Conversation with Granny, a very wise orca June 30, 2017 –

Message from Granny, a beautiful wise orca who has lived many lifetimes and is an incredible asset upon the Web of Life. Thank Goodness she is a multi dimension BEing as her beautiful works continues to enrich the Universe.

June 30, 2017

Conversation with a very wise Orca names Granny and Anastasia Maria​

Anastasia:  Do you have a message for myself and for all humans?


J2 Granny breaching.
Photo by Jami Rouse

Granny :  For you Anastasia, great job with your planetary healing work with us. We are looking very good. Thank YOU. (Connect with me again later for more healing on that area. There is a lot of conjested energy gathering in that joint. Keep clearing).

For all the humans upon Planet Earth, I would like to say hello, you have friends out here whom you may never thought upon calling upon before for help and guidance. We want you to reach out to us if you have angst or energy that is trapped and not flowing within your BEing. We can do a meditation or a journey; just ask us to connect and we will join you and assist you in healing yourself.

This internal work is very intricate. It is basically clearing out all the inner debris within your hearts first and foremost as this appears to be the most blocked energy center within humans. When a human is in their heart, they are invincible if they believe they are. This is why all the warring is taking place upon your planet and for this spiritual war taking place right now. It is for human souls and the best way to mislead a human to take them away from anything that makes their heart feel good. And fill them with vices instead; short term answers. Allow everything in a lifetime to build up in them emotionally and physically (through digestive track and plugged colons) and you have a ripe environment for cancer and disease to grow. Everyone one must go within and fix themselves, NO ONE can do it for anyone else. Some can help and aid in directing others on how to find their intuitive guidance on this. But one must DO THE WORK now. Once that inner darkness is harnessed and transmuted into a balanced shadow in our world, then true human transformation can happen. Not until this happens, can a human be transformed and ascend now.

So humans take much more time to be out in nature. Ask to be healed by our Creator and ask us (the dolphins and their higher selves, the whales) to come in and assist you in the process. The cetaeans we are gathering here have the highest intent and the the highest good for each human all  blessed and approved by our Creator.

Your success is Planet Earth’s success and our Universe’s success. We are so close to some beautiful times upon your planet. Thank you so much to everyone for your assistance in this never before transformation

Anastasia:  Thank you as always for everything and so much love from my heart to yours. Give my Thor and Lola a big kiss for me  . . . and Ruffles too.

Granny :   Love LOVE  love to all of you beautiful humans. The time is now, come call upon us.

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