San Luis, Colorado sits amongst the heart region of our Universe

When I first came back into Colorado after being gone for a decade, God told me that Colorado was the center. I took it to mean the center of the US (small thinking lol) I would come to find out he meant the center of the Universe. The indiginous people of our Planet loved this area and knew of its energy and sacredness. Why do you think there are so many military bases in Colorado Springs> We have Fort Carson, Shreiver Space Base (use to be Falcon AFB), Norad (in the mountain), the Air Force Academy, Peterson AFB, Locheed Martin, Martin Marietta and so many other technological companies that can profit from this weather warfare program they are so heavily invested in.



This is about 8pm at night on Friday, Sept 20th, 2016. San Luis, Colorado

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HUGE successes wiping out a 400  mile radius of chemicals in this area since Wednesday. Colorado Springs and their military leaders were shaking their heads I am sure of it!!! God love those little minions out of their sleeping state!!!

Gangland stalking on FB and in my personal life at a real high right now. Please keep me in your prayers. Never in my life have I been so sure of the direction our world is taking now. The spirit world of God is winning big time. Shift Happens!!!



The Tree of Life Hemp Farm in San Luis, CO located off J8 road going towards Sanchez Reservoir. The owners are Jill Browing (a medical hemp farm is her idea) and a group of investors from New Mexico whose spokesperson is Josh, an incredible verbally abusive man who does not hide his penchant for drugs or 18 year old girls from the Tree of Life field workers.

I worked for Jill on hemp farm here in the San Luis valley over the summer. I gave her over 50 hours of free healing work on her plants while I lived on the farm. I know the power of this and she acted as if she did to.

Jill Browning is a bright woman with magnetic blue eyes. She is nice and wonderful to be around at first meetting and surface conversations. But for me our working relationship stopped there and she talked very little to me the longer I worked for her and she allowed abuse to contine under her watch and she chose to do nothing about it.

The Tree of Life is attempting to be all organic hemp farm and this is their first year of existance. This is the reason I reached out to her and I was hesitant to reach out to her because the job lead was from a past room mate who was sketchy and I questioned in m y heart his God connection because he kept attempting to steal my energies.

I began in early July and I was  fired August 20th . . . I talk too much about their metal HAARP building and the chemical warfare all around us because of this weather weaponry system. They want to silence me and have gone as far as have other workers approach me about people dissappearing back here the cartels that they say run this whole community.

Ooooooh la la – Wake Up Call Colorado, San Luis and the Medical Hemp Industries, the shit they are trying to get away with growing chemically laden hemp for medical purposes back here. The weather warfare that goes on in this valley by night while everyone sleeps. While chemicals are put into the irrigation ditches??? and run around the cites by night and daytime too now to lower the tempatures. It can drop the tempature within hours to 10-30 degrees below what it was. You will notice a cold to the bone feeling because the cold is coming from the ground up. Many people have their pipes freezing because of this stuff they are running


They put a building up on the property to dry the hemp (less than 2 month process yet they spent 300,000 for this metal Agricultural building that has an electrical grid running through it about every 3-4 feet. During a good HAARP lightening and thunder storm you can watch the lightening bounce off each of the metal buildings on private properties that are a part of this weather weaponry system that manipulates the ionisphere and forces timeline out more on the long continuous rape of Mother Earth & her recovery once we rid our planet of folks like Josh.

I have a lot more to say about The Tree of Life Hemp farm in the San Luis valley and Jill & Josh who are running it in this town and feeding a line of bullshit to the community about what is really happening on their farm.

These are not nice people. I have a been sexually harassed by two workers here – Peter and Ronson and nothing was done. And I was verbally abused by one of the investors attack dog’s Josh. Josh thinks he knows everything and the only thing I notice about Josh is what an incredible messed up HUGE bully in a little man’s body he is.

San Luis, Colorado


I am documenting this story on my website as my life has been threatened in a  and I have been bullied by Josh, a mexican investor on the project, sexually harrassed by Peter Nyerre, a African man & Jill Browning (my bosses’ right hands man) and Ronson, a local mexican man who keeps sexually harassing me and who kisses up to Jill immensely. I only mention their races because this is a case of reverse discrimination with Peter & Josh and they both made my work place a hostile environment for me while my boss Jill Browning buried her head in the sand and then fired me for rasiing my voice to her over a month later when her manager Peter locked me out of the property in yet another fit of anger and aggression.

Jill reprimanded me on July 28th when I came back from Colorado Springsthat Peter and Ronson had come to her with complaints about me speaking of black magic. I had told them both I had been attacked by black magic in the past few years. They both began to use their own black magic against me I asked Jill to ensure that her two employees keep their sexual/romantic feelings and comments to themselves going forward. I assumed this would mean the abuse would not ever continue and boy howdy – did it ever. The environment became hostile thanks to Peter and investor Josh’s contributions.

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