If this resonates with you, I could use funding in a major way. I have continued both the  Whale Communicators’ website and this Heart Communicators’ site for 5 years and 11 years respectively now, with no funding except from my dwindling means.

Because of gang stalking, I have not been able to make money at this since 2014. All my emails go somewhere for 8-24 hours before coming to me. Everything is filtered and deleted that I am not to see. No friends or business since this time either. Gang stalking a german stasi army means  to gang stalk their victims an disolate their them and try to drive them crazy or induce suicide.

I am broke by dollars but not spiritually (i’m very abundant here & the miracles I am seeing in nature is astounding – We ARE WINNING)

I am without a roof over my head coming into a Colorado winter 2018/19. I am being heavily gang stalked by private individuals and by the military complex. The last apartment complex I lived in March of this year my downstairs neighbor was using an electronic weapon on me nightly.  I need help dollar $$$ wise really bad and I hate asking for it – but I am in great need and I’m asking our Creator, his son and the Universe to help bring me the right kinds of pure souls for assistance.

. . .   if you are looking for the post  ‘I see you’   scroll down in page for that blog.

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I also need a room to rent or a small cottage or cabin. I hope someone hears my call. I have lots of skills leading with healing skills whether with humans, animals or the planet or a property, I have good solid -computer skills, web site skills, graphic skills, editing, writing, house cleaning, great gardening skills, elder care and willing to do anything legal to get things done in good order in our world. I am not looking for a free ride – I will exchange money or services.

I will not even discuss or acknowledge an offer that is not legitimate and above board in integrity. Thank you for considering my cry out for help & assistance and I am all about Unity Community and if you need help in your life to do a fair friendship exchange to get things done.

I put about 1000-2000 miles a month on my car. I drive an old gas hog now as my honda civic hybrid died in June with over 300,000 miles. Fourty five dollars $45 fills up my gas tank and allows me to hit almost 150 miles worth of ley lines on Planet Earth. The planetary healing I am doing in Colorado has made a massive amount of difference in these areas I frequent since I have been back in 2015.

Please help me to keep going. We will energetically add your home’s energy to the Web of Life and keep your blessed space in our daily blessings each morning when I am out doing Planetary healing for our planet, humanity and all the animals and life out there.

Thank you very much for hearing my call for help. I have been innunated by darkness on Craigslist and within the state of Colorado since 2014. A good safe place would be so good for this old soul.

Thank You!!!

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719-433-1416  cell

We can also have a phone call and I can give you my bank information if you want to make a direct deposit into my checking account.

just a gentle reminder . . .

I will gladly sign up anyone who want to donate a tank of gas a month for 2019.

Thank you all for reading and helping if you can. And if you cannot help because you are in a similar boat money wise – please keep me in your prayers and make a comment here so I can keep you in ours.




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