inJOY & love often

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The dolphins and whales say we humans are way to serious and way out of touch with our heart centers. They say we DO way to much in life.

Like . . .

We WORK to much

We WORRY to much

We don’t have enough JOY, LOVE, BLISS, HARMONY & PEACE in our lives.

We don’t take enough time to just BE in the moment. Just BEing.

In that space where we will find all our answers, learn of our true nature and bring forth all knowledge we have from other lifetimes we have lived.

And as we perfect this in ourselves and in unity with our brothers and sisters of this Planet we will find that  peace will reign and love will steer the stars. It is truly the Age of Aquarius.

Share some peace, love & tenderness today with

someone who looks like they need it . . .

A kiss is not just a kiss.

A kiss is not just a kiss. A hug can mean the whole world to someone with a lonesome heart. Share random acts of hugs and kisses with strangers and then watch love and laughter bloom.  photo by wildquest


Pictured above is a young spotted dolphin. They are born light gray and develop their spots as they develop their wisdom (aging). They usually go hand in hand.








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