weaponizing victimhood to defend kavanaugh


It is a sad day (once again in American Supreme Court history) A disgrace to the human race by the repeated by behavior by out of control WHITE MEN.


Christine Blasey Ford is a incredible human being. She is a truth teller and a Way Shower in our world.

Doing something that made her fearful  exposing the demons of her attackers Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge playing drinking games and humping girls in private attacks in bedrooms at a house party.



Click on graphic to enlarge it.

BLESS YOU DR. FORD for your inegrity, grace and character.                                  Something in short supply in Washington DC.

Brett Kavanaugh Classmate: FBI Investigation Is ‘A Con Job’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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magic in the inbetween

This is quite the orca encounter.

Watch the whole setting as this woman and this orca connect. Watch closely as the sun reflects off the water and then off the water reflected on the orcas nose. Then the smoke mist exhale. You capture the sparks of magic upon the web of life in these orca human interactions or cetacean/human interactions. You won’t ever be the same.

This is the place between you and the Universe. Much like the muscles in your body are wrapped in the protective coating of the fascia keeping everything together in the human body.

This magic, like the crystal geometry on the surface of the water, starts in the in-between world. That space in-between us. The Universe’s in-between space; the space where our Creator stores all the magic & connectivity to every other thing in our Universe.

The fascia of the Universe & within our inner planets gets it all started and firing properly through our hearts and it spreads out like only energy does in billows and flows . . . as it changes the world.

Heart Communicators, formerly known as Whale Communicators

As this hummer points his belly towards the boat and swims underneath – not only does this display a sign of trust exposing their belly like this. They are lining themselves up to blast those in the boat with some massive orca heart energy. Nothing like – a natural high for at least 36 hours or more. You won’t EVER forget it or that popping noise as they hit the surface to take a breath.


~♡~ ne World P♡d ~♡~

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make no mistake . . .

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fashion is embedded with the dark cancerous underbelly of our world

Are you a Satanista or Fashionista?

The fashion world has been horribly corrupted!!!

So have our interior decorating options and choices for what we put in our homes. Notice all the red houses or red doors in our neighborhoods or the wonderful black, red or white stars they put on their houses. Guess who you have for neighbors folks? They hide among us and are usually creatures of the night.

Our world is currently based upon a system of black magic, satanism, luciferianism and bad things: crimes by bad people going under the radar as they take down good folks in our world.

It is crazy now because Mother Earth, our benevolent Father and his Son and humanity are moving forward – EMANCIPATED FROM THIS DARKNESS.

You can NOT PASS GO and move forward into a better world without acknowledging and moving past this darkness. Closing your eyes to it KEEPS YOU STUCK in this cess pool of filth.


Perhaps you should organize a neighborhood red shoe burning party – or red wardrobe/free mason black and white checkered fabric burning party and start coming up with practical positive ways to look out for each other. To fill the world with more love.

Unity Community is very important at this time.


Please check out the following links on  Red Shoes as well and share this page with your email lists or social medias.

(thank you!)


“Why the red Shoes? Behind the RED DOOR!”


Discussion on Red Shoes on VOAT


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bloody bluffs

bloody rituals in our beautiful bluffs . . .

Click on Photographs to enlarge them.

Last night as I went to sleep about a football field west of the Garden Ranch YMCA, I heard 3 gun shots at about 8-8:30 pm on Saturday night – 7/28/18. I saw a post yesterday morning with other gunshots heard early in the morning hours on Friday night less than 2 miles from where I was last night. And then when I did a search this morning on Next Door, I see this is happening more and more often to produce fear in the communities here in Colorado Springs.

My name is Anastasia Maria, I left corporate american in 2008 when I had several people I loved die. I have since dedicated my life to helping humanity and Mother Earth heal. I spend over 40 hours a week of work these days working with the land and waterways in Colorado and all over our Universe, healing the water crystals and particles of matter that are being assaulted by the HAARP weather weaponry system your Military Complex has in full force here in Colorado Springs. Because I have been raising awareness for 10 years now, I have been Gang Stalked and I’m what is called a Targeted Individual. I have been hunted and harassed by outrageous means to get me to shut up and quit raising awareness in our world since 2008.

