HeartActivator_1024This is the most important time throughout the history of the human world here on our Planet and within our Universe. Darkness has pervaded the illusions set forth by a bunch of marauders (some call them the Illuminati, God told me to call them marauders because they have raped and pillaged our world for quite some time now)

So for ions of time now, we have been fighting an invisible vortex of energy that feeds off our money for taxes, services for slave labor wages & goods sold. They feed off our lower vibrating energies such as fear, abandonment, hopelessness, anger, hatred, etc… for their food supply. They have ruled the world and fooled too many people to count for thousands of years. They are sorcerers of black magic and masters at illusion & smoke screens. Falsehood is their game to continue world dominance over the human race.

Jesus, the son of God, who does NOT want to be called Lord or Christ as these are words that invoke the dark, they do not describe the Son of God. Jesus ascended with his body and since this time the 4th dimension has been so dense that humans have not been able to ascend as Jesus did. That is changed now. Humans will began to ascend again as our Great Mother Earth moves forward first.

earthascendingThe whales have talked about this time on this planet for ions of time now; a new energy of Love, Community, Unity, Peace and Great Tranquility amongst all BEings was about to unfold on Planet Earth and then within our entire Universe eradicating the suffocating dark rule all over our Universe that has grown like a unseen cancerous underbelly to all life.

ets_skin-suit-smThe dark marauders of our planet (i.e.  malevolent ETs, dark off planet BEings, aka illuminati) have ruled Planet Earth through deception and illusion for ions of time now. These malevolent BEings can not vibrate past their 4th dimension habitat and will not be a part of the Grand Ascension of Mother Earth and of the human race. They have had many years and many offers of a peaceful co-existance of all God’s creatures and have continually lied and created chaos where ever possible. Greed, money, being worshipped, are the desires of these dark folks. They do not want the best for the whole human race and all BEings upon the Web of Life. They want rule over all benevolent BEings – PERIOD END. They do not play nice and I highly recommend you do not engage them. This has been a part of my world for 3 years now working with God and a legion of God’s helpers – including Granny & her son Ruffles and the whales and dolphins. These folks who look just like you and I are but anything like you and I are pathological liars and will do what ever it takes to win. Even if this means taking you out – still a win in their book.

dnastrandAs humans begin to awaken and begin their journey of enlightenment and moving into all the other dimensions they are able to travel to and live within freely. This was part of the original plan for all humans to have this knowledge and capability of traversing dimensions. It is time all humans begin claiming their divine birthright of BEing a multidimensional human being. Many changes begin to talk place within their bodies down to a cellular DNA level. We are literally adding and activating more strands of DNA to our existing DNA code for this process. This waking up process can be powerful and at times overwhleming. It is best to be in a space of allowing (Just BEing as the whales say) for this to all happen.


According to Susanna Thorpe-Clark, “There are major changes, mutations that haven’t occurred, according to geneticists, since the time we supposedly came out of the water. Several years ago in Mexico City there was a convention of geneticists from around the world, and the main topic was the DNA change. We are making an evolutionary change, yet we don’t know what we are changing into”.

These are amazing times to be alive and they should not be feared. We are about to come online completely with all our 6th senses, we will be able to astro travel or teleport, life as we know it will be far more exciting with far reaching capabilities. There is a catch to this life and ascending and it begins with your relationship to our Creator. Not the Creator the formal religions of our Planet have told you is God, but the Source that speaks to you in your heart with a purity of love and reverence for life and all his inhabitants upon the web of life. He/She goes by many names and comes to you in the form that is most comfortable for you to interact with.

Life is about to change for us all in amazing ways if we back off and just allow things to flow and live in our hearts for the duration.


Here are the Ascension Symptoms that Susanna Thorpe Clark recommends we are all aware of during these times  of Awakening:

Flu-like symptoms – high temperatures, sweating, aching bones and joints etc,

Migraine headaches – severe pain that is not relieved with pain killers


Runny nose & sneezing which lasts 24 hours and is not a cold or hay fever


Ringing  ears

Heart palpitations

Feeling the whole body vibrate – especially at night when one is in a relaxed state

Intense muscle spasms – plus pain in the body, often the back

Tingling – in arms, hands, legs or feet

Loss of muscular power – in hands, caused by changes in circulation system

Occasional breathing difficulties – and/or noticing stronger or louder breathing when in a relaxed state

Immune system changes

Lymphatic system changes

Feeling tired – or exhausted from minor exertion

Wanting to sleep – longer and more often than normal

Toenails and hair growing quicker than normal

Bouts of depression for no real reason

Delving into the past – and looking at relationships, gaining clarity on personal issues

Feeling of a huge purge

Tension, anxiety and high stress levels – because one feels that something is going on but doesn’t know what it is.

Some of the RECOMMENDED RELIEF REMEDIES for the above are:

Eat more organic whole foods. Lots of raw fruits and veggies.

No processed foods.

Light on breads if at all.

No granulated. sugars or fructose syrups.

Go with the flow, don’t fight it.




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If you feel tired and exhausted, rest and get plenty of sleep.

Drink lots of water, for you are detoxifying and dehydrating quicker than usual. Water is a tremendous conduit for healing so I love to bless and imbue my water.

Get out and exercise by walking at least 12 minutes at a stretch. It moves the energies around within us. It is a great relief for  emotional tension and stress levels. Also consider Bach Flower Remedies for severe cases of tension and stress.


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Epson salt baths (1-2 cups per bath tub) are great for transmuting negative energies. With the world energies like they are now, the sensitives of the world would be well advised to take 2-3 salts bath every 10 days.

Warning:  Ascension is not an easy process, in fact it may be one of the most difficult things you ever do with the most rewarding results EVER.


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