Granny 4-6-15

An April conversations with my beautiful friend Granny


Anastasia: Hello Granny, it has been a while since we have sat to have a conversation to share with others. Although we speak every day about healing Mother Earth and offsetting HAARP. This feels a little weird to be telepathing with you again for messages for humanity.

Granny: The ebb and flow of life. I don’t think anyone knows how much you have dedicated your life to bringing the planet back to full health with us this past few years. And I also don’t think anyone realizes all the darkness behind what has happened to you this past few years. We love you Anastasia and we sing your praises up here constantly.

Anastasia: I know you love me and I feel you ALL around me all the time now. I am not dipping in my vibration anymore. I am standing up to the dark ones that are purposely put in my life to lead me off my path and I am NOT BACKING DOWN ONE BIT now. And I think I am intimidating the hell out of some of these dark ones. Their day is done and I will do whatever it takes to make this happen. And best of all Granny, I am sitting on 85 cents on my debit card for over 2 weeks now. My funding and sales have come to an all time stop now. And all emails and private correspondence are being monitored as is everything I do upon my computer. And I just don’t care anymore. I trust that all is where it needs to be. I have given up everything.

Granny: They know you are doing a fantastic job for us and the Spirit World as well. And you are correct your light and your raised vibration has got them all weary and backing up now.

Anastasia: LOL, boy howdy do they. And I finally trust now Granny. First time in my life that whatever happens I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has my back and I signed on for this. Considering my childhood, this is monumental for me. But I want to know if you have a message for humanity for us here.

Granny: You have come a long way baby. We stand behind you very proud each and every day when we work.

Anastasia: Thank you my dear as in human form, I have never had anyone who has had my back in this lifetime.

Granny: Upon Ascension, that will be a thing of the past and nothing any human will ever need to encounter again.

Anastasia: That sounds fabulous, can you tell us more.

Granny: Great shifts in life upon your Planet are beginning to take place. You have been saying, the whales and dolphins have been sharing this with your group over the years. This energy has been entering the Universe and changing the foundation of life upon your planet. The only way to ascend is to raise one’s vibration and to connect to our Creator. Not in the way that formal religions have brainwashed the human race into knowing God, but in a direct ONE-ON-ONE relationship speaking to him in our Universal Language of our Planet – mental telepathy like you teach on your elearning DVD. Humans will need to go to that state of BEing place at every opportunity that they can. It is in this stillness and calmness and raised vibration that all answers will now come to everyone. As you have said to many (some of them dark ones pretending to be something they were not to you and betraying you into thinking they were someone who was offering friendship) and I repeat what you say for ALL TO HEAR. “THERE WILL BE NO FREE PASSES FOR ANYONE.” It is work to clear out your internal planet as you and so many other of the Way Showers and Front Liners have been experiencing for years. It has been huge work. The outer planet cannot fully heal until all humans do this. And there is still so much chaos, confusion and mass deception going on Earth’s surface to allow all the humans to just move the mass consciousness now. But with that said, we are so incredibly encouraged at all the change and all the things taking place. THANK YOU ALL.

And I would like to take this opportunity to honor and show reverence to you and all those who have put so much on the line to help us turn this all over here on Planet Earth. All of the cetaceans of the Planet and within the Spirit World and other dimensions thank each and every one of you who have dedicated you life to this mission. Please take some time aside to be in your state of BEing over the weekend. Myself and your cetacean family around our Universe and within the Multiverse have a special gift for each one of your to receive within your hearts today. A immense amount of love and a beautiful cetacean healing for your heart at the same time to keep your strong and keep your endurance on course. Thank you and we love you is not even enough to say to any of you for what you have been through. We are always here for you – ALWAYS. And you do not have to come through Anastasia or anyone else who telepaths to be here with us. Call on me and I will come swimming into your consciousness and if I can’t help you directly long term, we will get your the right help from this side to help you endure and stay strong in heart leading the way to this new day upon your planet.

Anastasia: Granny, as you know the false light is having a hey day at the humans expense right now and many false light workers in these realms trying to lead people to follow Ashtar, or the Goddess essence instead of God, the divine feminine, the arcturians, etc . . . And so many of these folks have done such a good mind bend on the human race turning them against God.

