spotted dolphin communications nov 2016

Thank you for calling on me to speak for our species. We have so much we want to share with the human race as so many things are changing upon your planet and within our entire Universe at this moment in time. It appears to be a lot of upset and chaos and this has to occur to have a solid foundation to build upon. This is a big part of why things look so horrible because for so long bad people have manipulated the good hearts of planet Earth and the spotted dolphins as well as the majority of all cetaceans on your planet are infinitely invested in helping those beautiful human hearts find their freedom from this imposed hamster wheel.

Many people have worked upon the freedom of the dolphins and whales but I must tell you this is not a good use of your energy at this time. Too much corruption in this arena of activism and around the whales and dolphins. Humanity and your malevolent leaders know of our astute abilities to make radical change in the human energetic system and open their hearts. They have manipulated the energy for their own uses and have no ability to be in their hearts so it is not an issue on their agenda.

Humans you are not only dealing with bad humans who do bad things to other humans. But you are working over 13 races of malevolent (evil) extraterrestrials on your planet. And the human heart or the human’s freedom is a subject they refuse to broach nor adhere to. So going forward on this planet many will be eliminated in times to come.

Don’t go to worry or horrors as Mother Earth begins to change and shift into what is needed for the planet and all benevolent life upon Planet Earth. Stay in your hearts in higher vibrations of love and joy. When you slip, don’t beat yourself up but don’t stay down longer than necessary but long enough to recharge your batteries and come back stronger.

The more humans and benevolent Beings who ar win their hearts pumping their strong Love, Joy and Bliss energies into the cosmos help assist us in changing the grid of our world and resetting a whole new vibration for all. This vibration as many can tell cannot be maintained by the lower vibrating humans who are actively practicing darkness (black magic, illuminati, nwo, secret societies) will not survive.

Humanity has been horribly fooled but as many of you see daly now, so much is changing fast and radically. The best is yet to come.

Thank you to all of you who love us and who continue to bless the waters we swim in daily. It is the wind beneath our wings.

We LOVE you humanity and I speak for Cetacean Nation when I say this, “Thank you all your beautiful hearts and souls. You make life worth living!”

Conversation between Anastasia & a representative of Spotted Dolphin Community


Did you know a baby spotted dolphin is born gray and they gain their spots as they get older. The elders of their pods are spotted beautifully.

Raising Your Vibration


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