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Thank you, your donation means the world to us.

Thank you, your donation means the world to us.

SeeWithYourHeartOne year later and everything is moving forward quite nicely in Colorado on Mother Earth. Still alot of weather manipulation by HAARP but the Spirit World of which God is the center is doing quite well and immense massive change and transition is on her way for all benevolent life upon Earth and within our Universe. Your donations help me do so much for so many in our world that I meet along the way, please keep us doing this work on our planet by clicking here and making a tax deductible donation that will do so immensely much for Mother Earth and all life upon her.

Thank you so much for helping me help our world.   ~Anastasia, 3/23/16


It has been quite the life journey to date. For the last 3 years beginning my 4th year now, I have traveled the US doing land and water blessings for every benevolent BEing upon our Planet. I was show how to clear dark energies from the planet and some of the things I began removing in 2013 made the hair on me stand on end. I didn’t want to be doing this but I saw all kinds of corruptions and horroble meaness amongst the activists, the animal communication forums and I found the gangland stalking and black magic and black sorcery attacks from these groups to be a whole kind of AWFUL I didn’t even know existed.

I work every day for Mother Earth and a humanity. I have put over 140,000 miles on my car and continue to travel and cut energy grids and assist mother earth in her ascension.

I live a very frugal life now and anything at all that you donate will mean the world to a woman who constantly plays these things forward and does so much free healing work for our Planet, all benevolent life upon her and for humanity.

I am so happy you heard the call to support us.

Thank you from deep within my heart and soul, I can do so much with so little now and I will continue to do so much more for our world during these amazing days.


Anastasia, August 2014

Blessings and Blissings,


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