who are the illuminati?


Excellent encyclopedia of information from this link called:

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave

Since 2013 I have been getting messages that the names God, Jesus, Lord, Christ and Savior are all words that are used to deceive followers in the bible. It is the equivalent of conjuring up dark entities to help you move forward in life as they do in black magic, rituals, secret societies and the occult. Those who know our Creator and his son don’t have to use words or names for them. They know through their hearts who they are talking to. Language came in to once more deceive the humans. When you are writing you are spelling . . .  hmmmmmm, just another way to cast spells is by putting names on things that only the heart should translate.

A brief history of those who call themselves the Illumined Ones.

Great Answer by Dubbs . . .

Best Answer:  I can’t provide you with a multitude of sources, I’ll just give you the gist of what I know off the top of my head.

The Illuminati is a covert organization that started in Europe in 1776 by 13 families or bloodlines. Using stealth, finance and patience their agenda is to take over the world. I know it seems like a movie, but it’s true. They don’t operate in politics but behind politics. For instance; the Federal Reserve is not a product of the United States government, but is a privately owned business with control over the government.

I remember learning in school that when the US first became an independent nation their monetary system was that of the ‘gold standard’. All the money that ran through this country was backed by gold. Never once in school did I learn how the US fell off the Gold Standard. It’s not taught in school because the Illuminati control the school system and they decide what is taught, they want to keep everyone’s eyes off them.

Big bankers back in the 1920’s such as Mark Warburg, J.D. Rockerfeller, J.P. Morgan, and Rothchild funded Woodrow Wilson’s campaign in exchange for Wilson to pass the Federal Reserve Act. This act was not written by congress, but by a bunch of bankers. This abolished the gold standard. The way it works is that the US government takes out a loan from the Central Bank that prints money. The Central Bank never owns the money, they just make it and give it to the government expecting to be repaid with interest, placing the government into debt. Where does the money come from to pay off the debt? It could only come from the Central Bank again. So that money too is taxes and it inevitably places the US into debt. Therefor the Federal Reserve practically owns the economy. Look at any dollar today and you’ll read “This note is legal tender”, meaning it’s backed by absolutely nothing, the only thing that gives the money its worth is the amount of it in circulation.
The Federal Reserve has been in charge of the monetary system since than and is still owned by the same families. They have never been audited.

You’ll also be able to see signs of the Illuminati on the one dollar bill: on the back you’ll see a pyramid structure capped with the “all seeing eye”, this is their calling card. On the bottom of the pyramid there are roman numerals, add it up and you get a number (1776). You can also take a magnifying glass to the left corner of the right shield and see a small owl. This is the deity that many Illuminati members worship.
They have funded both sides of most wars since Napoleon. That way no matter who wins, the debt is theirs to collect. The two World Wars are no exception. Hitler’s rise to power was also funded by them.

All the major world leaders meet once a year in a meeting known as Bilderberg. There are about 150 members, this is ran by the Illuminati. In this group they decide the major world events for the next year. You think September 11 was a plot pulled off by a guy in a cave in Afghanistan? It was no accident that those towers fell.

The same goes for the assassination of JFK; Kennedy was the last legit president. He actually tried to come up with a different monetary system that would get the US out of debt… look what happened to him. This was an example to all future presidents that would ever attempt go against them.

Beneath the Bilderberg Group is the Trilateral Commission and below them is the Council of Foreign Relations, that’s where it splits and all countries go to themselves. But in the long run the world is ran by the Illuminati.

You’d probably wonder why you never hear about this on the news. Does Rockerfeller Center in New York sound familiar? This is practically the head quarters for every major media station in the US. If honest journalists really told the news they would be able to point out every flaw in the ‘official story’ the government tells, but since the Illuminati runs the media, the public are only fed the story they want us to be told.
The Bohemian Grove is a vacation resort for the rich and powerful. An honest journalist named Alex Jones managed to sneak inside and video tape one of the many pagan rituals practiced by the members: the Cremation of Care is where they perform mock human sacrifices in front of a 30ft owl statue. It’s also rumored that the all-male members engage in sexual orgies. The Illuminati aren’t Christians, they worship pagan gods and all the presidents (except Obama) since Hayes have attended.

Elections are rigged as well. In the 2004 elections Bush ran against Kerry; these guys are 9th cousins and both members on the Skull & Bones secret society. It doesn’t matter who wins the election the same agenda is always passed.

Source(s): They also control the food industry as well. They’re responsible for putting Floride in the water and Aspertame in certain foods; these chemicals screw with the mind. Foods are being genetically altered as well so it’ll effect the consumers, weakening the brain so people won’t catch onto them. Vaccinations too; they’ve started putting Mercury in certain vaccinations and other harmful chemicals, they don’t care about human life.

Look up the Georgia Guide-Stone; these tablets are a testament to their agenda. They don’t say how but they intend to wipe out 80% of the world’s population and control the rest in a pyramid fashion with them on the top.

There is lots of information on this page and a few people putting disinformation up like this ad. BE Discerning . . . Use your heart filter, lies and deception can’t get past a heart that is used for the good of mankind.

This article had some influence by David Icke &  Alex Jones, so please readers be discerning with this information as I now know both to be Shills working for this new World Order.

Both of these guys have ties to darkness. (Check out articles on Alex and his homo-sexual lover of 10 years and on his friendship with Charlie Sheen https://fitzinfo.wordpress.com/2015/11/28/sheen-sex-scandal-ensnares-alex-jones/

Check out the photo of David Icke & Russel Brand at a high class club for pedophiles. They are what are known as shills in our world. People who pretend to be something they are not and give out lots of dis-informaiton wrapped around a little bit of truth. They know we humans are truth tellers so like the snake charmers they are, they give a little bit of truth and then attempt to take you down a rabbit hole.

Excellent accounting of the Illuminati from a woman born into one of these families. Marianne, thank you for sharing your information with our world. This is some important information and your perspective adds alot of depth to the whole topic. Thank you and bless you.


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