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An akashic energy clearing is a remover of major road blocks or stumbling blocks in your life.

The Akashic Records are a summary of all the records of your soul incarnations and if you are wanting to awaken your 6th senses and energetically clear all the crud energy out from all lifetimes and immediately uplift all the positive energy you already have accumulated through lifetimes and it can and it does change you lives.

An incredible opportunity for immense personal evolution. A shift in perception allows you to change and expand your personal belief systems. As a result you will experience more joy, happiness, inner peace and well-being as you have never known before in this lifetime.

A clearing take 60-30 minutes. When I had this done in 2009, my third eye opened that night and all my 6th senses begin to come on board. It truly opened up a world I had not known and gave me great hope living in this crazy messed up world. Email anastasia@whalecommunicators to set up a time for your healing.


wake-up-earthCan you feel it? Your intuition calling.

To skip all the time and reading. . .

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ascension_torus_human_chakrasMore details about an akashic clearing healing all the lifetimes you have ever lived of all the phobias, negativity, discordant energies, curses, contracts, heart vows, etc . . . that never were resolved in other lifetimes, please Click Here for the Akashic pdf with more details. It is an immense energy releaser and confidence builder and it literally changes lives in a most positive and noticable way.My 3rd eye opened that evening and I had my first fully present (but not wanting it right then) experience. And one must be careful what they ask for because they did not show up again like they did that first time.

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