What Reality Are You Living In?

Changing our history right under our noses. LOL Have you heard of the Mandela effect? This is real people and the sleepers will continue to deny it is true and call the truth-tellers conspiracy theorists. Even thought the very truth tellers raising awareness, the very ones who are sharing these important messages and starting these important conversations in our world are heroes in our world leading the way. Let’s hope and put out to the Universe and/or get down on our knees and pray for a shift to more people holding onto and aligning with the truth and spreading truth.

We are multi-dimensional BEings being enslaved and held back from living out our divine birthright – freedom – love- peace & harmony for starters.

Last year I stayed in a home of some dark free-masons with a history of deceit around good people they know and intermingle with in their daily mountain living. David has been the President of the Historical Society and when controlling and manipulating a conversation he would yell, “Get your facts straight.”

God showed me that these maraduers of our world have been the ones writing down the facts (as they want them) and then writing the history (as they want us to see it) and then brow beating us in conversations with intimidation and rudeness to get us to shut up about our thoughts and our ways. And adhere to their way.

Bullying at its worst in our world – just turn on American politics with TrumpHillary- the liars and fakers among all of us are holding space in their secret societies at it crashes.

Are We Living In Split Realities

Split realities are real, I was first introduced to them by a wonderful therapist I was seeing who helped me realize how psychic I was and that I was so much more than I thought I was the first 4 decades of my life after a lifetime of some oppressive mental, emotional and physical abuse at my mother’s hands. God bless the folks like Victoria (my therapist) in our world who help humans open their hearts and to realize their internal worth and richnesss within and to bring that outside of themselves and play it forward.

We have choices in this life and those choices are so important now. Discernment is key to do this in our world. Filter everything through your heat and you will get your truth. Stay out of your head – logic center – ego rules here!

Is Cern behind the Mandella Effect?

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