Granny: It is hard for many humans to grasp God right now because of the abuses of all your churches upon your planet and the hidden agenda of what truly is lying beneath the surface. We will work with anyone with an earnest heart and an open mind.

Anastasia: I am talking about people in the industry now around the whales and dolphins and about Mary Getten and friends and their role in all this. Do you have any advice for me?
Granny: As we told you back in 2011 when Mary betrayed you and your heart was in shreds. To hold your head up proudly, regain your momentum and sing your song. I asked you this same year to be my spokesperson for the whales and dolphins and share the messages. Are you ready now to speak about all this on your own. I will gladly help you fill in all the blanks.

Anastasia: From what you see, am I doing anything wrong and not on the right track with anything.

Granny: You are spot on my love, and we want to hear you sing your song which is our song now to the World. Let TRUTH prevail Anastasia you can share with others and if they choose not see all the signs, this is their free will choice.

Thank you Granny!

Granny: You are graciously welcome and know you are loved & protected every second of every day as you go forward and continue to do the work that you are doing for our Planet, humanity and all God’s creations.

NOTE: When I began communicating with Granny in 2009, my communications were much more formal. And when I communicate with other BEings they usually start out more formal. I work with Granny and her son (as 2 of my lead BEings) doing land and water blessings daily and healing work with Mother Earth.

Granny shared with me back in 2009 that I was her grandmother in this incarnation she is having now as an orca. I was really holding some regret in my heart on this day about not having children of my own. I was so afraid I would parent a child like my mother parented me. And I promised myself that I would never do this to another human being. Granny, popped in that afternoon and this is when I first discovered her psychic abilities and she knew why my heart was so heavy and she told me that had I chosen motherhood, I would have been a wonderful mother and shared with me many of our prior lifetimes together. So my relationship with Granny is very informal these days. She and Ruffles are my family and have been my only family the past few years. I have no humans in my life right now that I can share with on this level like I can with them.

I have had many of you come to me over the last few years and tell me horror stories about learning under Penelope Smith. You told me she berated you in front of others and kept telling you were doing this wrong. I so apologize to everyone for representing Penelope as a upstanding individual. She fooled me completely. She is no longer on our DVD and DO NOT and WILL NOT ever recommend Penelope again for continued education. It was during the summer of 2013 when I truly didn’t know whether I was going to live or die, my 7 year old cat was murdered by these dark attacks just months before. I had a women reach out to me about all the attacks on me. I was sitting on Sunset beach in Oregon around June/July 2013, no money, almost out of gas for 4 days, no food in 2 days and this women shared with me this had happened to her too but not at the level that they had come at me. She shared with me it was the animal communication community around Penelope Smith. I was speechless and horrified and understood better the horrible betrayal by these dark malevolent BEings upon our planet as they feed off those who are hurting and trying to heal themselves.

Some of Penelope's products that I recommend you ignore.

Some of Penelope’s products that I recommend you ignore.

Penelope Smith’s Animal Talk that was behind her dark attacks. I was horrified, I had given Penelope this huge gift and free advertisement. I would call her when Teresa Wagner and friends were going to town on us. She always insisted we were spiritual friends . . . and yet she knew this all was happening on her watch with her business & those she had trained

a bottom feeder in life

a honest to goodness bottom feeder in life

watch.And Penelope sat back and watched and made jokes on her page in early 2013 that she was sharing with Nancy Windheart (another X-whale communicator) about a new reptile rehabilitation center in their area. This is when I was being hunted down and attacked by Penelope’s tribe. NOT FUNNY Penelope and I don’t endorse either of you anymore because of this horrid behavior from you that trickles down throughout your animal communication empire Penelope.

And I will sing the truth for as many years now as I promoted you. You are not kind to animals or humans even though you have made your living saying otherwise. And you promote the same type of backstabbing amongst the people you train – i.e. Mary Getten, Asia Voight, Marta Williams and too many others to count that I have seen this same toxic streak that goes after others just like you do. All while pretending to be something that you are NOT.

PS There are alot of people in this industry that want to be the Sage Wisdom Holder and Teacher. YOU are your own Wisdom Holder and Teacher. Bring that forth now to the planet. We need this beautiful facet of you added to our incredibly changing world now.



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