I love reading the signs of what I get while out in nature and run into wild animals or domestic pets. The more I open myself up to mental telepathy, the more animals approach me like they know I speak their language. When I do pet sitting, they are such fun companions with such interesting things to share with me about their environment, their way of life here and their mission with their owners (if they have one other than to love them so unconditionally).

Telepathy-The Universal Language

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Whales and dolphins are master healers of our planet. But they are such wise BEings that they will not come into our energy field without an invitation from us. They so want to help us on our journey but they need to be invited in. So ask them in dream time or on a shamanic journey, or in a meditation. Then write me and tell us of your experience. and we will gladly share if you like or gladly revel in the magic of the whales and dolphins and the Web of Life with you. Thank you in advance!!! Whaley love this kind of sharing or


We are still redoing our websites as we offshore our information in hopes that the hacking and bad spirited ones will quit their abusive ways with us and others. Please check out some of our Conversations That Are Changing the World from our Whale Communicators’ website.


Thank you for opening your hearts and raising awareness.


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