full moon mother load orb

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WOWser, this is incredible. If you zoom into the giant orb there are all kinds of beings inside there. I think this is, hands down,  the biggest ORB in relationship to other objects in the picture that has ever shown itself for me in pictures. I looked at the picture sequence from last night, this was about 7 hours before the full moon.  The moon is pictured in the center and is bright white with lots of blue around it (very small in comparison to the orb).

While I was taking this picture a man was walking up the steps in the dark. I wanted to acknowledge him with my eyes as there is some really strange and dark happenings around  this new apartment complex I moved to in December after escaping a dark room mate I found on Craig’s List. He was a Special Forces individual for Shriever AFB in Colorado Springs. Todd Vidic was and is our military’s new   super soldier. One of the darkest dankest individuals I have ever met or rented a room from. A BOLD FACED pathological liar who used black magic and sorcery every night I was there causing 2 tooth absesses and I believe he was trying to kill me, his targeted individual – I just want to know who put him onto me because he reached out o me on Craigslist.

So back the to picture and walking in . . . .I noticed this man was someone who has lied to me since I moved in e months before, I was naturally smiling at him as that is who I am. If I had known it was our maintenance man,  I would refrained from smiling as I know him to be dishonest and he has lied intentionally and repeatedly to me about the cold air  and odd smells that roar through my apartment every night causing me congestion, stomach, sometimes extreme drowsiness and multiple times to the bathroom to eliminate my bowels.

So my read on the big Orb – protection with all this other Bullshit going on in my world right now is this  – BIG PROTECTION. So huge, so benevolent and it has to do with Mother Earth – the size and essence of this hummer. I once again in the last 5 years now am under heavy duty attack – from demonics and satanics, high technology and constant harassment as a Targeted Individual.

I have a guy downstairs, Craig and and girlfriend  live downstairs full time, neither works, they get their kid on weekends, the play with dark and deadly level of black magic. I have no doubt they are attempting to off me while playing around with 1 or more electronic weapons and beaming them at me during sleep or while I am at the computer in my living room of my small 400 sq ft apt. I am either being shocked up my legs and spine or overheated and they alternate and like to do this while I sleep. Nasty minions of the dark these bottom feeders in our world.

I wrap a layer of energy protection around me constantly to fight off these nasty bottom feeders of our world. I wrap them in an energetic bubble of love and then I call on Granny, my favorite Orca Spirit doing this kind of work on the Grid of our Universe and ask her  to deliver this nasty to our Creator and let him decide what is to be done on a long-term soul level for this person. Do they need to go?

I also have 2 guys at the other side of me who attempted to befriend me the first week. I felt attacks coming from their place as well. Ian needs to feed off human loosh. I have found in my travels this past several years that many of these folks have participated in ritual and sacrifices in their lives and they have to pay these demons with this energy fo humans called loosh. They are getting  their part in from their side of the building with black magic and electronic heat. And the new renters downstairs and the gays guys next door run back and forth to each others apartment all hours of the night.

I have run into dozens of these kinds of minions of the dark since 2013 and when I was run out of business here on Facebook under FB’s watchful direction with our Whale Communicators Page. This fighting this dark cancerous underbelly of our world and clearning this dark energy from our planet and daily land and for water blessings for our Planet has became my way of life being isolated from good folks and keeping these dark minions coming around me. They are like moths to a flame and they hate my light but keep attacking me.

¸.✿•.¸¸. ིღ¸.✿•.¸¸. ི♡

BEWARE OF FACEBOOK, Craigslist and some proprietors who book hotels and motels – as this is also a great place for these dark parasitic minions to come rent a room to find their next victims or loosh feeding. We see them all the time causing their chaos and disturbances in the social media arenas.

These bottom feeding parasites among us will literally plug into your energy field by night  (or day) and suck on your life force energy. They like to enter through the hips – kundalini energies but they will come into any energetic weak spot in your body and then hit on it repeatedly to cause entry and health problems with you.

If you are a strong spiritual being they cannot enter you, however you will awake with a feeling a really bruised hip from their repeated tries. Who is around you by night while you sleep – you probably got a parasite somewhere close by. They leave the next day feeling really rejuvenated – Better than a spa treatment. You leave tired and achy and not sure why you slept so badly but feeling really run down on many levels.

Massive things changing up in the Spirit world. The dark underbelly of our world is losing it completely in their chaos. And the Spirit World of beauty and new beginnings and a place where true love will have a chance to prevail for all of our Creator’s children who are showing the way to a new day.

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