I  open my heart to open the hearts of others.

                   ~a free circle of artists who call themselves Heartists define Heartist

Our planet needs us practicing heartism.

Our planet needs us practicing heartism.

I won’t do activism. Our world needs big hearts putting out to the world what we so need to save for our future. But this must be done with heart. So I take my lead form the ‘Heartists’ (artisits) above – I thought of the word ‘heartism’ ealier today and I googled it and saw these people had the site URL for this so I SAY YES TO HEARTISM too, especially with their beautiful quote, “I open my heart to open the hearts of others so that we may all do the right thing for the planet and for the animals and all benevolent life here, all of nature.

i-survived-bullyingI have seen way too many bullies gang up and stalk and abuse others for no good reason at all. They didn’t like the way the were or were not representing the fallen animals. It was ugly and incredible dysfunctional.  It is a sport in the activism field. When I began having a man in 2010, by the name of Bartak Ramsey, who was doing a documentary on the killing of Pilot. He got mad because I wouldn’t allow him to post a pilot whale with it’s stomach cut open and its dead baby falling out on our page. He threatened to sic the Sea Sheperd boys on me and this is when my nightmare and slowly deliberate take down by some really sick people began. It turned deadly in 2013, killing my cat and I thought it was going to kill me.

BuddhaColumbineI had hundreds of thousands of attacks by too many people/entities to count. I have NEVER ever dabbled in witchcraft or the occult. I did attend a few circles with some people I knew in Seattle who practiced Paganism & Wicca and were a part of my Buddhist group so I went to a few of their  ceremonies having no idea how heavy they were into the occult and not discerning between dark and light beings and allowing malevolent beings into their energy fields on a regular ceremonial basis.


fear or loveWe all need to speak up about the atrocities in our world with Love in our Hearts and Peace as our end goal. PEACE for ALL people, not just a select few who are always ponying up the front of receiving lines. The time for equality of all benevolent BEings and living a life of abundance and happiness as it was always intended by our Creator is upon us. We have a choice. Fear or Love – What are you going to choose?

I choose Love

Always . . . Love . . . .

It is a choice whether we use our heads or our hearts going forward to turn our world over to the heaven upon Earth that was always in God’s original plan. Our Creator wanted nothing but the best for all his children and for everyone (ALL BEings) to get along in harmony and live a life vibrating at higher energy levels of Love, Bliss, Happiness, Peace, Unity, healthy self-love.

Then all hell broke lose when some of his angels decided they wanted his job and tried to over take him, when that didn’t work, they went after something he loved so very much; the human race. These fallen angels set out to destroy God and dominate his creations; all his loving beings of this Universe. These fallen ones would target any number of groups and take them down with nasty behind-your-back tactics and sit and laugh as they counted any cash they could make on their exchanges. Or they scared the humans and animals in ways that would allow an energy and fear to be ommited and then they would feed off this very low vibrating energy.

The began to set species against species and just wreck havoc in everyone’s lives. Currently we can see them spreading this rape and pillage mentality to Mother Earth in the HAARP program funded by DARPA (US Defense), US Air Force, US Navy & University of Alaska which is helping the leadership and military depopulate Planet Earth with very high technology and keep what they are doing a secret behind the people of planet Earth.

These fallen angels maniuplated and ruled and conquered this Earth until God said, “No more” and this is what has brought us to this Spiritual war being fought in the etherial world now.

It is a fight of good against bad and some horrible treatment by a small 10% of our population against all other benevolent BEings upon our Planet. Bigger than any war we have seen fought on our Earth. This is a Universal War that started eons of time ago.

A new way to lead the day . . .




1. A state of BEing by living in one’s heart and energetically operating from this heart center within each of us.

2. The art of being able to  live in one’s heart and not being rattled by the waves of depressing world news all around us and the changing times. Holding the energy strong for the mass consciousness.

2. Being able to weather the waves of around angry people or  ill tempered bosses or spouses or that guy that flipped you off in traffic this afternoon. Consciously deciding to not allow these kind of low vibrating behaviors free rent within your brain or another reason to breath deep & destress.

3. It is the ability to live from the heart energy at the center of your BEing here in time and space now.

4.  It is a deep  knowing from deep within that this is your calling to shine the light on the things in life
that are not heart centered and are taking other humans and benevolent beings down because of ill actions condoned by a few.

5.  The challenges with heartism is that you have to have worked out your inner turmoil in your inner planet in order to be effective to our great outer planet, Mother Earth. Otherwise you erase the beautiful work of the heart that in turn emanates out and heals Mother Earth. That  amazing torus energy that is missed by all living Beings upon our Web of Life.

6.  The ability to do the right thing for our planet before ourselves (and our egos) always. Otherwise one may need to go back and learn how to stay within your heart during all the highs and lows that life hands us in a day. You are not in your heart if you are living from your head or your intellect or your ego.

7. The ability to plan and plant seeds and be the guardian to Mother Earth and all benevolent Beings upon our Planet because

Click on graphic to enlarge. Where are you vibing at? Click on picture to enlarge

Click on graphic to enlarge. Where are you vibing at?

8.  The opportunity and the choice to water the seeds planted and energetically holding a higher vibration and sharing healing energy with the plants allowing them to grow to new proportions unseen in our world today.

9.  Learning a whole new way of BEing, energetically in that space of our Heart – absorbing and projecting out to the world – LOVE – solid and rooted within our hearts.

rainbowheart10.  The ability to expand into Unity Community Consciousness as more people are coming on board with ‘Heartism” and change our world in the best way possible now for all benevolent BEings and all the children of the rainbow. The connection of hearts on the energetic level will change the unification of all benevolent life on this planet into an incredibly beautiful moment so long deserved and so eagerly awaited by so many souls. UNITY COMMUNITY is right around the corner. (thank goodness)

Thank you, your donation means the world to us.

Thank you, your donation means the world to us.

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