waking up to all the lies . . .

and waking up humanity so we can save all the benevolent BEings of this planet.

So Raising Awareness in Our World is imperative . . .

There is a spiritual war all around us and the souls of humanity are the prize this darkness in our world wants from every benevolent BEing on our planet.

Our best weapon is a our heart and to stay in the place. Stay in prayer, meditation and a place of blessing the planet and our waterways and all living beings. Stay calm and let that heart energy emanate from your heart out to Earth and Universe. Ask for a miracle, we need one.



These people are very deceptive and they allow dark entities to come into their bodies, their being and operate in our world through them. In exchange they get special favors, more job recognition, more money, more exposure. But the more that is wanted from you, the more incidious the demands become for the person who sells their soul and agrees to the sign from the beast.

These people act out in certain ways. They are arrogant and immediately want you to know they are so much smarter than you that they are. They speak is duality so they will give you some gibberish that sounds good at first pass but it doesn’t set well in your heart and you have to examine it more than once to get its meaning and then still it is ambiguous. They like to insult others about their lack of intelligence and shine a light on their own. They are usually bullies and run in numbers and will send their friends out to attack you online, in your home, through black magic satanics or demonics. They will do just about anything for their rulers of this darkness.

We got to start talking about this and sharing with others. When we shine the light on this darkness they either straighten up their lives or they live the planet and Universe permanently – PERIOD END of game.


There is so much deception in our world and sometimes it is difficult to tell who is who in our world. f you are aligned with our Father, our Creator you have powers you never knew you could have without building that precious relationship with him. And when you have gained that kind of empowerment through the heart & a geniune relationship with our father, you don’t need the false hopes and false dreams of the illumined ones or the NWO wannabees . . .

Many of these dark folks want you to to be drawing from your your own EGO and ignoring your heart. They tease you with money and surface comforts. They do not want your heart to influence anything you do. EVIL has ruled like this for thousands of year. I asked our Creator back in 2013, What do I call these folks who are doing all this bad stuff to our world?” Illuminati was too nice a word for the sh%t I saw going down. Our Father told me to call these people ‘marauders’ because for thousands of years you raped and pillaged just about everything you came in contact with.



Please help us raise awareness and share this link

waking up to all the lies . . .




BE discerning  BE in your hearts  BE in communion with our Creator and you will ride these waves of change in good order. REMOVE ALL CHAOS FROM YOUR LIFE. Lucifer is the King of Chaos and this is how he has ruled all his minions. Do not FEED the minions anymore. It’s time to let this go and to let an authentic and geniune peace and love previal on our planet.

Please share this link – this would be a good start to positive change on our planet.


Anastasia  whalecommunicators.comheartcommunicators.com

For some great conversations with some very wise beings – Go to http://www.whalecommunicators.com/conversations.html

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