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Heart Communicators was born of Whale Communicators, a page sharing the messages of our whales and dolphins through mental telepathy: our Universal Language and sharing with others the wisdom of the whales. As time went on we began to be attacked viciously by others in the business and activists. It got away from being a page just about the whales and dolphins and we were tackling topics of raising our vibration, ascension, attacks by dark ones, etc . . .  and so many in the industry were advertising themselves under our name. So I switched  to a new name in order to honor the messages of the whales and dolphins in their own website with the original name. I see these sites being up forever. So many people need to hear what the whales and dolphins have to say – accurately, not made up by illumnati controlled puppets in our industry brining you what they want you to hold in your head.

Both websites are under revision as I just off shored my web hosting due to constant hacking by our government and the NSA this past 9 years. So we hope to have those completed in the next few months and in better shape than ever. I am told we are hack proof now and my government (the USA) can’t get into these accounts and make changes.

So WELCOME to this special Heart Portal we call Heart Communicators sharing with all conversations we need to be having in our world now. Conversations about some really great things and of the heart in our world. And we will continue to shine the light on the darkness in our world (and the dolphin and whale activist community) and encourage others to take action in the best ways they can. Shine the light people, we must out the darkness now and help each other to speak up and take back our world. Using our hearts with all humans and using our endurance and persistence to eradicate the darkness by shining the light all around them.

To share how we can be effective using the gifts  we were all meant to have, mental telepathy, the ability to see, full capacity of our 6th senses and fully in charge of our intuition. In this spot we cannot be lied to and mislead. These life skills need to be here in full force in our world right now.

Whale Communicators was almost wiped out in 2013 by some unsavory people in the whale and dolphin industry that are very into the occult, black magic and sacrifices and withcraft. I now call these the black magic years 2012-2018 and those who pretended to be my close friends and allowed me to showcase their works for Whale Communicators didn’t show me their true colors until  the massive attempts at taking me out began in Nov 2012 and total withdrawal of any conversation or concern for my well fare after advertising them for over 4 years.

Our pages are meant to raise human awareness and move us all forward into a multidimensional lifestyle all the while being heart centered and joining hands with all our brothers and sisters all over our land.

We believe in our Creator and we love all his benevolent family and loved ones. We do not work with dark energies other than to get them transmuted and removed from our Planet if need be.

We adore this time and influx of new energies in world and the wisdom that comes with knowing how to speak to all of them through our Universal language of mental telepathy.

The magic and syncronicities that begin to happen to a heart when they connect this way to benevolent BEing upon the Web of Life is quite incredible. When no deception or darkness of any kind is involved – this is when our Creator’s magic begins to work as it always was meant to work – with astounding pictures and scenery and animal encounters to begin with and as your relationship grows so will all the syncronicities. We invite others to join hands with us in Unity Community and let’s change our world with our Father at the helm and making this world what it was always mean to be – Incredible, Magical, Beautiful & Bountiful for all; not just a self-appointed few.

knowledge is key . . .

We all should have the knowledge of all the lifetimes we have ever lived and be able to store this information in our memory data banks. Not all of us remember it, but we all have communicated this way at some point and time in our many lifetimes. And the energies are ripe for this to open up for all humans now and we’d love to show you how to do this. When you are in this place remembering who you are from all your lifetimes, you are so very powerFULL.

I want to help people find the core of their BEings (especially those who have suffered from childhood abuse). I would like to also share the magic upon the web of life with all and how to do this. The magic that God meant for all his children. Not the majik a few stole and worshiped during a full moon as they hijacked this magic with black magic and black sorcery and used it in horrid ways against the human race.

This page is about love, being in our hearts and connecting to the Web of Life and all benevolent BEings upon it. I will talk about the bad things to raise awareness but we are about moving forward in our world and keeping our vibration in higher levels of Joy, Love, Bliss, Harmony, Peace, Unconditional Love, Healing etc . . .  by choice . . . thus raising the vibration of the mass consciousness and Ascending for the first time in eons of time. Not since Jesus, have humans been able to get through the 4th dimension. But this is changing and all life is about to unravel in the most glorious way for those who have eyes and hearts to guide them.

A new day is indeed dawning


anastasia-2015I am Anastasia Maria (formerly Staci Maria Housum) and I want to thank you for following your intuition and curiosity to come here to my page and wade deeply into our oceans of information.

I co-created and produced an elearning DVD called Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection and a website with an animal communicator named Mary Getten. By 2013, I was in some deep trouble with some uninvited black magicians/sorcerers and things changed for me. I  no longer work with Mary or associate with her as an outcome of all this darkness. She’s a very part of it all and so are her friends.

I will continue  doing what I was doing beginning back in 2008 and I will continue sharing the messages of the whales, dolphins, our animals, other benevolent beings, Mother Earth, etc .  .  . but I will no longer represent Mary Getten, Anne Gordon DiBarrignon or anyone else on our elearning DVD because I can only surmise anyone who would allow a group of people to take someone down like this for sport . . . would not be anyone I would engage in the future EVER Ever ever again. Birds of a feather do flock together.

The synchronicity of life and the magic just began to bubble over as I began to tap into the magic upon the Web of Life. This was a healing journey of my own as well as I had lost 8 people I loved to death in 2007/08. My journey has helped me find I can be heart centered and feel my way through life instead of using my brain to mislead me. In our feelings, we intuit everything. And in this spot I know TRUTH and no one or nothing can change that feeling once you began interacting with this web of life on this level. The magic begins to bubble over.

