to see them shape shift in front of my face with the naked eye. An impression of their face would overlay their hologram face and then it would fade just as fast. It was like a warning of who I was dealing with and went away immediately and I just played their game with them during the time we interacted. Then I cleared myself from head to toe and checked for energetic chording as soon as I left their present and cleared myself of any curses, binding, heart vows, black magic or other crap they have to throw out.

Especially when I am out in public now,  this happens quite a bit now and what I don’t directly see I pick up in feelings as this is my strongest sense – claresensitivity. I FEEL everthing and this is why I don’t go out much right now :o). Crazy world with some chaotic dark ones setting their vortex or tornado energetic traps to snare good souls. When we raise our vibration to a level of love, peace, and harmony, they cannot nic or phase our energy. It is difficult work to get to this point but it is vital to each of our ascension.

This eye glowing white is an illuminati related thing and also malevolent BEings like the grays and the reptilians are masters at this kind of stuff (These malevolent beings often act like jerks and love to bring chaos of tornadoes of energy around folks and shake them up. They also like to bring their friends and double, triple team individuals. That their and co-hearts in crimes would do this on request speaks volumes of these low lifes. Truly they’re masters of this kind of sh%t: manipulation and deception.






Anne is a  devious FAKE who acts so nice and supportive while she collects all your money & says what you want to hear instead of what she is actually doing behind your back. Just SAY NO to Anne Gordon of Whale Wear, Whalefest (dark whale gathering including Paul Watson & Ric O’barry) fame, Panama Whale Watching, Dolphin Healing, the Cetacean Summit and the Embera Tribe of Panama. Folks. She is advertising doing Group Dolphin Healing Session now. You have been warned, you let her work on you with healing she can open a dark portal right into your body as she and her friends are all too well trained in and she can relieve you of your soul. Your life is in your own hands with this woman. Please BE safe benevolent humans and avoid Anne Gordon DiBarrigon of Panama

Also when you watch this video, the best way for these dark entities to travel is through radio waves & electrical currents – refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, heaters, stereos, two way radios, baby monitors are some great conduits for this kind of foul play. THe HAARP weather weaponry system runs on a billion kilowatts of electricity and this is one of the best conduits for these beasties to gangland attack their victims (more punch sending in 100, 1000, or 10,000 rather than 1 dark entity when attacking).

Many Native Americans don’t allow cameras on their reservations. I thought that was weird when I first heard this and it resonated with me. It has something to do with their soul and they do not want their image imprinted in time on a digital or camera photograph.

I have had a tough relationship with my family of birth since my dad’s death in 2008 – actually it goes back at least a decade and half before that. My dad was the Peace Maker in the family; I had to walk away from all the aggression and verbal abuse. Recently I discovered some pictures of my family and was blown away by the glowing red and white eyes of the nieces and nephews over the last 7 years. And the family members that I have been estranged from for decades – I haven’t been able to understand their hatred & anger towards me over the last 2-3 decades. Wow were their eyes glowing brightly & facial expressions made me realized it is not me they hate as much as my light is repelling the darkness within them. And I realize now that as a child, when I told what happened to me during a Catholic satanic ritual when I was 4 or 5 years old to my dad, It saved my life. It saved me from a life of being raped repeatedly by the Catholic church and their demonic and satanic friends. That first ritual was designed to silence all its victims for life. I got a pass for being Staci Chatter Chin.

How does one respond to this kind of dark BS in our world??? How do we clear ourselves and our homes?


Ask God to wrap the dark troubled souls in a big invisible bubble. Ask God to fill this bubble with the best God known love and kindness and to fill this bubble with this dark soul in it with the best love possible to combat this enemy. Let God decide the outcome of this souls. I always ask God to do the God best thing – I don’t have the knowledge base to make these kind of decisions on this level. This is best BEing left to God to handle or hand to one of his may warriors of the light.

