Growing chemicals to contiminate the Earth & Humans


This blizzard of beautiful benevolent help made me cry. In July I was working for a Hemp Farm called the Tree of Life in the San Juan valley. I was being bulled and sexually harassed by 2 workers – Peter Nyuerre, a black man in this town from Africa and Ronson Medina, a Mexican man from San Luis. The reason I mention their races is because of the reverse discrimination they have shown me. I told my boss Jill Browning the owner and top investor in the farm and she ignored me. Peter & Ronson were her pet workers. Peter made it a hostile work environment after this attacking me with black magic on the job and yelling at me on over a 1/2 dozen occasions. He has a horrid anger issue and stabbed a man before and got away with it. Now Ronson is man who thinks he is a gigalo. He’s married with kids and has no business acting like this with women. He’s an embarrassment acting like this in a hemp field or in public.

So I was living on the farm and Jill moved me off because I would not take one of her investors screaming in my face using the ‘f%ck” word in every other sentence nor screams at the migrant field workers treating them like dirt. And I told him off in front of the field of my coworkers the day after he hung his pit bull Zoe by the neck and suspended her over the ground about 3.5 feet hanging her by her collar and then walking her in front of workers for about 20 yards While hanging her by her collar and cussing the dog for being soooooooo stupid. That dog didn’t move a bit – knowing her neck could be snapped at any time. Only stupid one on that farm was Josh (the angry nasty Mexican man who claims to have the investors of the Tree of Life best interests in mind. He is the hench man for one of the gay male investor’s . . . he is a self appointed guard dog for the Tree of Life farm on road J8 out in the San Luis valley.

Jill Browning the owner of this farm and chief investor allows the other investors and Josh in on a regular basis to verbally abuse her employees. Josh who is a man in his 40s brags to the workers about his black 18 year old girlfriend and hits on every 18 year old who comes through the gates. He told one of the male workers who just graduated from high school that if he had his body he would be a porn star. Bad folks are acting out horrendously these days and Josh is loaded with darkness.

Josh has taken his bullying to my home now parking outside my house on my lot twice now while visiting the business across the street. Bullies are so freaking full of themselves until they fall flat not heir faces and have no support.

Well I was sent to live at Peter’s estranged wife’s house and get off the farm for a few days (Jill Brownings suggestion) to let this all cool off with Josh the raving hot head. It was no cooling off period – Jill wanted me off the farm because I kept making comments about her metal Agricultural building that her partners paid $300,000 for to dry the hemp plants (for 2 months out to the year???. Only problem being – why would you buy a $300,000 building to dry hemp???

Well if that building was a brand new metal building to work with all the other half dozen metal buildings between San Luis, Chama & San Francisco with the HAARP system to create horrendous electrical storms bouncing the electricity off all the $300,000 metal buildings put up in this relatively poor community. Or they can garner massive cloud cover and begin geocoding the community here now.

Raping their land and growing contaminated hemp plants for medicine to cure people. It doesn’t get any worst than this in life people. Dark folks acting out horrendously.

So for 2 months solid now I am being hit by so many with black magic here in this town. I brought the police into the matter last week with a home I am renting and people behaving badly. I have talked to 2 very nice officers in their police department and am hoping there are more good policeman in this police department to see that justice is done. Because there are people that want me dead here.

San Luis is a beautiful little town and it has the dubuious honor of being the oldest town in Colorado status. I have had 3 different citizens of this community tell me now that the largely Mexican community here is contaminated with Envy – no one wants anyone else rising above them or having something they don’t have. It has brought on a lot of play with black magic, masonry and some really dark sh%t in this town being played out on other good people.

Costillia county is known as the most corrupt county in Colorado for their law enforcement. However, like I have seen thus far, I am very hopeful for the good heart on the force.

I put this here, because if I go down – I want you all to know who is behind this all. And my hope and the energy I am spreading here is doing its best to cover this town and its people in unconditional love. It is working . . . gradually but it is working.

So this picture was taken 3 weeks after I was asked to leave Bonnie Hanson’s place. To see all this protection when I couldn’t see the forest for the trees with all the black magic attacks at Bonnie’s home.

When I arrived at Bonnies she set it up to look like 2 of her neighbors were attacking us with black magic: Vera and Marti. It got heavy within the week – too heavy. My cat kept sleeping at my feet because someone was trying to chord me through the soles of my feet at night because they cannot get into my body anymore. I realized at that time that little innocent Bonnie, my host in her apartment was a practicing black witch (which she denied) and she tried to feed off my energy while I was a guest in her house.

Lots of darkness in this town! And a lot of liars.

But within this community lie some really beautiful people I have met who are too afraid to stand up against this darkness in this town.

Please send loving energies where ever you are now to the Web of Life & to this community and lets heal it all.

Thank you for listening to my long rambling. Things are tense here and if I disappear, I want you to know where it happened. Some of the men on the farm use to brag about how easy it was to dig a hole and put a person in it and put a truck over it and let them die.

This is the dark cancerous underbelly of San Luis, CO and what I have been working to clear since early July.

Please keep me in your prayers and blessings.

With much love and great hope in my heart for all benevolent Beings,


So the moral of this story is – even with all the shi%heads in our world acting out badly. There are good folks mixed in with incredible God light within them – the incredible light energy of God’s work not of his fallen angel Lucifer (not even close to the same light ) God’s light is organic & loving – Lucifers light is synthetic and fake and you will get burned by it should you go near it let alone engage it. I have have a fast and steady rule – I do not negotiate or hold conversations with the dark. They are desperate liars who want to win at all costs.


PS I just rewrote this article – let’s see if Facebook keeps my changes. Someone got into this account yesterday and did an editing number on this article. Minions suck!!!

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