The police department and military complex along with your local government leadership and your federal governments are in collusion to dictate how humanity will live going forward in our world. We are so close to being under FULL CONTROL in a free world. However, the world of goodness and lead by our Father – our Creator is winning and needs your help to turn this darkness over permanently.

Please watch this video – this has been my life a decade later for raising awareness . I am a gang stalked target individual who has been haunted and hunted for the past decade by some really devious people who walk among us.

So those gunshots being shot through the neighborhood at night are being done for ONE PURPOSE – to bring fear into your community and to make you behave and not protest. After you finish watching this video about what is happening to other humans on our planet for raising awareness . . . I need to tell you one other thing that is so horrendous going on in Austin Bluffs hills here that is bringing in the kinda trash that is shooting off these guns at night as well as sacrificing animals and humans in your beautiful bluffs.

It is satanic rituals – BLOOD rituals in the hills here in Austin Bluffs – It is horrible on the ridge between Palm Drive & Rimrock. You can’t really see it from the streets but you get up in those hills and you can see the blood baths they are participating in up there and painting the rocks with. Pulpit Rock is another HUGE area of sacrifice and ritual – fresh blood all over the rocks from the full moon on Friday. USSC police and El Paso County Police know about and I believe they are NOT even doing enough to stall or stop the satanic behaviors. And it actually puts the person in danger who reports it to the authorities in our world.

Wake Up World – We need to take our communities back and get the proper people in place to enforce the laws here in our state. Your tax dollars are suppose to support you not turn your protection against you. There is so much DARKNESS – FREE MASONS and NEW WORLD ORDER wannabes in your state. Wake Up – come together and figure out new ways to do things and eradicate this from our beautiful Austin Bluffs.

I have links to both my websites in this post. I have been called crazy by many people in the last decade because of the things I raise awareness about.  All accounting of incidents on both sites is 100% true.

My goal is to help human beings get into their hearts and realize how strong and powerful we are when in this place. We are strong folks – We all must act like this now and fight this dark cancerous underbelly of our world  in our town/world/universe.


Click on graphic to enlarge it.

I reported gunshots and about the sacrifices in this neighborhood over a month ago on a local online Facebook like tool that has been set up in Colorado Springs called Next Door for all the differing neighborhood here to sell and exchange goods and services and talk about safety.

After posting my post about hearing gunshots in this upscale neighborhood the night after another neighbor reported multiple gunshots the night before less than 2 miles away. I put up a post about the gunshots I heard and added all these pictures to my website and wrote about what I was witnessing all over the Austin Bluffs here in Colorado Springs – Satanistic Occult Practices of animal/human sacrifices. From the backside of UCCS over to Pulpit Rock and they have gang stalkers patrolling their perimeters constantyl as their new recruiting groups for gang stalking are college students now.


This Joy Blackburn (names can be revealing as to who is who in our world today and Joy is NO EXCEPTION) Joy removed my comment on her post within hours of me posting it. I wrote her and asked her why she removed it. She said she didn’t. I explained I had been a Targeted Individual for over 6 years and she again denied and was UNSYMPATHETIC about my plight.

I reposted my post on another post she had commented about to another woman who was complaining about things happening in her neighborhood and having her car broken into. Once again Joy was trolling the Next Door tool and suggested to this woman she was being gang stalked. I commented on the post that I didn’t realize Joy was so informed and educated on gang stalking. Less than an hour later all my posts were remove again and I got 2 nasty personal messages from satanists/luciferians pretending to be good neighbors suggesting I get mental help for what I am saying.

This is the common response of all the Luciferian peeps in your town -the free masons, the knights templars, the occultists, the dark ones who are doing their damdest to harm our planet and humanity.

Wake Up World!!!

PS I have witnessed 3 groups of people (last group was college recruits who live across the street (in the Campus Commons subdivision) who got in trouble last year for getting up during the night and going around and ringing everyone’s door bell in the neighborhood in the wee early morning hours.

