TRUTH finally seeing the light of day . . . in regard to some low-life pedophiles in high places in the US Government

Great video on a subject I have been incensed about for a few years.  These rich jerks think they are infallable. The details have been put together beautifully in this video kytekutter produced to show others how sick these folks are. The YouTube Video called – Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton Pedophilia Exposed can be reached here



Please help get the word out folks & shine the light on such dark slime buckets. Especially Americans, please share this before this rigged election takes place in November. Here is the line to share. We must all begin talking about those who lie so well and get away with so much. I have been following the case of the pedophile pimp – Jeffrey Epstein for a few years now. I am so disgusted by all his friends in high places that keep him hidden but still operating.

epstein-trump-clintonBill Clinton and Donald Trump both were regular visitors to Padeo Island, Jeffrey’s estate on the smaller island of the virgin islands. He gave alot of money to Bill & Hillary and the both continue to lie to the world about their contacts, connections and their friends who dissappeared over the years. He is notorious in Great Britain for what he does  for these stodgy codgers. He is good friends with Prince Andrew who procured a young woman by the name of Virginia Roberts for sex from Jeffrey on more than one occasion for his sadistic sexual practices. This is over 15 years later and Virginia is now a mother of three and one of her children being a young daughter. With the help of a supportive husband who saved her from her life of prostitution at Jeffrey’s hands and his best friend, Ghislaine Maxwell, Virginia now raises awareness about this kind of ugly dark bullshit that still goes on in our world – sexual slavery of young women, men and children along with adults sold into the sex trade. Just the younger ones are so much more valuable. And this woman is screaming about her tarnished reputation. It turns my stomach when guilty folks scream foul when their bullying and horrendous behaviors are discovered.

PAY-Prince-Andrew-Ghislaine-MaxwellGhislaine Maxwell is quite a piece of work in her own right. She would procured and train young  girls for her lover Jeffrey. Ghislanine is the daughter of the media mogul Robert Maxwell and has been in to this kind of sex play since she was a young girl. She was born and bred for this and runs with aristocracies.

She is also a sweetheart to many in the whale and dolphin industries as she pretends to care about our oceans and collects money to save them. Privileged folks suck!


Looks like it is getting too hot in the kitchen and they had to make retreat to the rose garden or is that a cemetary – lol. Same thing in their worlds.

Satanic Ritual Abuse is a part of this perversion
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