you have no privacy

Agenda 21, genocide, breeding humans to animals, Swedish ties to reptilians and the lizards themselves . . . Some very eye opening information. Three videos you must watch for the information.

Wake Up Sleepers

I was being told much of this information as I ran for my life in 2013 being chased and hounded by reptilians, grays and annunakis. One of my cats was killed the first 3 months and the other lead a life of stress with me until 2016 when things in the spirit world took a much needed turn towards the better. This is real and if you don’t believe it, they will love surprising you & scaring the shit out of you on your last day/s.



The depopulation agenda began with Agenda 21 back in the 1970s.


I wish this information was all out there in 2013 as I ran for my life with this information and these heathens in hot pursuit. Wow WOW Wow

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