Looks like someone (??? the El Paso County police who are organizing and teaching gang stalkers how to stalk their citizens? or the UCCS Police dept who have their own police department)  has got them doing rituals now since the 2 other neighbors have moved and are moving.

They have been telling the Home Owners Association for the last several years that they are having late night/early morning poker parties with a dozen or more participants attending. And it appears that their attendees are no longer late 30s 40s etc . . . of mixed races but appear to be more white boys form the UCCS college.

But nothing has ever been mentioned about them going up the hill late at night on satanic holidays and doing sacrifices.  NOTHING has been done at all from what I have observed.

Well, I was followed by police for 2 days  the week after I put this all up online. So should I dissappear. I have been gang stalked in this town since I came back in 2014.



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cosmic energies coming to the planet

Cosmic Energies through the roof.

Click on picture to englarge

Magenta is the color of the Son of our Father’s presence as well as the rainbow swirls of color throughout healing humanity and Mother Earth and all benevoelnt BEings upon the Web of Life. His energies are GINORMOUS.

He’s BACK and peace and love will reign.

Very positive start to my day . . . I made myself get outdoors and refused to take the bait for some chaos and darkenss in my morning with someone in my life who refuses to face reality.

it didn’t start out that way at 4:30 am this morning but I am making it a beautiful day and my hope is . . .

that you have a beautiful day as well.

You and I as humans have a whole lot of power in setting the flow of energy in your world every single day. Make good choices. Our world needs the outcomes of more good choices by humanity.

Step away from toxic people in your life – you can only save yourself people!!! Even if they are related to you and even if they have played an important role in your world. If they are engaging darkness – Drop their Chaos making ways and go deep into your heart and heal . . . You so derserve this.
♡(◠‿◠)♡ Partners in Healing Planet Earth ღ♡ღ

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cern and watching the the catholic/ saturn ritual to usher in nwo

This video has some amazing information and connects a lot of dots.

Wake Up Folks

And PLEASE pray many times  a day for a smooth transition for this massive miracle we are about to pull off for freedom for all benevolent Beings on our Planet.

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blue moon blues

Blue Moon Blues  3/31/18



The full moon on Saturday March 31, 2018 at 10° Libra is a blue moon because it is the second full moon of the calendar month. The Blue Moon March 2018 astrology chart has eight challenging red aspects and one helpful blue aspect. Full Moon March 2018 is a blue moon in every sense of the word.

Mercury retrograde opposite the Blue Moon March 2018 means it will be hard to understand your feelings and even harder to share them. Saturn square the full moon and Mercury brings negative thinking, sadness and loneliness. Worry and fear from fixed stars make this a particularly troubling full moon. Doing nothing and letting the full moon get you down is not an option.

The good thing about challenging aspects is that they force you work hard and improve yourself. The one positive aspect in the full moon chart is helping you positively transform your life in powerful ways. This is a full moon to work with your fears and release them from your subconscious.

For Astrology King’s full moon article, click here.


___________   ☮*°¨`*•.¸♡~L ♡ V E~♡¸.•*°¨☮   ____________


A beautiful message from one of our favorite wise one – an orca by the name of Grannie  –

Click here for full message.

___________   ☮*°¨`*•.¸♡~L ♡ V E~♡¸.•*°¨☮   ____________


Popular culture has defined several kinds of Blue Moons, but the one coming up March 31 is relatively rare. It’s the 2nd Blue Moon this year. That hasn’t happened since 1999 and won’t again until 2037! For More on this: http://bit.ly/ZYzANv

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full moon mother load orb

Click on graphic to enlarge it.

WOWser, this is incredible. If you zoom into the giant orb there are all kinds of beings inside there. I think this is, hands down,  the biggest ORB in relationship to other objects in the picture that has ever shown itself for me in pictures. I looked at the picture sequence from last night, this was about 7 hours before the full moon.  The moon is pictured in the center and is bright white with lots of blue around it (very small in comparison to the orb).

