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March 23, 2016 9am in the US & Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

It is a very bad day for Mother Earth in Colorado and the US. It is affecting many states across the US. The HAARPing and chemicals in the air the last several months. It is a slow genocide. It is a big rat poisoning operation folks. Wake Up, you must no longer remain asleep.


Posted @ QUOTEZ.COIf you are interested in Ascending and moving to the next level on this Earth, you must be aware of what is truly happening in our world and you must be willing to make reat change upon our Planet. Those who choose to stay sleeping will not experience what is is happening (& about to happen) on our planet.



NeedHelp_RainForestWake Up Fully and come into your 6th senses. Connect your energy to the Web of Life and begin to live and breath as one with the planet and with every other benevolent BEing in our Universe. Join hands with those truly of heart and let’s change the world people. Please add this to your bookmarks and see what the HAARP weather warfare system is doing every day with it’s weather warfare. Check out daily what is being done by radar, satellite (chemicals being brought in from the ocean in layers of cloud cover)

This is the spiritual, chemical & energetic warfare being waged against Mother Earth daily – – – upon her surface, within her depths, and in her atmosphere. It is astronomical in size compared to the wars that have been played out on Mother Earth. This one not only includes her now but all her air space and the entire Universe with many other Planets in our Universe fighting this same spiritual war of good and evil.


By blessing ever molecule of water & moisture on our planet and every particle of matter, we give Mother Earth such a leg up on off planet energy assistance as we change our world over. Literally. For more information on ways to do this and information to help your imagination get going with what you specifically come up. Your energetic signature upon our Web of Life, click here for some suggestions or if you would like to work directly with Anastasia in mentoring sessions, she would love to share what she knows. Email her at


the energies are so now, that peace and love will prevail

And all that is not of higher vibration will fall away in many different ways. Mother Earth has little to nothing to do with the changing weather anymore. It has been done for her & continues to be done (for decades) for her by our our US Government & other governments worldwide. (I apologize, this american URL for the weather map only gives me US weather – not Cananda Mexico or the rest of our vast world – hmmmmmm, they sure like to keep us unaware and sleeping don’t they).

This HAARP weather weaponry system was invented by the US Government by taking  Nickola Tesla’s death ray machine and his free energy invention and in effect imprisioning humantiy with a new method.  They made it their way with no heed to it being someone else’s energy invention at the time. They ran Tesla out of business and he died a poor man compared to the riches in technology he dreamed and then brought to the world. It was manipulated by others and he was run out of business (Hmmmm, sounds like a repeating theme with those not in the club or secret society circuits).

Please be sure to see our many posts on mother earth, the whales and dolphins and new ways of BEing and interacting upon the Web of Life enjoying our Divine energetic nature full on in our 6th senses intuiting our way into our now moments on our Whale website. We are so powerful in this place with God and all his (Divine creations). I call this massive BE all of Energy – God and call him a he. He/she goes by many names, faces, sizes, shapes and forms and all of them are of the highest vibration and best intention for all his children. That I choose to call him God is my pathway and I came back to the name and this reference. I have wandered many miles in these 5+ decades on my spiritual journey upwards. BEing fully in my 6th senses and deciding my future intuitively is the most incredible gift and way for me to communicate telepathically with God and all his creations. And NO, it is NOT wrong to do as it says in the bible. The bible says a whole lot of things that are not accurate nor true. And if you are aligned properly and know how to protect yourself energetically. I would say then travel here. But don’t go here without protection; not during these days.

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