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The true battle will take place inside you. You will wake up from your sleep and see what is real, or you will not. You will fight to change the world, or you will not. Your weapons will be not bombs, terror, or killing, but magic, spirit, and love.  




If we just worry about the big picture, we are powerless. So my secret is to start right away doing whatever little work I can do. I try to give joy to one person in the morning, and remove the suffering of one person in the afternoon. If you and your friends do not despise the small work, a million people will remove a lot of suffering. That is the secret. Start right now.          ~Sister Chän Khöng


Every day honoring Mother Earth by sending her love, blessings and water and land imbuements to help raise the vibration of our Planet and to heal us all makes incredible change upon our Planet.

While doing water blessings in Colorado in early 2014, I was seeing some amazing changes to evergreen trees that were turning brown. Within 8 weeks they were showing remarkable change. I asked our Father what was going on, was it all the rain from the year before. Our Creator said, “Never underestimate the power of water, the power of intention, the power of the human heart calling for action, and most of all when you call on all these things and call on me in combination – all things are possible.” I LOVED this answer.

We can also apply this beautiful healing Creator energy to heal other humans or people we love. Put a big transparent heart around them and ask our Father to fill it with love and healing. Ask for it to be done daily or the Father-best amount for this person to feel love and relief in their life. Energy is subtle but it can move a room of a 100 people in an hours time when given with an open loving heart to all our brothers and sisters on our planet.

If we do this daily and imagine ourselves connecting to others like minded individuals upon the web we can create an incredible circle of vibration raising way showers leading the way to a new day on our Planet.   ~Anastasia Maria


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What can we do?

Build material foundations, develop your creativity, find the balance within yourself. Art, music, spirituality, an international movement of quiet, peaceful resistance will accomplish more. We aren’t Americans or Canadians or Russians, we are people of the world.

Your material side might not like to hear this. Karma is after all, part of the material realm.

The answers are not political, they are spiritual.     ~NaseerAhmad

More Great Ideas . . .


Write:  Write letters, articles and/or books.  Example:  “Letters to the Editor” – Just about anyone can write a couple of paragraphs to editors of local newspapers and they will be published.  This is an excellent way to get the word out to your community.

Speak Out:  Contact radio shows and ask to share your story.  They are always looking for good stories.  You can also do presentations to groups/organizations.  There are television hosts that may consider interviewing you.

Send Emails:  If you have a computer, use it.  You can send emails to legislators, environmental organizations, friends/family to get the message out to the public.  Email links of videos, articles, etc.

Host Film Nights:   You can show documentary films like “Sky Lines” or “What in the World are They Spraying?” at your local library or in your own home.  Providing popcorn and a film is an excellent way to network and share information.

Copy DVD’s:  If you have approval from the filmmakers, you can purchase a DVD/CD duplicator from www.discmakers.com and burn DVDs/CDs to hand out to the public.

Network at Large Events:  You can go to large events and network with people there.  Often you will be able to hand out information regarding your issue as well.  You could even purchase a table at an event and provide handout information.

Take Photographs/Videos:  Take photographs and videos and share them with others or post them on YouTube.  Many communities have Access Cable Television Stations like Access Sacramento www.accesssacramento.org where you can get training to use video cameras and editing equipment.  It’s fun, easy and you would learn a new skill.

Donate:  Many groups need funds for research and education.  Find a group you would like to support and donate.

Join a Group:  There is power in numbers.  Join a group  or non-profit that you trust and network.

Don’t Quit:  You may get discouraged at times but Don’t Quit!  Just take a short break then get back into the fight.


Thank you to Dane Wiginton. I copied this from his website GeoEngineering Watch. Incredible site with incredible information about the weather warfare system known as HAARP and its ramifications on Mother Earth and all life upon her. TRUTH TELLERS UNITE!!!

Unity Community rolls into action. SHARE share Share this please, http://heartcommunicators.com/what-can-i-do/

Also sending loving energies to all the Sleepers and angry ones who walk amongst us, this too when done subtly over time, has amazing results and helps us practice our healing skills while doing something amazing for humanity and all of the Web of Life.

I love hanging out with forward thinking folks!!! Share your stories with us, I will gladly reprint on our pages heart & world changing messages. Just email me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com.

A wonderfull Way Shower singing her song on the topic of Banking. I LOVE THIS – Remember, you are so powerfull in this place of BEing singing your song. We need way more singers right now . . . Sing it out loud baby!!!


A Brave Woman calling Hillary Clinton on her Sh%t!!!

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!!! I would comment on the video below on YouTube however the illuminati powers that be at YouTube won’t allow me to comment as of a few days ago (early September 2017). I’m restricted for speaking the TRUTH . . . I am also getting crazy phone calls again. No one has my number either.

Here’s another truth teller walking her talk. I LOVE THIS

Lock Hillary Up!!!

These folks by and large are incurable and so far over the edge of reason.

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