While I was taking this picture a man was walking up the steps in the dark. I wanted to acknowledge him with my eyes as there is some really strange and dark happenings around  this new apartment complex I moved to in December after escaping a dark room mate I found on Craig’s List. He was a Special Forces individual for Shriever AFB in Colorado Springs. Todd Vidic was and is our military’s new   super soldier. One of the darkest dankest individuals I have ever met or rented a room from. A BOLD FACED pathological liar who used black magic and sorcery every night I was there causing 2 tooth absesses and I believe he was trying to kill me, his targeted individual – I just want to know who put him onto me because he reached out o me on Craigslist.

So back the to picture and walking in . . . .I noticed this man was someone who has lied to me since I moved in e months before, I was naturally smiling at him as that is who I am. If I had known it was our maintenance man,  I would refrained from smiling as I know him to be dishonest and he has lied intentionally and repeatedly to me about the cold air  and odd smells that roar through my apartment every night causing me congestion, stomach, sometimes extreme drowsiness and multiple times to the bathroom to eliminate my bowels.

So my read on the big Orb – protection with all this other Bullshit going on in my world right now is this  – BIG PROTECTION. So huge, so benevolent and it has to do with Mother Earth – the size and essence of this hummer. I once again in the last 5 years now am under heavy duty attack – from demonics and satanics, high technology and constant harassment as a Targeted Individual.

I have a guy downstairs, Craig and and girlfriend  live downstairs full time, neither works, they get their kid on weekends, the play with dark and deadly level of black magic. I have no doubt they are attempting to off me while playing around with 1 or more electronic weapons and beaming them at me during sleep or while I am at the computer in my living room of my small 400 sq ft apt. I am either being shocked up my legs and spine or overheated and they alternate and like to do this while I sleep. Nasty minions of the dark these bottom feeders in our world.

I wrap a layer of energy protection around me constantly to fight off these nasty bottom feeders of our world. I wrap them in an energetic bubble of love and then I call on Granny, my favorite Orca Spirit doing this kind of work on the Grid of our Universe and ask her  to deliver this nasty to our Creator and let him decide what is to be done on a long-term soul level for this person. Do they need to go?

I also have 2 guys at the other side of me who attempted to befriend me the first week. I felt attacks coming from their place as well. Ian needs to feed off human loosh. I have found in my travels this past several years that many of these folks have participated in ritual and sacrifices in their lives and they have to pay these demons with this energy fo humans called loosh. They are getting  their part in from their side of the building with black magic and electronic heat. And the new renters downstairs and the gays guys next door run back and forth to each others apartment all hours of the night.

I have run into dozens of these kinds of minions of the dark since 2013 and when I was run out of business here on Facebook under FB’s watchful direction with our Whale Communicators Page. This fighting this dark cancerous underbelly of our world and clearning this dark energy from our planet and daily land and for water blessings for our Planet has became my way of life being isolated from good folks and keeping these dark minions coming around me. They are like moths to a flame and they hate my light but keep attacking me.

¸.✿•.¸¸. ིღ¸.✿•.¸¸. ི♡

BEWARE OF FACEBOOK, Craigslist and some proprietors who book hotels and motels – as this is also a great place for these dark parasitic minions to come rent a room to find their next victims or loosh feeding. We see them all the time causing their chaos and disturbances in the social media arenas.

These bottom feeding parasites among us will literally plug into your energy field by night  (or day) and suck on your life force energy. They like to enter through the hips – kundalini energies but they will come into any energetic weak spot in your body and then hit on it repeatedly to cause entry and health problems with you.

If you are a strong spiritual being they cannot enter you, however you will awake with a feeling a really bruised hip from their repeated tries. Who is around you by night while you sleep – you probably got a parasite somewhere close by. They leave the next day feeling really rejuvenated – Better than a spa treatment. You leave tired and achy and not sure why you slept so badly but feeling really run down on many levels.

Massive things changing up in the Spirit world. The dark underbelly of our world is losing it completely in their chaos. And the Spirit World of beauty and new beginnings and a place where true love will have a chance to prevail for all of our Creator’s children who are showing the way to a new day.

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half awake in a fake empire . . .




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