torn about the CHRISTmas holiday . . .


I’m Torn as Well but for different reasons.

Great Song by a great artist who is willing to laugh at herself. Love this song, Love Natalie, and the Mime!!!

This made me laugh & cry.

So this Christmas I am TORN – I’m TORN about all the lies in our world and all the lies being told by 2 people in my family. I can’t do this anymore and I can’t help anyone who doesn’t want help themselves. Sometimes you just have to cut those chords and walk away for good and never look back.

Feeling Torn ??? Boy the holidays bring out all the fractures.

I am also TORN about this holiday – ITS A FAKE HOLIDAY

Christmas is the 2nd second largest Satanic holiday in our world. The first is Halloween. On Christmas over 65,000 human sacrifices done in the US alone and most are children (FBI Stats – Ted Gunderson 1990 era)

It isn’t even the birthday of the Son of our Creator. He was born in the spring. THIS HOLIDAY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SON OF OUR FATHER being born to Mary and Joseph.

DID YOU KNOW – Satan is an anogram for Santa?

Did you know Chris Cringle was a pervert and pedophile?

So why does one celebrate a holiday that is so friggin dark in it origin.

You ask a child – is Satan (Santa) coming to visit you? Have you been good this year?

Christmas lights were invented to adore and worship the LIGHT Maker himself – Lucifer.

It can be likened to setting up your witch’s altar in your yard and leaving it up thru December. And millions of people around the world will blindly live and die by this holiday for ever if they could.


ITS A FORM OF DEMON AND GOD WORSHIP FOR THESE FOLKS WHO KNOW ALL THE SECRETS OF OUR WORLD (or so they think) Drive around at about 3am in the morning – the bewitching hour. You will see most of those Light Maker wannabes up doing what they do so well at that hour – running the nasty energies on good unsuspecting folks.

How much longer will you stay sleeping?

How much longer will you stay so detached from all that is falling down around us?

How much longer can it all be IGNORED? . . . is the bigger question at this late date.

You won’t make it through to the next stages without Taking Your Power back folks. You must stay in your hearts, have a strong spiritual connection to our Creator (looks nothing like our religions tell us) and you must USE your heart at all times. And when you don’t . . . take a break, make amends for hurting anyone and get back on the horse when you are ready and feeling centered and stable.

Natalie Imbruglia’s TORN –

So HO HO HO – how about we CANCEL Christmas going forward and have an “I love you and appreciate you “day instead and make it on the 23rd or 26th of December instead of a Pagan Holiday – Or Hey,

Why not do it on the Son of our Creator’s real Bday An “I love you and appreciate you ” DAY


Any sleepers stirring????

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