What I have experienced with an angry/possessed horse, a few relatives and others dark ones who have attempted to attack me . . . when I wrapped them in this energy is it totally subdues them and they cannot do a thing. They are like puddy in your hands. Twice, the horse went down on its knees and laid on the ground for over 20 minutes. He was mellow and just rolled a few times and continued to stare at me – he loved the energy but he had no power to resist – he was in a much better place than when he was attacking the other 5 horses just minutes before. He’s been really aggressive with me and I don’t trust him in the field by myself. His family moved and dropped him off to live there permanently 3 months before. He was not happy; very angry as a matter of fact. Felt dumped. Big beautiful white arab, mean as an angry cobra.

keep your distance when possible

I make sure to stay far away from them (in proximity) and continue to fill the bubble several times a day doing distance healing. If I am living in close proximity or in the same house – I would do this 8-12 times a day and I would ask for constant protection while I sleep. The worst black magic and black sorcery attacks come from dark ones living in your home & in close proximity. They act as a portal for the darkness to come in. And trust me when I say this, they can allow thousands upon thousands of dark entities in within a night if they choose to do this with you. And night time is their time – something about 3-5 am there seems to be alot of activity.

The brighter your light and the higher your vibration the more you will be attacked. I use to fear it coming on; now I know when it hits hard I am doing my job for God and I am doing it well out in nature with Mother Earth – fighting HAARP energies and other uglies.

power FULL U

You are so much more powerful than you every could imagine. We are massive energy BEings and when in our hearts and in that state of BEing – Holy Cow, what we can do. This is why we have been enslaved by the malevolent BEings of our Planet (the ones I have had the misfortune of knowing – the Grays, the Reptilians (many species of them), the Annocki and others I can’t classify. But they have come after us, abducted us, experimented on us and bred with us because they want to have our abilities to be in our hearts and to utilize our 6th senses and especially for this ability for us to now move into multi dimensional human BEings.

However, these times are tricky and we humans need to be discerning of our associates and our loved ones and all other around us. The behavior of the dark ones is getting more desperate and careless and much less strength in the punches they are packing. Snapping at others, being hateful, angry, mean spirited and self absorbed are usually signs of some kind of dark influence. Steer clear of their energies and keep your energy vibrating high.

Get out a camera (I kid you not) Use a flash – do you get red eye or white eye (illuminati shape shifting into reptilian form)? My niece was raised on Disney and is 17 in this picture where they are playing on the deck with that silly string in a can. She literally shape shifts into her demonic form in the second picture. It looks like a blurred photos with a red over laying the whole photo. CREEPY stuff. One does not conjure up or engage with these spirits nor do they use magic for harmful purposes against others. Can lead to really bac stuff and their ending won’t be very nice at all.

Dark Entities love the energy of children. They are so fresh from God so innocent. They are so open energy wise, they haven’t learned how cruel the world can be yet. So this is why they are targeted. If your kid tells you he has a secret friend – LISTEN. If you are not there for the small stuff, they won’t come to you with the BIG stuff. Kids are very in tuned to other worldly dimensions and spirits. We can learn so much from the children and our animals walking in these realms.

We all are capable of winning this world situation over readily and easily with God’s secret weapon (Love) and your personal holy grail (your human heart). THE REVOLUTION OF LOVE is on in full force. Keep engaging the love in our world with others and especially strangers – give them a smile – a hug – a cookie. You are so AWESOME in your heart space helping others. Even though everything seems crazy out there in the world – don’t join the crazy energies – send it Love just see it firing off to them directly from your heart. This helps heal our world.

Stay in your hearts! In this place we will bring back goodness, kindness, unity, community and so many more things all wrapped in large doses of love to this earth. This weaved into the tapestry of life will give us all a incredible new beginning here on Earth and then within our Universe. We are forerunner for this vibrational change over within our Universe that is taking place. When we begin to gather with others of like energies & higher vibrations, these kind of gatherings and intentional living communities will thrive and change our world even more so. We are on the verge of something SO BIG.

And So It Is . . .

These dark souls or friends who are possessed by dark entities can do absolutely nothing to you if you DO NOT go to FEAR. They feed off your fear, so don’t allow them a snack or a meal while they are in your home. I tell them to hit the road at the same time I am calling upon God & my healing pod posse to remove them from our Planet.

If you or someone you love is being attacked and its out of hand, I am available for consultation and to show you how to master your harmony and serenity in your life. I can remove them the first time – but each subsequent time, I can’t get them continually like i do the first time. God told me this is not my job. But YOU are the only one who can keep them off you and away from you long term. It just takes persistence and a brave heart. So I will make sure you know how to do this yourself when I work with you. Giving you the tools to master your own life. You bring a vibration to this planet that I couldn’t even begin to match. We each bring something so unique. And when we bring these different vibrations together to do good things for the Planet and humanity. Talk about a harmonic convergence.

A New Day is Dawning


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