Ghandi on Non Compliance


Disconnect from this false matrix folks.

There is a Revolution of Love going on at this very minute. It started years ago. We must stay in our hearts and we must hold the energies for all this to fall apart. If you need to fight or yell at your opposition and or enemies; you need to chill out and sit down and breath deep. Disconnect from this concocted drama playing out on TV. It is a distraction keep you in anger, fear, apathy, etc . . . This is the way they want you to get you under New World Order rule. Your compliance is your imprisonment.

Use your heart! And emanate that energy out to Mother Earth and our Universe. We need this final push full of pure loving God energies and our own personal loving positive healing energies and intentions out there now.

Evolutionary times . . .

Ghandi on Non Compliance – Love This!!!


There are way more of us awesome honest hearted  people here on Earth than there are these rich  satanical perverts. Pull the plug people. We have the power.

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