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Wolf-MaskI put up a page last year talking about the things in the dolpin and whale industry that is NOTHING like these people in the dolphin and whale industry presents themselves.

I walked into a field of tremendous deceit and HUGE egos all vying for the same eviable position amongs these marauders. They want to be the main connection to the whales and dolphins. And they want to covet the whales and dolphins is the best way I can describe it. They want you to know and think about the dolphins what they want you to know and think.

If you were to think that you were a powerful enough human being to talk to the whales and dolphins yourself . . . Well how would they continue to make money off you for their workshops, thier non profits, and for their expensive whale and dolphins trips.

maryslizardfriendThese are all folks I supported with advertising and bringing attention to their businesses around the whales and dolphins from 2010 until early 2013, when I ran for my life and was plunged unaware into a spiritual war against satanic and demonic forces of which I didn’t know exist. The thing I know for sure, they wanted me out of the whale and dolphin industry speaking TRUTH because I was in the middle of a bed of imposters faking like they came from a core of love when all they have is a bandrupt soul which they sold out long long ago. I believe all these women know or are keeping silent about what went down: aligned with the dark or scared-shitless and mind controlled so they go along with the program.

These people don’t have an allegiance to God or the Light. These people are dark as hell and given the chance, if they don’t come after you  their selves with black magic and demonics & satanics. They will send the proper people to you to get the job done.

bobmaryMary Getten was given a incredible deal to have an elearning DVD built around her and her friends. She just needed to endorse it of which she never did an adequate job. She just sat back and took free leads instead. And continued waiting for her daily happy hour. It was within a year of me walking away from partnering with her after 11-11-11. She stabbed me in the back horribly and was partnering with folks who tried to take me down in the last 3 years: totally ignoring what I had been through to promote all this. She wrote me while I was under heavy attack in December 2012 and told me she now decided to be on Facebook. I was horrified – we argued over this alot during our partnership. Facebook was always an avenue to promote this and she denied it after a year and pulled from any help here. So I pulled from advertising her in this medium and she didn’t like that. This is the pictures Mary was posting at this time that she contacted me on Google. This is the Mary Getten I know – she is a drunk and her word means nothing. She’s an absolute mess and a self serving opportunist.


Click on graphic to enlarge and see whose who in this nasty take down of other folks. Some are not as bold as others – but they sat back in silence and watched their friends do this. Same as doing it themselves in our world. Silence is condoning these actions in our world.

I had a big write up on this and my Heart Communicators website was hacked and this was completely taken off the web and all tags for Google dissappeared as well. Mark Francis Franklin of I whales and the Oceania Project was a brief suitor of mine – he use to work for banking in Europe and before that was the sound man for David Bowie. He’s a computer expert, a hacker extroidinaire and a huge liar. This is a man who would open a woman’s heart with professions of love and then stab her in the back with the rest of his dark cohearts. What kind of coward opens a woman’s heart and then runs away?



When I went down over Christmas of 2012 – Not one of the people I had advertised for 3 years came to me and asked if I needed help or their was something they could do. Mary Getten came to me wanting to be paid her portion of the elearning DVDs and I haven’t had a conversation with her since. Just through pictures she posts on Facebook & the World Wide Web.


false-teachersMy apologies for not speaking to this all at once a few years back. My means to make a living and my quality of life has dramatically changed and I am quite challenged to make a living and find a safe roof over my head. This arena as well as the healing arena in general is full of FALSE teachers. Beware. Use your heart to filter all your truths.

DolphinHealingGroup_AnneGordon copy

Click on graphic for larger picture

AnneGordon-Hologram-EyesAnne Gordon DiBarrignon of Panama Whale watching was probably the biggest back stabber of all in this. I won’t go into detail about Anne here, but I certainly want to bring out a person that Anne & I both knew via Facebook who went on her whale trips. I will call this person Cee.

She had some childhood issues she was trying to deal with. She ran in this crowd for a few years on FB. She went on a trip with Anne Gordon a few years back and I was absolutely horrified to see this picture of her on her page after Anne’s trip. Her soul is gone and the lighted ones – be them illuminated or luciferian are coming through this poor woman’s eyes. I believe if you take a trip with any of these women – they work for the dark and this is all about who gets the souls.

anastasia-2015My apologies for ever introducing these folks to you through Whale Communicators. I have worked in some dysfunctional organizations before (like TMobile’s training & sales depts) but never have I ever worked among such evil, back-stabbing conniving Bwitches who will attempt to win and pull the wool over your eyes as to what is really going on in our world just for sport & their personal entertainment. NEVER.

You are WARNED (please be careful – very deceptive folks) and I would hate for you to lose your life over some one like this. This is a spiritual war going on out here and the prize is people’s souls. Don’t hand them yours because along with your money, this is truly the prize they are seeking – YOUR SOUL.   ~Anastasia

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