nuclear warning in hawaii last night 1-13-18

Massive mind games about to go down with humanity . . .

Stay calm and in your hearts – in that space of just BEing.

There are many parasitic entities of a very dark nature that literally feed off human energy. It is called loosh and mentioned in the Bible (that less than accurate accounting of the son of our Father) This figure represents the energy fields of the body and this is where they feed from. In particular they like the red area – orange and yellow is good too. But in the red area that is the best. This is how their pedophilia – transgender agendas are fed – through the belly of its beast. Your children . . . OUR CHILDREN. Your silence, my silence, our world’s silence is DEAFENING.

Our prison guards (New World Order and their minions) want us in a state of chaos of fear.

Please don’t let them get what they want. Imagine a tick feeding on your pet dog – they will begin to parasite off your energy once you go to chaos and fear. So that is good incentive in itself to stay in your heart, connected to the Great Spirit and just holding sacred space for this new era.

I am under heavy police (military and local surveillance and some really dark antics going down) the last few months. My land and water blessings have paid off over the last 5 years and its a win WIN situation for Mother Earth. They cannot get the chemicals to stick in the skies here in Colorado like they once could.

BEing in a state of Love and standing in your heart in truth will move us monumentally forward at this time. Join like minded folks and drop the bad folks out of your life people.

ex. Nuclear Warning given to those in Hawaii last night (Sat – Jan 13th) a warning by a guy called Richie of Boston –

If you are having trouble going there – go to here and watch something to calm your soul. Even my offshore web-hosting is messing with my information on the WWW. Don’t use  Siteground – not who they represent themselves to be in our world. This I know for sure.

We were born for this folks – you wouldn’t be here otherwise ღ¸☆´ ¸.✿´´¯`•.¸¸. ི♡ ི ღ¸☆´ ¸.✿´´¯`•.¸¸. ི♡ ི


Please check out my other sites and inform yourself about some ugly truths in our world.

Heart Communicators has some facts as I have experienced them being brought to the light. And at Whale Communicators you will find respite for your hearts during these turbulent times from the whales and dolphins .

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