I had invited Mary, an animal communicator to partner with me on the DVD and we invited about 9 of her friends to join us. The 1 hr elarning DVD turned into 5.5 hours of run time information. It was a beautiful contribution to the whales and dolphins and sharing a side of them that most of our world does not know. Their telepathic side.

Mary was very difficult to work with as her 18 month vacation traveling around the US culminated. She drank excessively and her life revolved around libations. She was extremely controlling and at times very difficult to work with. We had so many issues with our software and audio that delayed the DVD the first 2 years.

In hindsight, the interference was energetic in nature – a kulrun of and witchcraft and casting spells can do this easily. She kept asking me why I didn’t just give us on the DVD and fold after all the attacks and software and equipment malfunction. I told her failing on my healing journey was not an option for me. How does one call it quits on their healing journey? It was not even a concept then nor now. And I had no idea what Mary Getten was doing behind the scenes to see to it that I was wiped from this scene entirely.

Six months into bringing the messages of the whales and dolphins in early 2010, I began to be attacked along with my business/es with black magic and some really unsavory things happened and I almost lost my life in early 2013. I survived however, my 7 year old cat was not as fortunate as 1000s of dark spirits assaulted us for much of Dec 2012- Feb 2013 when she died and they kept their assault on me since this time. It comes and goes with intensity and people I am around. I have stayed silent for so long because of childhood abuse that has also silenced me and because of the level of betrayal among Mary and her friends that I represented along the way but who were aligned with a dark agenda that I was completely oblivious to. While they talked the talk to our audiences, however, none of them from what I can see can walk their talk as well.

i still believe in love

(in spite of mean spirited nature of many)

My means to make a living has been wiped out since 2013. However, these women are doing great business after perusing my list of people on Facebook as their own leads and allowing me to advertise them as nice kind wise people the first 3 years here on Facebook and our website. Facebook allowed them access to my audience and still does to this day.

Since this time although the dark attacks have decreased in intensity they remain in my life on a continuous basis and I am prepared now better able to handle the psychic attacks with present intuitive skills and knowledge from lessons learned this last 7 + years. In all my lifetimes, I have never dabbled in black magic or knowingly had friends who did. BLACK MAGIC IS THE WRONG USE OF UNIVERSAL HEALING ENERGIES given to us by God.

trouble in paradise


Click on picture to enlarge it.

While many of you thought this was the end of me. It is only the beginning – Mary Getten, Anne Gordon Di Barrigon of Panama – Whale Wear, Embera Villiage & the new Dolphin Healing Group, Sierra Goodman of Divine Dolphin & I am I am, Teresa Wagner of Animals in Our Heart & Sacred Swims with Humpbacks & Sacred Activism (lol), Penelope Smith – Animal Talk,  Madeleine Walker of the UK, also known as the Whale Whisperer, Mark Francis Franklin of iWhales & Oceania Project, Cyndie Lepori of Dolphin Hugs 4 U, Celeste Eaton (Hawaii), Joan Ocean (Hawaii), & Linda Shay of Dolphin Heart World . . .  just for starters – I am still here and I will make sure the world knows what kind of people pretend to be one thing when they are truly something else behind closed doors.  When people teach about hearts and healing yet hide behind a dark agenda and are NOT aligned with hearts and healing yet can pretend to be just about anything you want them to be. Then this is known as BEing out of integrity and we all as humans need to start the conversations around these phonies and fakes. They are quite the actresses, actors and soul sell outs of our world today.

Stay tuned as the TRUTH comes out and as we continue the messages from the whales and dolphins that are authentic and about freeing them on our Planet along with emancipating the entire human race as we shine a light on all the false light folks in this industry and others around the world that have kept humanity down for hundreds of thousands of years. We will do our best to keep the vibration up high while using our hearts and moving towards a better day.

Be very careful and discerning with all people in your lives these days. And especially with the people who bill themselves are the wisdom keepers or the people knowledgeable enough to speak on behalf of the cetaceans. Casual as well as close friends and new acquaintances. Life is not as it appears right now and there is a lot of chaos as Planet Earth and humanity begins to ascend. The dark ones who have ruled the world and ruled humanity for ages do not want us to succeed and are acting out badly as they are ushered off of planet Earth permanently.


Come Together People, there a many more of us than them !!! And we vibrate higher as well!!!

If you would like to contact me, you may email me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com or ring me at 719-551-7305. I don’t always get my messages as the government and NSA have been all over my emails, my businesses and phones for the last 6 years.

Thank You for checking out our sites and for getting engaged and changing our world in the best way ever – in your heart chakra helping others to open their hearts too.

Blessings and Blissings,


To all those who tried to take me out . . .

Throw Me To The Wolves

And make no mistakes to those who took me down, I won’t come back as a Wolf to lead your pack. I will come back as a heart to be reckoned with, a child of God and truly a protector and representative for the whales and dolphins. Not a dark entity hiding out in human body and causing horrid chaos in others while I feed on their lower vibrations. YOU ALL SOLD YOUR SOULS! So sad and too bad for YOU!


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    If you have had problems with some of these folks I promoted on our DVD I would love to hear your stories. You can reach me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com or post it here. I will leave this comment section open as long as we are professional and come from our hearts with truth. If it gets nasty I will have the last say and I will remove the comments sections. But I know the enlightened souls that come here . . . we can do it if the minions behave or leave. ~Anastasia

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