ascended masters

Ascended Masters and Other High Vibing BEings

Be very careful when calling on benevolent ascended masters, their are alot of false demi-gods hiding out in this part of the spirit world. Know how to discern truth or don’t connect with these spirits at this time.

This is a spiritual war we are in the midst of and the goal for the dark in our world  is the stealing the human souls before it is all over. Don’t give them the opportunity folks.


MyLuv-blkborderThe man many call Jesus or the awesome Spirit known as the Messiah or the son of our Creator is my favorite Ascended Master to work with and speak with. He is an amazing BEing. I have been working with him full time since 2013 with Land and Water Blessings. He has taught me so much and never before have I ever seen such energies work so fast and so miraculously. It is truly a blessings.

Jesus, is so much like our whale and dolphin friends . . . he has to be called upon first to have a conversation with you and when we do this in these times, Oh my goodness, Be Prepared amazing things are going to begin to happen.

He tells me the Bible is 26% correct in their accounting of him as a person and his work here on Earth. He is not the man the formal religions of our Planet would like you to believe his is. He is an incredible soul and so wants to see the human race move forward. He is a very good brother and friend to have in these times. Get to know him through mental telepathy and begin those conversations.


Don’t know how to speak mental telepathy. Let the whales and I show you how. Click here for more information on mental telepathy and the messages of the whales and dolphins.

He has asked if I would take down some of what he has to say and to share with you all. I said yes 2 years ago when asked, but things have been very unbalanced for me in my living situation for the past 2 years. The times is now though to do this.

There are many that want to come forward. Granny, my favorite orca also asked me to be “her spokesperson” in 2013. Her words, not mine. I was too afraid I couldn’t cut the mustard with all the attacks in my life. I am in a much better place now and this gal has to much to say to the human race it is not funny.

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