Pedophilia is a crime. Those who have sex children, animals or anyone against their will  deserve to pay for their crimes.

It has been over months now since the Podesta emails came to light  (Oct 2016 US election lead up) and Pizzagate sprung to life to show this horrid cancerous underbelly of our world.

Hidden emails from Hillary’s hidden server. They have sex with kids folks and do satanic rituals that include killing children after raping them, drinking their blood and eating their bodies. They think it gives them power and eternal youth. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS CRAZY SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE up.

Hillary, John Podesta, His brother Tony Podesta. Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr, Jeffrey Epstein, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, John Kerry, Richard Nixon, the pope, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, Prince  Charles, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, etc . . . etc . . . If you have money and wealth and status – you have this lifestyle.

This is sick no matter how much money one makes.


Had to put up another video about Pizzagate.  It appears that the YouTube video, The Documentary on Pizzagate (You’ll never be the same – Use your voice) has been removed from YouTube. Is YouTube involved in human trafficing and sex with children as well? Why are they covering for the perverts? Things that make you go hmmmmm.


Make Some Noise About This

Pizza Gate Expose’- A Who’s Who – Podestas, Weiner, Clintons, Obama & More


Uncovering pedophile rings continues happening over and over and over again throughout our world and through out history. Boytown? Franklin School, McMartin PreSchool, Jimmy Salvo, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and the disappearance of a dozen indiginous children from Canada back in the 1960s. Just gone.

A few people get hand slaps years after the facts and after many of the victimizers and abusers are dead. We need to stop the raping of our children and the destruction of the human mind. We need to say NO right now – not tomorrow – next week – next month. Those involved need to be brought to justice.

70 arrests are not near enough to eradicate this cancer from the swamp. Demand accurate numbers and all involved in child rape and murder be brought to justice swiftly.



A Gigantic Stain on Humanity

This is the very cancerous underbelly of our World that has lived in secret societies, the occult, amongst freemasonry, the illuminati, satanic and luciferian practices around our world as our government leaders attempt  to lead us into a New World Order.

Pedophilia Rings  & Satanism Are the Problem in our World. We must all Wake Up and Join Hands and eradicate this from our planet along with all the New World Order folks who play like this.



Understanding Child Abuse

How Can We All Begin to Heal???

Judy Byington is a therapist who has done some wonderful work in this field for victims of Satanic Ritutal Abuse and and has raised awareness about SRA around our world. Please check out Judy’s YouTube page. Some very good information for all survivors.

To All Survivors of SRA or abuse of any kind. You are not alone and you are so much more than your victimization. You are truly a Victor in life (although I am sure you might have some days where it doesn’t feel like it) Thank you for your  sensitive soul and all you have endured and all you have to contribute to the world going forward..

Laurie Matthews talks about growing up in a home where both sides of the family we a part of the establishment of this ritualistic abuse. What a brave woman with some great details for us to learn from and help our world heal from this. Please if you know someone who has been abused, handle your friend with alot of love, they need a good friend they can trust. Here is Laurie’s testimonial of growing up in SRA.



There are many alternative healing ways  to look at as well. I have cleared Akashic Records since 2009. It was after having this healing recommended to me that I became certified in this method. NEVER in my life had I had such a miracluous healing and balancing of my energy. I have tried years of therapy but the word was nothing like the freedom I felt after an Akashic Clearing.

This is for the open minded and for those who believe in miracles. The whales and dolphins are the master healers of our Planet and I bring them in as well as the The Great Spirit, our Creator of all things.

If you are serious about doing the work, I am serious that I am willing to work with you.

This clearing is for victims of childhood abuse or just humans who have had the wool pulled over their eyes now too long to remember.

Check out these links for some miraculous

unconventional healing oppotunities as well . .

We begin to heal through love and patience and daily work on loving our selves in healthy ways. Clearing out discordant energies that no longer work for us and going forward to a new day in a better place and a better space in our hearts.

Unity Community, Love and Peace will preavail now.



Akashic Records 1

Akashic Records 2



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