spelling is a form of casting spells

BE discerning with this video. It has a whole lot of TRUTH in here but the creator is not of the light. I believe he is a puppet for the New World Order and they are trying to get you to go for what is ahead of us – but NWOstyle. Don’t take the bait – but discern the truth within.

This graphic is for laughs – not flipping anyone off. In our crazy world today this photo just worked here for me to day :O)



It was about 2 years ago I learned how much simpler all life would be if we all spoke our Universal Lanaguge of mental telepathy. No casting spells in this or mincing words. Just communicating from one heart to another. Filtering truth beautifully and enhancing all lives; especially your own.




Had a few conversations over the origin of the word abracadabra a few years back. This was right before I was side swiped by black magic and satanics and demonics. This was a little nasty french chic acting like she was my friend all while doing horrid black magic to my back. I wish I remembered her name. When I do run across it again – I will come back and post on behalf of this backstabber who acts like she cares about whales and dolphins and humanity. A wolf in sheeps clothing

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