Weather Warfare in US Sept 2017

We need your prayers and land and water blessings today – ALL DAY LONG and into this upcoming week.

Fires all over the US this week in the weather warfare being used against the US citizens and our planet – WTF!!!!

Click on graphic to enlarge and see all details.

War on US citizens, the animals and all life on our planet, the plants, the trees and our incredible Mother Earth. They are doing this with the HAARP weather system that is funded by your US Air Force, US Navy, DARPA (special branch of the defense dept) and the University of Alaska where its headquarters is housed. They are trying to take out Houston this past week (literally) and they can’t get their equipment to do the damage they are seeking to happen on our Earth. Because the spirit world of our Great Almighty Creator has reached break point for this dark cancerous underbelly of our Earth – It is time to eradicate it.

A national disaster in the US will be their perfect opening to invoke Marshall Law. And you US government is corrupted enough and has been waiting in the dark corners to make this happen to its citizens. To invoke more fear and dismay and heart acke so they can feed the demonic and satanic demons they are beholding to and giving up our children to in sacrifices.

Stay in your heart humans, project that love from your heart to the planet and the heavens and into the core of the Earth. See a heart of protection go around every benevolent being up our Earth protecting them from the ruin and chaos out here staying in that heart space holding sacred space for our world. This is where that momentous change will come for our Planet – from the heart, the human holy grail.

Go to NOAA’s marine portal and when the US map comes up start pushing the buttons on the left and check out what comes up on radar – shows you the HAARP major electrical bs harming the Earth, then push the satellite button, this will show your the chemical clouds they are bringing in by night and day from our oceans and our government’s weather warfare programs. You begin to see the difference between clouds that come from the ground up (man made) and the ones that are coming from above (still man made – Mother Earth has had very little control of what happens upon her surface – She is about to shake like a dog (as the Hopi’s predicted long ago) and get all the dirty dark fleas off her.

Check out the forecast button and the tropical button – it doesn’t take long to figure out what they are doing. View several times during the day and see how hidieous this weather war has gotten against the American people here – but folks – this is going on all over our world.

And be sure to check out all the earthquakes set off this week to help bring in this disaester


Spread the word – Bless her waterways and land masses  and PLEASE please Please “Have Mother Earth’s back today” as she has our back each and every moment.

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