healing your inner planet . . .

. . .  begins with you. Let what you put into your body fuel your success and not comfort your grief or problems. Learn to have a new relationship with food and your emotions.




Annette’s story just makes me glow all over. I think she is a testiment to staying healthy and how much juicing and what we put in our body helps us. We truly are what we eat.


There is a reason our Creator put it on our Earth. It was made for us to eat.

Yet the majority of humans continue to eat processed food and too much meat in their diets. Too many carbohydrates and WAY TO MUCH SUGAR.



Many ways to clear out your inner planet. Make heart wise choices.

~ healthy diet

~ regular exercise to move all the energy around within your body

~ a strong spiritual practice

~ A strong connection to the Web of Life (the fascia of Mother Earth that connects her to everything else)

~adopt a pet – pets bring so much love into our homes. And there are many who need good homes. Consider adopting a grown pet.

~ an akashic record healing with Anastasia clearing all the discordant energy from your akashic records.  anastasia@whalecommunicators.com

~ learn how to work with the whales and dolphins in a meditation or dream time and let them help you remember who you are.  email love@whalecommunicators.com


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